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  1. Our first big tractor was the MF 2745 and after working on it I classify it as one of those 95/5 designs. 95% of the tractor was well built and well designed but that last 5% is what killed them on that series reputation. The first issue we had was with the overly complicated shifting mechanisms jumping out of place and either jamming up out of gear or in gear at the worst times which was a 2- 3 hour job to pull the side plate all that stuff was built onto off and get in and reset the linkages to the shift rails. After doing that a few time sI redesigned that plate so that it has three holes in it now. Two 3/4" pipe and one 2" pipe diameter that now allow for fast simple easy access to the linkages and rails so when it does pop out it take maybe 5 - 10 minutes to reset with nothing but a channel lock and a 3/8" x ~ 14" rod. In mass production runs I doubt having made that cover with those holes built in would have added 10 minutes to the job of making each one. Second major issue was the dumb lower PTO shaft and related bearings design that used a single race type bearing for the inner shaft support. By design the PTO shafts are not as hard of steel as a bearing race is so they tend to wear and start ta gal until they chew themselves up and drop the rollers out of the bearing. After that the shaft start to run crooked and lets the drive gears chew their teeth off for misalignment. Had they went with a more common dual race bearing it would have never been and issue. Infact all they needed to do was cut the inner PTO shaft down another ~.010" and a common cheap non specialty bearing fits the spot perfectly! That what I did to fix ours and again something that would have been a near zero time investment in design and manufacturing to have prevented from ever becoming a problem to begin with. Actually it probably would have been a reduction time and cost being the PTO shaft wouldn't have needed to have had their ends induction hardened beyond the typical levels the did most other shafting. I've had other small issues I have redesigned on it as well since we got it and to me everyone of them are things that given MF's long history of equipment design and manufacture all make me wonder why they didn't spend a few more minutes on finishing the details of this sort of easily avoided issues.
  2. When I was over in Turkey a few years ago in either Ankara or Antalya where I went by a MF dealership that was as big as any American one but the biggest tractor they had was maybe 80 - 100 HP. Everything else was the 20 - 50 HP units by the hundreds. Then to top it off it was right in the middle of the city almost like the equivalent of having a huge implement dealership right in the middle of downtown Minneapolis! From when I was over there in Turkey MF was like JD here. You couldn't throw a rock in the rural areas without hitting one.
  3. We have two AC tractors and for the most part they are decent machines despite the obvious hard lives they lived long before we acquired them. They're not bad to work on and make improvements to to modernize them as well but as you say local dealer support is near non existent so getting parts same day is tough. The local company, Butler Machinery, that carries them openly admits they did not want them and Massey Ferguson added to their service line up but had to take them in due to whatever corporate level deal was made to keep any degree of support for them in the area once the other old Agco dealer shut down. They can get parts but they aren't cheap and they have to ordering most everything which puts the cost in both time and money fairly high on anything to the point that just finding it myself from a out of state online source and shipping it in is typically as fast and cheaper to do. They did surprise me the other week and had a water pump for our AC 8030 though and at a price that was comparable to online sources too. Mostly they had them in stock because the base engine design the 8030 used was used in countless other things in numerous variants that were part of their normal stock service items lineup.
  4. A lot of it comes down to how much you will actually use it. I know guys who have been running cheapo off name brand units for years without issue. If you're just a evening or weekend mechanic a basic mid grade machine will last you for a decade or more. Having a full on commercial 24/7/365 machine for light shop work is like buying a heavy commercial delivery truck for a weekend driver. You will never use it long enough or hard enough to justify the price tag. The only positive thing that will come out of it is years form now some guy like me will pick it up off you or whoever inherits your stuff for pennies on the dollar like how I got all mine now. My hammer down military spec unit retails for just short of $4000 but I paid scrap price for it. Same with it's 10 HP commercial cousin that retails for ~$2800. I got that for $50. All the other ones were the same as well. Dirt cheap surplus or auction finds that I couldn't begin to wear out in my lifetime.
  5. I have Industrial Air Machine units in my shop. (Military and commercial surplus of course.) The big one is a 120 gallon 15 HP 4 cylinder 2 stage that's good for ~60 - 65 CM @ 175 PSI. It's basicly this compressor cranked up to a higher RPM. http://www.surpluscenter.com/Air-Pneumatics/Air-Compressors-Vacuum-Pumps/Belt-Driven-Compressors/46-CFM-AIR-COMPRESSOR-TWO-STAGE-10-HP-CAST-IRON-4-1070.axd I also have a smaller 5 HP 2 cylinder version on a 80 gallon tank for a back up plumbed into the systems to give me 200 gallons of tank capacity and picked up the 10 HP 120 gallon standard commercial unit version of the military one last summer and another older 5 HP two cylinder unit a few years before that I'm thinking to convert both over to gas engine drive units some day. On top of all that I have at leas 6 -8 more smaller units in the .5 - 3 Hp range as well. Thinking that if I fire all them up at once and use a 1" air hose and the right nozzle configurations I can make a jet pack! Or just sell the unused ones but what's the fun in that?
  6. Simple questions here. Back inthe day, why did IH never put lights up at the front of most of their tractors? I have always hated driving machinery that has a big dark spot right in front. Also on the 656 and similar models were the front axles reversible to put the front axle further forward for loader applications? Reason I ask is I have seen a few other tractor brands (MF and AC I think?) over the years where that was done and they just looked more balanced and stable that way.
  7. Muffler color? One works in a field the there you sit on while BSing in an unrealistically clean shop?
  8. I just saw a F-12 go through the local equipment auction for $200 and it had the two high-low gearbox in front of the transmission as well. the engine was stuck but the tractor was complete plus had a sickle mower still on the back.
  9. tcmtech

    New joke

    I came home from work the other day feeling hungry and found my wife laying face down dead in the bathroom. My first thought was oh good lord what do I do now? Then I remembered Wendy's was doing a 2 for 1 deal on burgers plus I had forgot to pick up hydraulic oil for my backhoe on the way home so I went back to town. I really hate making single trips to town for one item.
  10. tcmtech

    New joke

    A guy I met told me he had the worlds fastest three legged cat. I said really? How did you measure it? Strait line speed or curved trajectory? He wont talk to me any more.
  11. tcmtech

    New joke

    Chuck Norris walked into a bar. No one dared make any jokes.
  12. tcmtech

    New joke

    The other day I was reading up on the concept of time being as we perceive it our fourth dimension. My wife at one point asked me what I was reading so intently and thinking so hard about.. I responded, I am reading about time and how we perceive it plus how it interacts with the other three dimensions as we understand them. She then said, Why do you want to know about that sort of stuff? I then said, Because I want to get my time machine working so I can go back in time and warn myself about some decisions I made that ultimately didn't work in my favor. Then she asked, Well hows that coming along? I then replied, Well you're still here aren't you?
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