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  1. Keep cleaning you clutch disc. they look to be in very good shape. hopefully you can save them all. Be carefully with the fiber ones, don't get to rough with them. I have never seen a brake drum worn that much, brake must have been dragging all it life. General Gear may have a good used drum
  2. I had both my steering clutch out cleaned and needle scaled and disc sanded all metal parts, no problems in 6 years sitting outside. You have done most of the work getting to them, another 2 hours and they will be out and than you will know what you have. No more guessing, I would suggest you remove them go through them and reinstall. You will be much happy knowing you did them.
  3. Farmall A and B had no hydraulic's Farmall super A and super B had hydraulic's Super B was porotype only I think there were only 5 made. They decided to push the C and super C both had hydraulic's
  4. Central Fuel Injector in Iowa. 712-362-4200 did one for me off TD-9
  5. Doc, I sent you and email with pictures.
  6. Have been collecting parts from varies place's, I have a question not sure of what I am finding? Some brush guards the screen is straight across and up and down. Other I have are diagonal. no matter how you turn them the grid stays the same. Did International or Caterpillar make them different? Witch is correct for witch? Never noticed it before.
  7. I was able to get a mounting bracket from general Gear. Found that a Cycle Ray guide lens from an old knucklehead Harley fits these old style crawler guide lights perfect same size. Has a different pattern on the lens but with brush guards on you can't see it anyway.
  8. Just went through this a couple months back. Could not find anyone that would sell me the seal, only would install lip seal if we send it to them. Mine was leaking so bad it would over flow the fill tube. Fixed now but pricey.
  9. http://www.ihpartsandequipment.com/images/detailed/3/P5040221_(Medium).jpg see part # 123104C1 this is a 2 hole 4 bolt end cap that recycles fluid and will not make pressure. If I remember right you tap and install flush plug center hole and that will make pressure to end where hex plug is. to supply your loader valve. You must have flow do not dead end anything open center loader valve with flow back into rear end for return.
  10. By your right leg is there a lever? hydraulic lever? under the seat there should be some hydraulic and a valve by your right leg, if not than it should have some kind of end cap like one I pictured.
  11. Do you see end cap like this on end of your rear remote valve? This would usual get replace with a power beyond end cap. to give supply pressure. They are very hard to come by Try WWW.ihpartsandequipment.com See if Mike can help you.
  12. This is the drain plug on lower right rear axle that is where you return goes.
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