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  1. I just always tell the girls what ever happen aim for his nuts. Thatll stop me so why not some skinny jean flake?
  2. Looks exactly like my uncles. New? Here at least about every year 1 pops up at a auction yard. His is orange and old
  3. It goes deeper than plow. Here most bury the frame near and get honest 24 to 30" rip. Rains really compact clay-ier land here and it just wont drain or grown anything. No frost to heave/ break up top either. And since we grow lots of grass sub soiling keeps the stand from puddle (drown) for few years. Avg stand prob 5 years then we switch to corn 2 the back to grass. Ill take a pic today when my neighbor rips for me here after lunch. My uncle has a sungle shank with 3' log chain welded to bottom and a bowling ball sized bullet welded to the chain. He backs into the puddles in M
  4. I have a dumb tv but it has a usb port. Chromecast works perfectly to send phone to tv
  5. Not with current "leadership" the last ...12 years. In every level of "governance". Your last para is perfect though. Nick, be neat to see all over from a rig.
  6. I kinda like it. Dont have a hood. Lets use this one. That is what rat rod/hot rod should be imho. The little pickup i like better.
  7. Like were Muslim and can see a flash of ankle
  8. Looks decent...never seen one run. There has been 1 for 40 year in cow yard on farm we rent with a few beef cows.
  9. I personally think 2 families is nice since it gives the kids some non-sibling playmates. But yeah the "lets do x y z and abc at 1 2 3 gets old quick. I am becoming the grumpy guy at the big multi fam ones. I like telling my kids and their friends.. "get in the truck now. We are going somewhere". Other parents stare. Where? Dont worry about it. Oh but. Slam door and fire it up with some ac/dc. An go. Take all the little ladies for ice cream. No plan no organization just have some dang fun. Kids love it
  10. I dont know officer i was lighting a cigarettes and the whole thing just went poof! I was in shock so thats why it took 3 hours for me to report the fire.
  11. Our 25'. Its a hybrid I guess. Never heard that term. The back slides out a queen bed but its hard side. Like a coffin for 2. It does kinda suck climbing over 1 to go pee or something but the lay out is good. Can easy make a sadwich or whatever without opening slides. Youngest kids growing and the loveseat bed is prob only got a year till she just cant fit. There is a bunk bed along front wall. We go inland 80% of time. Dry. Never let it park outside but when camping. I should reseal the roof. But so far so good ...no known water issues. We really like in July our church
  12. Yeah but think of scenery and smile on the faces of folks when you roll by waving?
  13. Ah...the question i actually know a answer too. Forage and feeding equip is....left dicharge since from the moment a truck could carry one they had to be left side to see what you were doing! Tah Dah! I sound knowledgeable! Guy whi sold 100s of mixer for decades here explained that to me. In the 40s some brands were left side like AC choppers and balers etc. Now my mixer it rt or lf. But we never use rt but 1 manger we cannot get into the old barn any other way.
  14. The exhaust pipe is correct Always wondered why combines are the only equip thats left discharge. Everything else is rt as far as I can gather There used to be a bunch of peanuts in SW OK too I guess. Do they need much water? @gafarm49
  15. I was understanding he has a hop/bounce. The vib is okay now with proper driveline service. Yep your are right on shocks and bounce. What goofy is every car ive put fresh shocks on in my life feels like a different rig when your done. You feel like "how did i not notice how crappy it drove before?"
  16. Went to put new freestalls in while ago...good grief...Dec. Annnd as we were getting ready to drill new bolts through post my guy Luis said.. "when i did the curtian eyelets last fall that wood didnt feel the hardest". Whole lower 2x6 and 2x4 boards are toast. The 2x4 shelf is for curtain to rest on closed and space out the billow ropes. Me and dad got last 50ft (220' barn) done Wednesday in the oddly cold breeze. He sure has aged. The covid still makes him wear out quick too. But he dont wanna sit and decay so we find stuff for him and he likes construction stuff. Got used manure
  17. Shocks will help a bounce. I am curious if most didn't have em from that gen
  18. I know....its yours. What about a 2 tone? Red with the white to kinda honor Herb? I dont know....something to mix it up a bit in the shop next to RedKid. I like the bed plans and color schemes for sure!
  19. No disrespect but I think same thing. Our loaders are min 3/4" solid plate steel for every facet of the mount. The main ears might be 1" even. Anyway the build quality looks great. I dont like the valves and hoses up there either but you did a clean job and its theirs right. You get called for everything out there. Be neat since every day be new deal.
  20. I never realized that that Alo mount you had was hand made. That's great solution to a issue. The Alo loaders are the best imho. The grapples......its required by ordinance 556886979 any where East of the WA/OR/CA border and W of the Miss river for anyone who owns cattle!! The puma 185 had em. NEVER had bucket on loader in 5 years of owing it guy says, just used as forklift. We laughed at the grapple....then used it to clean up some field edged. Man handy dandy! It has to come off to load feed though but for the purpose they are slick and Alo are easy to pop off and on the bucket
  21. Them dang things will go around most 4x4 trucks in the snow. Its just goofy how a car can manuver in heavy wet 18" snow as well as a full size 4x truck...or better most will attest
  22. Interesting. Here you cannot spin a dead cat by its tail and not hit one. Either a rainbow sticker type or baby boomer ladies with them Egg... I mean CrossTrex things. S. 20 miles in the big town [100k people] they are literally 40% of cars, esp around the hard left leaning University. I wonder if they all have this environmental unjustice oil burning issue? Assuming none of them check it they prob say no. Pour in some Lucas oil treatment. I have witnessed that stuff extend a engines life. And quiet down a rattily 400 series engine on start up
  23. Surprise some Citiot didnt go and help ma out. That be entertainment..... In the Rome Collusium
  24. Belts? Wonder what service they have been giving? Old cow breeders all say 80s 90s Subaru are best cars ever built. Then they got techy. Brother has a 420k tdi. 0 engine issue
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