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  1. Famous people you have met

    I've suposedly met a number of people who were important or famous but I can't name 5 of them right now. They were all just other people to me and few stood out for being anything but jerks or worse in my book. (probably why I never put much effort into remembering them.)
  2. Other collections you have...

    I've been collecting antique electrical stuff over the years. More commercial/.industrial than old household things though and too many things to remember off hand let alone list. but for the short list of the more interesting stuff, I do have a few old generators and whatnot One Fairbanks Morse 3 Kw 115 VAC unit. 2 cyl liquid cooled engine. Another is a GE 32 volt 1000 watt power plant, 1 cyl air cooled engine. Another is a Kohler 1800 watt from the 1920's or early 30's. I4 liquid cooled engine. I also have a 1930's 1000 watt 32 volt Parris Dunn wind generator and several other smaller various wind generators in the 6, 12 and 32 and 120 volt DC sizes. Of the more unique industrial items I have a working pair of industrial Thyratron vacuum tubes, however unlike what most people associate with a vacuum tube these are huge stainless steel liquid cooled monsters that are about the size of two coffee cans stacked end to end and weigh about 30 - 40 pounds each that hold about two cups of mercury in them as well.
  3. Might want to save this link ,Oil facts

    How is admitting finding out something obviously works by accident due to say a live pump seal leaking a considerable amount into an engine over who knows how long bragging? I don't even know what the topic of that thread his quote came from anymore so I cant even say what the whole context of that post I made means. Hydraulics leaking into engine oil issue maybe? And if so, it's something that most everyone here who ever owned a piece of machinery has likely seen and dealt with at some point as well and thusly also knows that it obviously works without doing damage. Or at least it doesn't do damage until the engine is sodso overfull it cant function properly. Or am I the only one here who has ever had an engine get loaded up with hydraulic oil from a bad pump seal before or put the wrong grade or type of oil in something by mistake from not paying attention to which container they grabbed?
  4. Might want to save this link ,Oil facts

    By accident and on purpose are too very different things. I didn't say I deliberately used in the M or anything else besides the riding lawnmower now did I? However I do admit that in hindsight it more than likely got used as engine oil in a number of things. Gotta take the whole context of a post into consideration. Not just what words or individual sentence context that fits your beliefs. Poor reading comprehension on your part is not the fault of the writer nor valid reason to accuse someone of purposely doing something they did not do on purpose.
  5. Pickup tires?

    I tend to get to or above the life ratings of vehicle tires easily enough but trailer tires seem to more than make up for it. If I can get 3 - 4 years and 10,000 miles out of a trailer tire it did well!
  6. Other forums discussing our red tractors

    Our first big tractor was the MF 2745 and after working on it I classify it as one of those 95/5 designs. 95% of the tractor was well built and well designed but that last 5% is what killed them on that series reputation. The first issue we had was with the overly complicated shifting mechanisms jumping out of place and either jamming up out of gear or in gear at the worst times which was a 2- 3 hour job to pull the side plate all that stuff was built onto off and get in and reset the linkages to the shift rails. After doing that a few time sI redesigned that plate so that it has three holes in it now. Two 3/4" pipe and one 2" pipe diameter that now allow for fast simple easy access to the linkages and rails so when it does pop out it take maybe 5 - 10 minutes to reset with nothing but a channel lock and a 3/8" x ~ 14" rod. In mass production runs I doubt having made that cover with those holes built in would have added 10 minutes to the job of making each one. Second major issue was the dumb lower PTO shaft and related bearings design that used a single race type bearing for the inner shaft support. By design the PTO shafts are not as hard of steel as a bearing race is so they tend to wear and start ta gal until they chew themselves up and drop the rollers out of the bearing. After that the shaft start to run crooked and lets the drive gears chew their teeth off for misalignment. Had they went with a more common dual race bearing it would have never been and issue. Infact all they needed to do was cut the inner PTO shaft down another ~.010" and a common cheap non specialty bearing fits the spot perfectly! That what I did to fix ours and again something that would have been a near zero time investment in design and manufacturing to have prevented from ever becoming a problem to begin with. Actually it probably would have been a reduction time and cost being the PTO shaft wouldn't have needed to have had their ends induction hardened beyond the typical levels the did most other shafting. I've had other small issues I have redesigned on it as well since we got it and to me everyone of them are things that given MF's long history of equipment design and manufacture all make me wonder why they didn't spend a few more minutes on finishing the details of this sort of easily avoided issues.
  7. Credit Card Skimmers

    Surprises me too given only a few years ago a bank card purchase took 1 - 4 days to show up on an account and a written check 1 - 3 weeks. Now between buying something in town and getting home a half hour later it's already been run through the systems!
  8. cruising

    My first vehicle that was officially mine was a 1984 Mercury Topaz 4 door. 2.3l I4 and a 1000+ watt sound system that was worth twice what the car was. High school girlfriend and I wore the rear suspension out of it parking on the back roads.
  9. Different Fuels?

