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  1. You would be able to see if Ta is spinning(arrow) or not. Clutch pack splines stripped or not, this part spins when input shaft is spinning.
  2. Drain the oil out of the plug on botton of Ta housing. Then remove that plate. Then crank motor over. Hopefully you have safety switch on Park, so you can crank it over with clutch pedal up. Look to see if Ta is spinning while cranking motor. If it isn't, clutch disk hub let loose, or input shaft of ta broke( rare but seen it). ***Take inspection off bottom of clutch housing first to see if you find some parts from clutch hub damper assembly. May give you an answer before doing other.
  3. Park or neutral, don't matter Jus a way to to figure out if the gears are turning in the speed tranny by shifting between gears. If you were in 1st when it stopped and the countershaft nut was off and shaft finally fell out and down. You would lose 1st gear. Thats why I suggested shifting it from 3rd to 4th while having clutch up, engine running. Jus need to narrow it down
  4. With engine running, clutch pedal up, in park, when you try to shift speed tranny from 3rd to 4th, does it feel or sound like tranny is spinning?
  5. My 1086 has over 12000 hrs. Oil pan never been off, headbolts never removed. I have no plans on touching it. Burns no oil runs great. To the Original poster. Guessing when it warms up your electric oil pressure sending unit is not working correctly. Common problem.
  6. Actually the fuel tank sits on the axle housing bracket that the cab isolators mount to. Fuel tank is solid mounted separate from cab. Photo also shows a cab mount that i would bet a Franklin on it that it is shot. Cab has settled down. Very common.
  7. Whoa. Didn't mean to upset any one. I was jus curious why all the extra bolts. The slots are for adding extra weights i realize that. Usually never filled with bolts if the center ones are holding the weights on. Never seen the extra jam nuts either. Usually jus square headed bolt , washer and nut. The sets of 2 slots that are close to each other on a weight, usually only one used per weight and are staggered from use back and forth as weights added. Very nice looking tractor though of what we can see.?
  8. Why the outside bolts, double nuts, washers etc......the 4 inner bolts are holding the weights on. Hmmmm
  9. I put the half weights on the inside of wheel. One piece weights on the outside. I used bolts thru the inside ones that were long enough to slide the outside one on. Easier said than done but simple.
  10. Noticed they jus left the steer tires the same, both are mounted on rim the same , so on the machine, one is opposite tread direction of the other. No question, that is the combine they used....?
  11. Yep, exactly. Ag parts spring kit BEWARE!! Wrong springs Danny and I had same experience. I should have jus stuck with the originals like I had done for 40 years and saved myself 2 days of grief and several mcv gaskets. Ag parts knows about it also!
  12. Rode some trails here lol, but was in the groomer. Some ditches were good for a day. Then it warmed up and melted the already thin spots.
  13. Ordered Friday at noon. Monday was MLK Day. Showed up today. Tuesday, at noon ?
  14. Bought a new to me snowblower, thats why it isn't snowing?
  15. Still waiting for some snow to be worth it to get the sleds down ?
  16. Watertown MN Craigslist 826 Calls only it says at bottom of add
  17. You should post the serial# so it can be recorded. Member FarmallTom on here is keeping track of them.
  18. Nice having people on this forum help out. It always nice to see a thread about something exactly like you may be experiencing, and have people provide info, pics, and manual details.
  19. Good to hear you got it fixed. I need to get mine in the shop now and check mine. Is the compensator with the orifice on the pump? Any pics showing exact location? Thanks
  20. Maybe that's what mine has wrong with it. Would like to know where this screen or orifice is also if that's a possible solution.
  21. Following thread. Mine does it also. It eventually fades off and quits, but takes a loooong loooong time. Was this way when I bought tractor. When you start it up its fine. But if you cycle a remote, you can hear it, and it keeps sounding like pump is stroked and pumping ....
  22. To the top for Reaper to see last serial # posted.
  23. Thought you might like a few pics....see what your gonna get yourself into
  24. Here is a video of it. Found this channel on youtube. Guy is doing a Ta job on a 1066. Be the same as your 966. https://youtu.be/E64cgGlGEck Dont be all worried about the nut being torqued to '300' ft lbs. Get it tight, heck most are loose and you can move it with your fingers when you go to take them off. Prolly been that way for 1000's of hours and dont come loose and fall off every tractor. Most times the locking tab holds them from falling off. The roll pin is easy to do and best way to insure it doesnt fall off along with locking tab.
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