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  1. milk price for jan.

    15.80 here, 3.9f, and 300000# was contracted at 16.30. Of course Feb is gonna be worse annnnd 2 less days of pick ups. Siggghhh. Hear herds for sale locally asking 1200. Nice farms interest. Used to be low price weeded out low quality farmers. Now.....sharpest pencil in the drawer wont matter a bit.
  2. Had to feed the cows

    What happened to the amazingly efficient wheel loader? If i had to feed with a skid steer i am sure we'd quit! Nice your dad can be useful. You know, has a job to do, a reason to come out. I fret the day my dad cant come out. From fixing this and that to emptying the trash cans i know i dont even see other stuff he does.
  3. life in our corner

    Said screw it and tested entire herd today. 6000....ugh. But will know whos hot cow by lunch tomorrow. Cheaper than 2 or 4 or 30 more getting it. Well, Valentine is pur winter cut off.....1" of snow.tjis morn
  4. US olympic gold medal winner my butt

    Well at least the "media" even noticed I assume he was excited but comon...on the world stage show a little respect.
  5. Best wishes and will pray for you and your wife.  Hope all goes peaceful

    1. ny bill o

      ny bill o

      thanks, Troy. i hope so too. we are already "discussing" the arrangements for the youngstock, and the cropland. i would like to sell the heifers when they are bagging. linda says who knows what the price will be. true. but it sucks right now for yearlings. the friend that hauled the cows yesterday , hauls all over the US. he said he had an offer from Va to buy yearlings 450-550 lbs, for $1/lb. which means $.80/lb here.

      i rent land from 5 different families. one of them (farthest away/ biggest acreage), i already told i wasn't renewing the lease. probably keep a couple of the others myself (or sublet).

      it will be a challemge to balance everything.


  6. Anyone ever have a hat like this guy

    ummm..............was rick farming in the 80s? Oh..mechanic/salesman/exec at IH/dealer owner.......hummm. Just saying....l8r I thhhink we had one for us kids but man...wish I had it now. Have a IH stocking cap yet in the closet along with a zip up hooded sweatshirt I wish fit me! There is on older farmer who still wears a red long 'puffy' 80s IH coat at the auction barn. Mine was wore out working. Uncle still wears his 7120 'The new magnum' satin jacket in the spring to town.
  7. life in our corner

    Mycoplasma Mastitis. SUPER contagious, goes between cows on hands and equipment. We have back flush so helping a ton. Guys wash their gloves with pre spray each set. We had to quit pre stripping, milk flows dropped!, just to elim touching till we nail down the cow. Milk looks little funny and boom they crash and will dry up and get sick. No cure exist. Our co-op test for it monthly here. If you have a positive one the lab calls you to get another sample in asap to be sure it is legit. WAITING again for results. Vet kinda thinks its gone now. No one has showed any signs for 10 days. The bac lives in lungs, if pneumonia hits it can then get into blood an then udder. Nasty crap. Buddy lost 300+ on his 5000 cow dairy 3 years ago. Eric, you should be going every sunday... Cant hurt Dad going to World Ag Expo with uncle........28 here and 40mph....lucky guy. But wow the wind has dried out everything. Nice to see sun for bit. Really cheers you up.
  8. CAFES show

    I will tell dad to track you down at CAFES booth
  9. life in our corner

    Hey, havnt seen blue for at least 6 weeks so dont get too excited. But Valentine day is generally speaking the end of our winter we may get a little cold here or there but pretty much no more snow or horrible wind
  10. life in our corner

    Sold the new to us heifers. Going to buy some springers with the $ and give some to Rabo. Neeed milk in the tank to make this continue. But leary pf adding any hd till 100% sure everyone is health. Have had no myco cows for week. But waiting for the final call of the 2/2 sampling of all new cows monday afternoon. Sun came out finally, really makes you feel better imo. Pray all this settles. Dead calf day. There we about 12 bald eagles, some young so brown heads. Very nice few days. Putting some fertilizer out. Grass just took off last dew days. Cool 30s but SUNNY!
  11. 8930 dual pto

    Since you all were waiting with expectations.... Neighbor who is custom guy and good mechanic stopped in. We looked, rear bearing out. So we popped it out (like 20 min) and he was gonna rebuild it for us at his shop. Does a bunch of work in winter when not chopping or baling. He stopped in.....bearing must of been out for a bit. Ground the housing and messed up the shaft too. The main shaft settled and just rubbed the cases. He is gettign prices together to determine if getting new casting or just get whole take out is cheaper. Used dual pto are 5k min here plus frieght
  12. Touchy subject

    Totally fine. See many kids who get the No No an are troubled punks u fortunately. Never my 1st thing and when it's done it's made clear why. Hand only here. Maybe us boys needed little more....
  13. life in our corner

    Wait got you mixed up with guy in carnation. SJH...berry farmer. Your up the stilliguamish right?
  14. life in our corner

    I may. They sold a penta last sale to guy my brother breeds for. What kind? Ill honk tomorrow!
  15. life in our corner

    Depends on your forages. If you feed alot of marshmallow long stuff or dry orchard hay they need em to cut it up. Or even tough alfalfa. But we feed softer alfalfa (better quality) and chopped forages so it dont need more. It would turn ration to mush if they all were in. With the 3 sp gear box we even felt it was to finely mixed. But the trans brain can be adjusted to when and if you use the high gear setting. If you recall the 8930 ate a pto bearing during generator use during ice storm. Had guy up road fix. We pulled unit, simple simple, and he was gonna rebuild. Bearing dropped shaft just enough to ruin housing and shaft. 5000 for a take out unit. Back housing 600 iirc. Getting all prices qouted and then deciding. Sold all but babies and springers from herd with issues we got. Cannot afford to feed them with 80+ less head than budgeted.. the cash will be nice too. Didnt make any but got out of feeding and will put toward line of credit i think. Maybe buy 10 15 more spingers to get milk flow up too. We got to get this myco mastitis under control 1sy