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  1. Here on the border the agents say the drug trade is secondary. The slave trade is 1st. Like wth? With in a mile of our property...an on...there has been evidence of 100s of people moving though ditches and woods and fields. An places like Pornhub are now showing vids of abducted girls/women in basically sex slave status. A missing teen was recently "found" on there. They begrudgingly helped authorities track down the source and saved her. An the media glorifies violence and mindless destruction. It's not political...it's evil. If we need to use tax money for something this is a right use. (Hard to swallow being fairly libertarian leaning)
  2. Vet day for the flea bags... Finally got car out this summer. Well summer didnt start till july 15 here. Only 1 fsmily member wanted a ride...! The 13yo now is scrapping dry cows....finally! Cleaned a ditch last week. Owner was in rush to unload Irrigating corn now Berry picker across the st. $180k now..this ones a 87. Thats my 13yo...1st job for some one else. Says shes doing well. He only has few ac so she just helps couple hrs here and there Went inland camping for few days with friends Got puma185 all set like we required. Working great Brother's girls got a pup Original cvt
  3. Looks mint The petal for a L hydro is nice. Then has a manual handle too for mowing etc
  4. Mask in your car is like wearing a condom alone in bed....
  5. Buy. Kubota is #1 with compact tractors for a reason. The L are fairly simple and really reliable units. 3800 is nice size. Not sooo light like at 2800 fro example. He will enjoy using it....being its the fil....maybe say they are junk and get for self?
  6. While I wont say Moron since he did get to some $ and now power he cant be too dumb But he does disappoint sometimes and should have his phone taken! But he is not supposed to be my friend or I dont even have to like him. But I do like the maj of his policies he has enacted. R and D are closer in politics now days than the alphabet unfortunately. And back... peopleofwalmart.com.. these ladies got nothing. Yes rompers are unattractive....just go the the Salvation army and grab old pair of coveralls and cut them off i say. The pantless one....I see no reasoning there but getting Larrys attention! All of em look just fine....just disheveled Remind me of the waxed eyebrows and eyelash talk we had in bible study. I NEVER have heard a guy say "did you see her eyebrows dude? HOT!". We all generally notice other stuff before that......BUT I have heard "wth...is that Nike swoosh on her face?". Now the high waist britches.....if you think your looker go ahead and wear them.....no one will look anymore.😄
  7. Yes you are correct. All heavy studied before release and never mandatory as well. In calves corona is a issue and we vacc. Wonder how close the strain is to cv19? I know 2 old (smoker, drinkers, over wght more than me) dairymen whove be hospitalized with cv19. Vet figured most of animal ag worker be fine since a steady expose to a corona in animals. Maybe not? Must be quite diff
  8. So you have not seen the vid of Mr Gates explaining to CIA officials how his vacc (not this one) can edit ththe gene for "fundamentalism" in individuals? The premise being they could quell some of the arab/Islamic countries by offering a "health" vacc. I do not have a full report in front of me. I have not seen full documentation, but is not there data showing his vacc program in Africa killed several 1000 women and children? I have not dug into it just heard from respected filks whom I feel are more even keeled than any "pundit". Mr Gates and his father are well know to say we need to elim the bottom 1/4 of population since they think thats gonna save something. More than 1 recording of that. Maybe he means well but....Hitler meant well too. He has $...i mean skin in the game to make more $. Like the reports of why Faucie is hard on a vacc.... which NO Doc or Nurse I know is at this time. Does he have $ in Moderna Med? I dont know...but he sure loves the attention and book deals if he keep having press conferences. So....you cant get a vacc for trial but since I am younger I should. Well well well....isnt that convenient. No one ask him if he would give the doses to his children. Heres the deal...i am 100% vacc the kids. Being in animal ag your a fool not to see the efficacy of vacc. The West alllllmost has no whooping cough, polio, deadly measles/mumps etc. But those vacc were long studied and never pushed forward by people with 0 medical back grounds. They were tested and trialed properly at the proper timing before release. A good expl....in the early 70s a med/supplement thing came out for preg moms to X there immune system to help the baby. Under the guise of "for the children" it was pushed to docs for use. Our friends mom took it. Iirc after 2 years they pulled it off for some reason. Well 20 years later it's realized every girl born to moms who used it are sterile including our friend. A pretty sig side effect that was not caught b/c of the push. What of a corona vacc is pushed fwd? What if atates like us here are forced to get a vacc to commerce (not tin foil, a factual statement from our governor) and we see 4 years from now a horrific side effect? The rates of dearh and hospitalizations are quite fine actually vs + cases. It needs to run its course unfortunately. Welcome to nature. I think a big thing with the current idiot...media and "leaders"(on every side) is they think from listening to a computer programmer that we can eradicate a virus. We cannot...period. You manage viruses. Man cannot stop them and never have....nore will. I never see the media asking a mechanic aboit war strategy or pilots about highway safety. So why now is a guy whos computer has as many viruses as a toilet seat in a truck stop being looked at as a med expert now? Just feels goofy imho......weather it is or not it still makes me raise a eyebrow
