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    1086 A/C

    I was thinking...thinking....same thing. My 186h has a little schrader looking valve on top back iirc. What ever....a cheap guage wl help you. A/c is funny it actually is fairly simple but kinda complex too. Con, evap, pump, controls. Ive used cans and added some a time or 2. But....I dont think its worth the hassle anymore. I run it to town or my neighbor's car repair shed here. He can vac, recharge, test etc and its good for few years for couole 100. Again simple....yet complex.
  2. No sadly....just plug and wrap Here when weve had wind and rain storm late sept and have that happen well use rotary heads and chop it tassels in...1 direction entire field no matter what direction. Sloooow. But a ru600 head scalping the dirt will get 85%. I have heard Krone EZcollect heads will grab stalks and pull in root 1st. Scalping and grinding but get most. I know a NH chain head will get 50-60% but really slow and frustrating...has to feed in perfectly. See if you go with roots 1st they get cut and fall down in front of you. In the furrow...screwed. Tassel 1st and you hope the tassel hooks the feed rolls and sucks it in and then snips the base off. I seen a video this week of guy cutting silage corn with a mower and was going to chop windrows.... Had to get 2 ac off for a building project. Wonder if you could do that? What happened anyways? They get some big storms in?
  3. Yeah if there is no rock shaft or line and levers it be a huge undertaking to add. I was noticing that the 3pt delete option seems gone. Big mixer tractors ive seen were ordered without but now seems every one insee has em. We even wonder if we could live with out 3 pt. A 165, 55, and manure aerator are only 3pt implements here now. The puma will never get hooked to either. The 210 is the drag hose unit, the 8930 loves the plows. Otherwise ...all we got is hitches. Oh the tedder is 3pt. But qtac wont work on it anyways. 1066 is good for tedding. Do planters (like bigger no rill and etc) hook to 2pt?
  4. Exactly....maybe a ltz is quieter? My 13 is a just over govt model. I will agree my 05 6.0 with a tune was a great truck. Should of kept it for farm truck when got the 13.
  5. Yeah here too.....dave the cattle guy has prob near 1 million on several dura/alli combos. Said never a trans and 1 head gasket. Not easy on stuff guy. 26' Eby trailers Cool pic though...them gen are sure sharp looking even today. I personally have said 100x the 1988 to 1998 are a leap fwd and just right. A 98 cclb with a duramax would be my fantasy. I like my 13 but its a little noisy (road) and so big. Like barely fit in a coffee drive up.
  6. I got a 22.250 for euthanizing cattle and little too friendly yotes and a odd aggressive neighbor dog. Mossberg from cheaperthandirt.com, local gentleman who has gun repair home based biz recieved it and took my papers. Smooth as silk deal. Vet 1x said he would put down a cow for me quick so I handed him the gun. Boom....peed his pants...thought it was a 22. Fwiw....local old school sporting goods store told my friend they get 10 guns in they sell 11 the last 5 months.
  7. I had both of the exact same thoughts. Thank you so much for the photos. I so want to attend a RPRU and these in Dakotas are close as they get.
  8. Having had one for years yes do all and be done. The C are what we call high pitch. They do seem to do better on light/dry grass. A does fine on 90% of grasses imho. I always forget about Shoup and them guys for knives in the winter. Iirc I priced 1x and it was so close to oem Agco I didnt bother. Our Kanadihan dealer just sells me a box of L and a box of R and direct ships. Then I got enough and back ups. Keep attention to em. Flip before they get 30 40% wore looking at end flat edge. I would strongly encourage you to get new bolts an washers along with bolt shields (donuts) and holders as well. The used bolts will come loose someday...trust me. And removing over wore holders is a task. They swi ng freeer and cut smoother when all smooth holders. An my uncle thought shields were dumb. Till he was torching the old bolts out since they wore to nubs. He actually takes a grinder an hooouuurs to "sharpen" his knives. They are hardened so takes effort. And they are 20 to 30% shorter from ends wearing off. Just ridiculous.....he could swap all components and run 3 to 4 seasons then flip knives and run 3 more before needing replacement and it will cut nicer. Also keep eye on disc. They also can be shuttled one over and ran after seeing pin hole wear. Get 2 season more then...do new bolts too since they wear bad. Wont get em off next time. Look close when swapping knifes. The sq part that the holder set into can crack on the underside and dissapear. Making it dang near impossible to get knives out or tighten properly. The parts really are cheap considering the acres they will provide you. Refreshing all the tops, turtles, harware, and knives will last you years i bet
  9. Make me think ..i need to get a few extinguishers
  10. I was like why does larry know so much about womens under garments but then I recall the pic of you getting gas in you camero....so you do have lingerie experience....😁
  11. On and off topic How in the heck did Farmall keep alllll these 1000s of options organized? I mean you can find 6 656s and all thats the same is engine and trans. The options list had to be huge in the 40 to 60s. How did they justify inventory for all the diff options? Just logistics of things like that fascinate me to no end. IH dug the ore for the steel for all the castings for all the diff rims and wheel wts even. Amazing how you can keep that supply chain organized.....esp with ledgers and pencils.
