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  1. Just saying hi See the poof this not that game is still going on.
  2. B/c he dont know who is the admin, nor is he calling anyone out. He is politely asking... the poor etiquette it not explaining why it was deleted frankly. Iisten..2+2 ... I look here like every 6 weeks or less now days. And all too often on thee 1st page or so is a "why was i poofed?" I was just thinking I should comeback and here the game is on the 1st page the 1st day. So frustrating Many have left this forum (sadly since I do miss some of you) because of the never ending political game. Will this get poofed? Will that? Bash women in politics and farmers...all good. Say energy cost are hard on your family...poof. I hope you can catch these turkeys. You already are taking the higher road and not messing with them. Keep records and if sheriff won't help prob need to report to State Police I would guess. Regards....miss alot of you guys!
  3. Nw corner of WA. 1.7 miles from canadistan and 20 from puget sound.
  4. Just keeping from archiving. IHRunner still around? 70% of America feel county is on wrong path. Hope they remember on November
  5. Possible The inch petal...the valve on the engine side of the firewall. Can miss it. There is a tiny rollpin on the piston. Iirc when it breaks it is basically like the petal is down. No psi. We had it break years ago and were stumped till old fella remembered and had me look
  6. Actually. If you ship loads a day hauling is not that bad. Not cheap but, land and feed is far and away #1 cost. There are 3 or 4 medium sized processors in Eastern NE. The one in Norwalk just did a big expansion. Not quite done. Land and water with the ability to grow cow #s seem to be most impt thing to a growing dairy. Hauling is a decent bill but some processors are subsidizing the hauling to the SE since the SE is so short on milk and has many milk plants. Which I had no idea milk from IL goes to MS and AR and AL. They have nearly 0 dairies in AR and several quite large plants. N AR would be good for feed I would think. Yes your right Lorenzo, not having more processors is not helping their hopes to bring more cows to NE. Its the chicken or egg thing, which needs to be there 1st? Plants or cows. I personally think cows, look at beef. Some argue they moved the plants from Chicago and etc to break the Unions...maybe. But its a lot easier to ship a side of beef than a live cow.. But now they are struggling tofind help when your 100 miles from a decent pop base. The State Dairy guy says they have some great conversations with larger processors but no one bites the bullet and invest in NE. Then why do they build in IA and SD? I just am trying to grasp why even NE NE don't have many dairies vs SE SD. Its sim climate and same milk markets yet people build new dairies in SD vs NE. The area looks really nice and the people seem.....alright I guess There is a nice dairy for sale in Broken Bow, but its the middle of nowhere (almost can see Jeffs place) esp in the dairy world. 100 miles off the main hi-way and miles from a town. Makes no sense why they built it there to me. AND they want a mint for it. W NE has even fewer dairies. No services and 0 processing of any kind. Milk on the few on I80 goes into CO I guess. Be cool if there was one in Kearny. Looks green and not so remote along 80. Anyway, thanks for thoughts. We need to go or close up. This area is so anti-animal ag its not even a joke anymore. Just want to make a informed decision on where we might go vs selling out to berries and being "normal" people.
  7. That what we kinda are feeling too. More than 1 Nebraskan has told me "too high taxes here". As to the soil/land. Why would someone think a dairy would what poor land? Thats why NW IA has gone nuts since its such good soils. Well drained, black dirt. Locally if a farm was carved out of clay, muck the farm is empty....for many years. Wet stick junk is good for nothing but trees. NE looks like it king of irrigation and hay so that seems to be a great place for milk cows. And if guys grow crops guy want manure. Anyway, carry on. NE just feels more right...? than MO. More diary services frankly and closer to some processing in IA and easy S bound freeway access. Is it as hot a muggy in NE as SE MO? Is it as cold in SE NE as SE MO? SD is off our list for pure climate and lack of processing, but the cold is my biggest gripe. FL looks good frankly. Someone on here went there to dairy from NY. Said never woudl go back just solely for weather. BUT FL is alllong ways from us. We dreamt of ID since its driving distance. Land is $$$ and places for sale are quickly bought by the 4-6 big players. CO, Cali is taking that over and they have had some serious near misses at legislation destroying Animal ag there imho. If we want in for decades we need to get out of the west it seems. Moving is one thing, moving a operating generational land tied biz is another! Thanks for ideas, thoughts....keep coming!
  8. Figured i got good info from the MO thread. NE is hard sell to get herds there too. Norfolk area had few fella wanting to retire that look promising/potential. What keep dairies from NE vs IA for example? Taxes? Water? Weather? People? Thanks
  9. Clear few things up. 1. MO dept of ag is perusing dairies. Trying to get the infrastructure back. Biggest lose is frankly grey hair they say. We need to get out of WA if we like to keep dairying. $25k/a for land, OT for guys plus 18 to 20 per hour is killing me. 1500 for 1 bd apt is killing guys. State [the governor] attempted to push a mandator 150' buffer for any farm activity from any water. We would lost 70 of 190 we own. Some looked at 95% of their land being stolen with no compensation. It was stopped but he'll try next year again. 2. Yep its hot. Any modern more progressive dairyman ive spoken too from the SE..MO to NC say heat is manageable but need to want to do it. There is 6000 cow dairy in NC! 3. Be all freestall dairy. Maybe drys on pasture 4. Biggest draw is the SE imports millions of pounds of milk a day. Many fairly large plants in AR MO SC NC TN. So many have went out they bring milk from IL to VA. 5. Its a desert of services for dairy for sure. 1 to 2 hours to any dairy service. Everywhere. Central KY is most amt of support. We went to Glasgow and Hopkinsville in dec. Nice area 6. Labor..every dairyman said labor is horrible and $ vs 5 yr. My dream is selling here. Building 12-1500hd robot ventilated barn. Kill 2 issue at 1x. 7. People and community... every single conversation I have had with farmers, coop folk, state folk, supply guys, realty types has been just incredible. Such good people! Value and respect come to mind. Red states...God bless them. Keep info coming! Love learning!