  9. No he need to speak American! 😂 Look into if you can...how you want to etc. Local fella is 85..500 cows and worse employees youve ever seen. Wants someone to take it over..kids are flakes. But now its neen on "too tired to care" for so long its so sad. He never had stopped to enjoy life. Has a barn walker and church Walker. I dont know what my future us (46) but i dont wanna be him. Now my dads 74. Comes 5 days a week. Does what he feels like or helps when one of us is gone. Goes home when he wants. Hes stiff and wont get knees fixed. We frankly dont let him do much with equipment now. But ask him to patch some tin or figure out how to install the new to us 2nd milk tank...hes in hog heaven. Very grateful hes here. Now my Mom is 66 an a reathome nurse for 30y. Cannot fathom quitting since the whole place will burn if she takes a day off. Dad like to travel some....she wont. Cant do anything. Then ifff he gets her on a missions trip or a visit to his brothers in AZ she has a ball. Gets home...that was good for awhile. Makes no sense.
  10. Hey......it aint Mark or HP. Lets all agree thats is blessing
  11. Wth....makes 0 sense. On a coin note. Hot Stuff brings in big sack of coins and drops em off at bank for cash. 2 hr late old kid friend of hers who works there calls. You need to come in... Okay, she is still in town anyway. 11.50 of the quarters and half dollars were real silver! She guesses $100 to 120 of value. She hears other gals rolling them and thought.."they sound dif". So she stopped the rookies and noticed the Franklin half$ and 1930s and 40s qrts. Kinda neat...a elderly lady she cleans home for said "heres some junk and change ive saved from my mom for 40 years. Maybe your girls can play/use stuff in the box for playing house". We may just give it back to her. The banker said min 100 of the $11.25 in change value! Crazy
  12. Yes. Fwiw my Hispanic employees are frankly thee most anti black folk ive met The sad part of this is what kind of life will that poor kid have? This is the start...
  13. And you give it back...... Rent is my vote too. What if you get snowed out? $ tied in machine not running. What if dont get paid? Nowday....who can be safe? Anyways.....get lost of advice but remember the cost reflects the quality 😃😉
  14. Having had and been around 135 to 170MXs ibwould take the 5.9l 100. A 120 135 be more better. The perkins in my mccormick is fine but def lacking in torque vs the Cummins engine of the same size. MX are very good units imho
  15. No a virus may kill you. Sub 1% chance now. Not me. Stop the dishonest scare tactics. My neighbor was hospitalized. Bad deal...very unhealthy guy. I was impressed he made it. Locally since more testing been done its shown how un serious it is. For a elder or med issue person yes serious. For general pop almost no concern. In WA they now quietly have assumed its been her since Sept. We never need to wear mask till last week it became a law(which every LE said he would not enforcer) and test + went up. So when it was unknown an high % death we didnt need mask. And now 6 Months later we do and + test go up? I got some bandanas and have no prob if a store says I need one. Its their store their rules. But the ship has sailed on im gonna kill someone. The states with little to no lock downs are now any worse than them with hard ones it appears. Locally moms friends husband waited for a teat in line. Had a emergency work thing happen so left. 4 days later got a call he had tested +. Never being tested. I dont know # but the fed is still paying for + cases. So if the $ is there there will still be +. Why do you think USA is "only" place with cases. Canada aint paying for them. Italy aint paying. Its a shell game at this point. Every Dr and nurse and even first responders we know have said the mangment of the situatuons been foolish at best. On a fun fact. Our Fuhrer here in Wa made a mask order. It expires....Nov 5. Isnt that cute? Also 0 predictions and models have even been 5% correct. Since its not nearly as tough as we thoight in Feb. Aclu only cares about left things and destroying the base of USA. Open borders, anti cop, anti Christian...period. narry a peep about our gov banning me having friends over for dinner on my property. Ace, perfectly worded phrase there. I have seen the same thing. I am not being fooling but not scared by any means. Im fine with what happens when I go. There is alot more going on than a virus.
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