  12. How long will BJ continue to allow the overtly sexist Atilla to continue on here? As a man with 3 daughters I often wish I had the opportunity to take a bat to this onvious troll. If I was next to him in a line and he said what he just said aboit the GOVERNOR of SD a swift kick to the nuts would come apon him. Some of you claim friendship and respect for this person. You should be ashamed. Hes a perverse, crap stirring jerk/troll plain and simple and would never be a friend of mine. I could care less if hes a hard right Trump tattooed individual. His disrespect for others and women is blatant and sad. I am wondering what Sally would think if she read his post? I get the mto post of the gal here and their and chuckle. But no one on here says things referring derogatorily about womens looks or intelligence like him. I recall a post recently (larrys post of sloppy dressed girl) was similar behavior since I do recall being a bit miffed at his commentary. TCM at least had post or 2 on ag. But when he got into awkward/demeaning commentary about his wife he was cut. Has tilla ever mentioned (or does he even know?) anything ag related? Just shaking my head here.
  13. Neighbors comment yesterday for the new shirts he is having made "Blind Liberal Madness" I asked for 2
  14. That look like fun rig. Bet owner has a good time with that. The Kings retirement ride!
  15. Govt didnt cancel our fair. They told the fair they could go but no food and every one had to be 6' apart. They would not issue a food permit to anyone. But go ahead. They tried a online thing and inheard it was ok. Our kids had to send 7 heifers back to grower and were kinda screw it when we said online option. Not same. This happened......early april fyi, Fair is 20th-ish of Aug.πŸ€” just sickening the woman in charge of our health dept. (Got job in dec, not doc, clearly on a vendetta, $$$ ) Perfect example of out of control unelected beuracrat. What is it to her? In april we had like 6 + results. Today weve had 30ish death...it was 50 and they admitted a bunch were dishonest an not cv19. Apx 70 hospitalized since dec. Like what the ****. Canada aint opening border for fair goers anyways i guess. Our county get millions a year in sales taxes from them. You think their premier is gonna give up on their taxes being spent there now?
  16. I try that too but at speed bumps...."dont want them...i mean you injured honey" Smack!
  17. Exactly...never did a bumper pull. My cattle trailer is really squelchy even empty. Just a thumbfull of wheel bearing grease fixes it for quit a while actually. I mean its squeaking hard if dry. Buuut my local cattle jockey guy has 100s or 1000s of miles on his similar trailers an says never squeek. So odd.
  18. Alot of hand work an large infastructure required Larry. Allllot of acres in inland wa....warm days cool evenings and lo humidity. Humidity iirc is the killer. Neighborhood berry guy grew 5 6 rows for project. 1 season...took down. Said the Brewers were so whiney and he needed 100 acres to meet needs of smallish brewery. There are few acres n of me in kanaduh. Used to be 100s...
  19. Here on the border the agents say the drug trade is secondary. The slave trade is 1st. Like wth? With in a mile of our property...an on...there has been evidence of 100s of people moving though ditches and woods and fields. An places like Pornhub are now showing vids of abducted girls/women in basically sex slave status. A missing teen was recently "found" on there. They begrudgingly helped authorities track down the source and saved her. An the media glorifies violence and mindless destruction. It's not political...it's evil. If we need to use tax money for something this is a right use. (Hard to swallow being fairly libertarian leaning)
  20. Vet day for the flea bags... Finally got car out this summer. Well summer didnt start till july 15 here. Only 1 fsmily member wanted a ride...! The 13yo now is scrapping dry cows....finally! Cleaned a ditch last week. Owner was in rush to unload Irrigating corn now Berry picker across the st. $180k now..this ones a 87. Thats my 13yo...1st job for some one else. Says shes doing well. He only has few ac so she just helps couple hrs here and there Went inland camping for few days with friends Got puma185 all set like we required. Working great Brother's girls got a pup Original cvt
  21. Looks mint The petal for a L hydro is nice. Then has a manual handle too for mowing etc
  22. Mask in your car is like wearing a condom alone in bed....
  23. Buy. Kubota is #1 with compact tractors for a reason. The L are fairly simple and really reliable units. 3800 is nice size. Not sooo light like at 2800 fro example. He will enjoy using it....being its the fil....maybe say they are junk and get for self?
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