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  1. I had a pump that got water in it and freeze, Had it all apart brazzed up the crack and made some new gaskets out of wax paper. No leaks and the pump works fine. The problem I had was the control valve housing was also cracked. would have cost $$$ big money to fix. Talked with many TD guys and all said update to modern new type valve. So I did, added new 2 spool valve one for blade and one for rear remote not used at this time. Replumbed the lines added filter housing and welded new fittings to exhausting fluid tank. If General Gear can't help your not going to find much for parts.
  2. Morgan, If all in the fuel system is good. Does you H have a magneto? if so could be coil starting to fail, you will loose spark and when it cool spark will come back. Or fuel flow from tank is plugin your sentiment bowl. Steiner makes a tank screen you can install in the top of your bowl fitting. It keeps the fuel flowing good. if fuel could be needle is sticking, you burn up gas in carb bowl and it dies.
  3. Seth, In this case it is used to make wide rear ends narrower for row crop work.
  4. This is an offset wheel, best picture I could find. It is not my tractor was taken at a show.
  5. This is my narrow tread 1928 Regular on rubber with #10 sickle bar mower. tractor came out of western NY. and the mower came from Phillipsburg, NJ.
  6. Jeeper61, If you look at the rear offset steel the spokes are all to outside of wheel and that sets the wheel in over the brake drum and give you a narrower rear tread. I am not sure if I have any picture I will look.
  7. This is my 1930 Regular in it work cloths
  8. 1928 Regular dragged it out of hedge row many years ago and redid it. Long Island NY. potato row tractor with off set rear wheels. Sits in the back of the barn have not had it out in many years.
  9. How is fuel flow from tank? blow some air up line and let fuel run out see if you have good solid stream. and clean carb.
  10. Keep cleaning you clutch disc. they look to be in very good shape. hopefully you can save them all. Be carefully with the fiber ones, don't get to rough with them. I have never seen a brake drum worn that much, brake must have been dragging all it life. General Gear may have a good used drum
  11. I had both my steering clutch out cleaned and needle scaled and disc sanded all metal parts, no problems in 6 years sitting outside. You have done most of the work getting to them, another 2 hours and they will be out and than you will know what you have. No more guessing, I would suggest you remove them go through them and reinstall. You will be much happy knowing you did them.
  12. Farmall A and B had no hydraulic's Farmall super A and super B had hydraulic's Super B was porotype only I think there were only 5 made. They decided to push the C and super C both had hydraulic's
  13. Central Fuel Injector in Iowa. 712-362-4200 did one for me off TD-9
  14. Doc, I sent you and email with pictures.
  15. Have been collecting parts from varies place's, I have a question not sure of what I am finding? Some brush guards the screen is straight across and up and down. Other I have are diagonal. no matter how you turn them the grid stays the same. Did International or Caterpillar make them different? Witch is correct for witch? Never noticed it before.
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