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  1. Sure coat silicone roof coating last 10-15 years than recoat right over old for another 10-15 years
  2. I would say you may have a problem with the Generator not keeping batterys up to par. does your amp gauge show good rate of charging?
  3. By chance is it charging on generator or alternator? If alternator one wire or three wire?
  4. I believe the cult-vision is the early one, The decal should say McCormick Deering Farmall before 1945 so that would be on plan A and just Farmall after 1945. so cult-vision should go with the McCormick Deering Farmall pre 1945. But scene SA did not come out till 1947 I would think they would be all Not cult-vision.
  5. I had a 460 that needed a lot of choke and I found the carb air screw was not set right after a little adjustment it ran and started much better. Do some testing in and out on air screw.
  6. Bill you have nothing with the flat head engine do you?
  7. I always go back to basics, If you didn't change any linkage than rule it out, I see from sitting mags stop working and have to remove them and test after cleaning Make sure you have good spark and good spark at the plug. Make sure your cap wires are in correct direction and order. then you can rule out mag and spark. TDC must be on #1 compression. Butterfly can stick and valves can stick so you will need to rule that out. I want to hear about your spark test? Points get corrosion on them and need to be cleaned more often than I can say on mags that don't get run every day.
  8. Josh123, How about a picture of the rear wheels on the F-12? Are they Flat spoke cut offs? rubber or steel?
  9. I have been looking at spoke wheels, this wheel is only 8 spoke most tractor wheels are 10 spoke with heaver center hubs So I am going to say this was an implement wheel that was converted to this tractor it seems to light weight for F-12 front wheel. Could be it had a steel wheel on it and someone wanted a rubber tire. The wish bone is original not so on the 8 spoke front rim.
  10. If you messed with the mag or took it off you could be 180 out. Has to be TDC #1 on compression not exhaust.
  11. All F-12 had the webbed front bolster up to serial # FB 11756 built June 7, 1934 bolster was revised to solid. As they had problems with the webbed bolster cracking. You could bring your tractor in and get a new bolster installed as part of a service program. So many early bolsters have been changed, I have two Waukesha F-12 one with and one without webbed bolster. I can't say for sure on the front wheel have some single front wheels as Billy O. showed Rubber and spooked steel wheels, but no round spook as you have.
  12. I put in a vote for I-12 with some incorrect parts.
  13. On the north shore of long island heavy snow and 50 mph winds, can't see very far. It will be a hard one to measure as it all drifted 21F. predicted 12-18" they say Have a large pile of firewood to keep the woodstove going, stay warm. it's a good day to catch up on reading Red Power Mag
  14. That is what I call a stink bug. the one I see come in looking for heat when it is very cold out. The ones I see are as big as the dime!
  15. Jason, try this guy Rich Bednarski from Washington, PA. 724-345-3546 or 1-800-832-6350 evenings best He clam's he has part for most Torque Amplifier that's what he works on.
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