    Yea. I think I saw more local farmers put #2 off road in their grain trucks while I worked there then I ever did the taxed road stuff. Saw a lot of over road semis come through that did it too. Nobody cared. At something like 60 cents a gallon Vs 95 cents back then that was a huge price difference and anyone who thought they could get away with it did. I can remember the day I switched the fuel price signage over to $1.03 a gallon from 99 cents. Had to trim the number cards down on the sides to fit the extra digit in the sign and draw the decimal point on with a marker. It was the first time that station ever passed the $1 mark on gasoline and people went nuts over it. I also remember them installing the first card control system too. First one in town and it worked about half the time on a good day. Lots of free fuel was given by that thing the first week until they got the bugs out of it.
  10. Different Fuels?

    I've seen worse. Back when I got out of high school in the early 90's my first job was working at the local convenience store and gas station in Velva. We only had one diesel pump, Off road on one side and road fuel on the other, and they were just far enough off to the side that they were not directly visible from the till. One day the pump control panel beeped so I just turned the one side of the pump on and didn't think twice. It went for a long time and no one came in so I look out the front door and see the local highway department trucks filling up. 4 - 5 of them taking turns off the pump to get it all on their charge account in one go. #2 red off road fuel. Over the summer I worked there I also had to call the town cops twice for drive offs from the gas pumps because their patrol cars left without paying. (got to gabbing with whoever was out there and forgot to come in when they got done. ) The fun of working a small town gas station!
  11. Might want to save this link ,Oil facts

    Don't believe everything you read others accusing me of supposedly having done. I have had live hydraulic pumps dump loads into several tractors over the years and they all lived to tell about it just as many other have had happen as well. The closest you will get to that accusation is I did however likely put it in my 99 F250 and ran it for several thousand miles until the next oil change due to a jug mix up. So, No, I have never deliberately put any significant amount of hydraulic oil in any tractor engine M or otherwise unless it was a last resort or already known to be junk engine to begin with. I may use the cheap generic brand oils and fluids but I still use the proper ones for the job just the same.
  12. Credit Card Skimmers

    Some fairly good YouTube videos here that will give a person a fair understanding of what to watch for and how they work as well. I've heard similar stories a number of times and every one was similar to you guys where people that had rather new cards got hit. It makes me wonder it if just coincidence or if new cards somehow show up as better targets to thieves.
  13. Crazy what some people do

    Yep. Same here. Brush is anything under ~ 3 feet. Bush is anything that doesn't take (or probably should have taken) a chainsaw to knock over.
  14. Other forums discussing our red tractors

    When I was over in Turkey a few years ago in either Ankara or Antalya where I went by a MF dealership that was as big as any American one but the biggest tractor they had was maybe 80 - 100 HP. Everything else was the 20 - 50 HP units by the hundreds. Then to top it off it was right in the middle of the city almost like the equivalent of having a huge implement dealership right in the middle of downtown Minneapolis! From when I was over there in Turkey MF was like JD here. You couldn't throw a rock in the rural areas without hitting one.
  15. Pickup tires?

    I had the same ones on my F250 for the last set. They wore extramly well and were loud enough keep the deer and other critters off the road and I'd still be driving on them with nearing 60,000 miles but last summer one had the belting let go and it chewed itself up pretty fast so given they were 3/4 wore out on the other three I went with a new set. I can't recall what the new set is but I got talked into a set with a much finer tread design. They are fair road traction tires but off road I can see they're not quite up to what larger lug tires the last set were capable of. Sloppy wet muddy grass and field debris is their weak point. Then add in the fact they are too quiet now so the deer and other critters aren't as observant of my approach either. I'll drive them until they are worn out but I don't have any interested getting a second set.