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  1. Guys I pulled injector pump off today sending it out for rebuild with primary pump. Have question about pump timing. When I set my crank pulley to DC on pointer the Injector pump does not point to DC notch on case. It looks like The injector gear is off one tooth advanced. the scale pointer was at 0 on gear. When I put the injector pump on after I get it back, should I set it more retarded to compensate for off one tooth? or put it back where it was at 0? I have never had engine apart so I guess it has been this way from PO.
  2. I contacted central fuel gasket and seal kit is no longer available, so after speaking with them about the packing. They only rebuild them with a lip seal and can convert mine over to that. So If i am going to send my scavenger pump I might as well send the hole injector pump and get it all checked out and gone through new seals and such. Than I should have no more fuel leak.
  3. Kevin, Thank I did not no that a kit could be gotten, I will call central fuel see if I can get one.
  4. I ran to most place's near me that sell O rings and could not find any the match the size needed to make a packing. After taking some measurements shaft and OD of packing approximately 5/16" shaft and 1/2" OD packing housing, got me thinking the original packing I have pulled out I believe them to be leather with square edges almost like a faucet wash but soft. Got a piece of 5/16 fuel line and cut some slivers off of it and it looks and fit like the original. I think I can pick out the best 4 and use them for my packing. Friend brought up a point about gasket material Plastic bags
  5. I did pull the scavenger valve out and put new O ring on it the plunger seemed clean, free and moving. The fuel shout off under tank is turned off but the return line seem as it was flooding out the injector pump. When I pulled the scavenger pump a lot of fuel came out, I think fuel was up to top of oil fill.
  6. The little bolt at bottom is holding the packing 4 rubbers and 3 brass. So now I can see I will have to get 4 O rings to replace the packing. Gaskets are very thin what have you guys used to make new one? Some one said to use wax paper that is to thin. I have it what need to be done just need gasket material if I can find it and O rings for packing.
  7. OK so it is a packing in the nut was a spring pushing down brass collar above I posted picture of pump with seal, I guess all else is the same. I will take pump apart this afternoon do some cleaning and make some gaskets. Need to find exactly where the pack was and how to fit O rings in? Any help or ideas you guys have would be great.
  8. Jimb2 I had asked you about 3 pt. hiccup a while back. On IH 238 industrial witch is same as 384 AG tractor. Well with your help and Dave's you tube on dismantling a B414, Is Dave your brother? Canadian REDNeck? Anyway got some time so I pulled unit off and took it apart, Installed new O rings and put it back together. 3pt. lifts as it should and no more Hiccup, hold up even when tractor is off never did that before. Very happy should have done it a long time ago Thanks for all you help on this and the 584 loader set up I did back in the spring. Things are so much bet
  9. Before I get all worked up on the seal let me get the scavenger pump off and see if it is a packing or seal. As it could be a pre A pump.
  10. I pulled the scavenger valve out this morning it moves freely O ring is gone so I have to get one. Called CIH this morning They don't have scavenger pump shaft seal and say that part # 266584R91 is not made any more. Any pump guy what to give ideas?
  11. If you took the cap off and slide it up the shaft some you can see the gap between the shaft and the retainer so that is the size packing you need. not sure 3/8" or 1/2" you wrap it around as many times as you can and keep pushing it down till you can't fit anymore, Hence PACKING.
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