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  1. Thought you might be interested in my shop project I jus started today. 966 bad clutch & Ta. Shift linkage needs attention also. Here is a pic
  2. Awesome truck Tony. Thanks for taking time to share all the pics and steps along the way....both times!! Great job! Have fun showing it off and cruisin' in it!
  3. Are you needing a radiator? I have one sitting in shed that jus needs soldered where fan shield rubbed thru. I will message you in case you dont see this.
  4. Welcome to forum!. I would get in touch with Long Farms. He mentioned back in 2016 in this thread he knew about your new purchase,# 13314 Gold 1456 that it was a Goldie. I ll have to watch Mecum on RFD. Maybe we will see you buying it!
  5. Saw this in tractorhouse magazine. One to check, it's the right year.......
  6. Sioux city craigslist 826 Hydro. Has contact phone # Can't get clicky link to work for ya
  7. How can ya not love an 806 with a RD pump and 12 inches of orange flame out the stack at night plowing with the lights off!! That's my child hood memory riding with dad. Nice Job, nice looking tractor.
  8. We got ahead start on everyone else, first one came to Corwith Iowa, #7501
  9. Thanks for the update. Sure would be neat to find the last serial # production and park it beside first production. 7501 Do we know what the last 1206 serial # production is? Got CRS, I may have asked that before??
  10. I think maybe the sleeve was suppose to stay in the shift deck. It could have been a tractor that had a rebuilt shift deck installed at one time. When they are rebuilt the deck is bored and sleeved. May have seized to the shift arm from years of weather sitting outside. Nice project, will make great before and after pics.
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