  10. So MO folks. A State agency in pushing strong to get me to move my dairy to SE or SW MO. What can anyone tell me about MO and dairy? Ive spoken with few other dairymen and tried to find info. I understand in the SE a lot of land is owned by Gins...? You contract farm basically...? Is that most of it? N of Sikeston is a potential abandoned place hed like me to see. I do see a trend of many newish ones empty in MO. Makes me wonder. Anyhow ....any insights? I have never been there and like to get the lay of the ag world there. Thanks
  11. Thought this maybe archived so figured Id stop and post. Sadly I see "men" like OT still here. Maybe I'll check in later. I just dont need to see those types anti-ag/farmer crap in my life. Miss some of you. You all have a great spring!
  12. I figured. "I should see what going on over there". And you all continue letting this hateful ignorant fool post. Arm chair farmers like him are 1 of the reasons i backed away feom here sadly. So have others. So frustrating a bunch of ag producer enduring a un educated blowhard. How can someone in 2022 be so ignorant of a issue and spew false and siilly stuff. Grow lettuce year around in IL? Plant some celery in CO? Good grief All from a person whos never harvested nothing. Sorry....just could not handle it hom before or today still. Regards
  13. Why is that? Of all the oil yakking thats pit there the steady comment i hear from mechanics and machinists is that.. Pennzoil make gunk in a engine. Machinist told me he seen a 401 Jeep with the whole lifter valley solid sludge but the crank and rods were perfect standard sized with 100k on it. Heard same reports of gunky lifter and valve covers fulll of gunk in a Penz engines. Not sure about last 10 years though. This was 20 years ago when I worked at GM dealer Fwiw.... any lower ash content oil (or straight 30 wt of normal ash) is going to be higher spec than anything IH was using 50 years ago guys. So...what oil filters are better?
  14. Feels like getting worse fyi
  15. Iirc.... You need to reg you own a drone. No flight plans etc. Friends got one for their agronomy co and it has some uses. But his main concern is when here we are 2 mile from a airport. So they only will go away from it since i guess we are all a no fly here b/c of the circle around airports. You are NOT allowed to shoot them. They are considered a aircraft. Now you shouldn't. But when i see them i sure would like to take it down. Then sit in a lawn chair with said shot gun and tell em to come get it..... Besides as long as the camara dont see your face when you bury it youll be fine.
  16. So words were lost! And pics are not even close to how I shared em... Truck hit 100k yesterday when we were camping at friends inland. Old beef farmer fella Bill was baling on a bench an still uses her to rake. He is the model of shoestring ranching. Dont worry...he has a 2019 2500 chev in the garage and bakes with a 60s wire tie NH and near new JD 100hp rig๐Ÿ˜ He broke both baler needles same time. So he welded them up and crossed his fingers. Finished the field....ugly bales but they were bales Girls picking sweet corn Monday pm to sell tue. Bad year for it here, everyone's is poor. Hard to see, moving irrigation at 430am and raining๐Ÿ˜ friday when we were gone we got .2". Still silly dry.
  17. Summit Strocker 360? That sounds interesting....what's this for/about. I am a chev guy but all of my buddies whom ran FE ferds impressed me. Lotsa tq and good sound
  18. Certified (brand) moly for everything. Seems to bee sticky and had good bearing life on high speed situations so stick with it.
  19. I think id get the correct hose from a dealer. I as well have always seen the inline one and then a spin one. Fwiw our local dealer for years put inline filters in front of the fuel pump from Magnums/maxxums to MX series. Just a extra safety the serv manager said.
  20. Been busy.. Irrigating...ugh, Fair, 4th cut, irrigating, fixing. Supposed to camp few days soon. Hope fit it in! Always mixed up! The 1456 is neighbor custom guys baby. Pretty clean rig. The 4h pics are all over. They moved dairy into newer barn at fair now. We go 5 days then beef 5 days. Few bugs but well figure it out. Girls did well. 1 got 2nd in fit and show and other was 5th iirc out of 11. Type....dad pics DAIRY cows not SHOW cows. All 3 were middle of pack. There was decorating cow contest. She a Milk Maid. Other is a MAGA๐Ÿ˜ 4th was shockingly heavy. The 2x a day 7 day moving water paid off i guess. Gets old moving reels at 9pm but is what it is. Could flip burgers I suppose. Did the 1000hr serv on the 185 Puma....fuel filter caused sin. I frankly forgot about them when we got it last year. 2500hr and i bet OEM.๐Ÿ˜– Like welded on. Did all the fluids and such. I am fretty about the cvt and oil. I guess they are "hard" on hydro oil. Yep crocs and a tank-ini pulling calfs. Gun cart loader up with corn and tipped enough to make flipper quit. Flooded a swipe. What a mess. 4x and diff locks to pull reel out to get corn off and properly water that swath. Broke a few welds even. Ol Charlie.
  21. I wish I had the $ and space to help you male room by buying that 350 Reverse loader. Just love that thing.
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