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  1. Here is pic of updated check valve compared to original. Smaller hole leading to poppet. I trying it to see if it cures an occasional flutter at idle and mid idle when engine has been worked and warmed up.
  2. Thanks Jus went to look at it in the field. Is original yet it appears.
  3. What's the part#? Will that be the same as my 2388? Thanks Mark
  4. Red Reaper has serial # 1206 it is. He has it recorded where it came from also. We were texting last night and figured it out. The kid should grow his own kahonas and buy an X9.....1206 was beer money He thrives on views, he has 2.8 million subscribers. 6-7 figure + income....
  5. It will be a miracle if the 3 pt works. He was pulling on the relief valve/ seat support block with lift, trying to separate with internal linkages still hooked up few years ago. He didn't know you jus lift the whole top deck off rear housing. Had to quit watching, made me too nervous....
  6. Look where the bolt is, it got sucked up the tube in rear housing, into the filter area and fell down on filter as it entered the filter cavity. Looks similar to bolts that hold input shaft/pump assembly to the Pto unit. But think they may be a bit longer...
  7. My Uncle's 4786, bought it new, has a Cummins in it now.
  8. Looks to be wrong alternator to me. That style requires a voltage regulator.....
  9. Sorry to hear of your loss, thoughts and prayers for you and family.
  10. Drago corn heads with green bonnets, used to have yellow on snoots. They had to get rid of yellow. That is why they now have white. John Deere was making a fuss about it. Prolly mainly cause Dragotec USA is a huge competitor. Green Grain carts don't have yellow rims anymore either....
  11. I jus went thru this. Cab had to be raised. Absolutely no way to get to fitting unless I wanted to cut the plenum for Dash vents. Even then ....not sure. It took me holding the line fitting with breaker bar on a crows foot and mechanic from dealership with crows foot on his breaker bar loosening hose. You need to unplug the 2 connectors of harness connected to brake valve on front of cab. It doesn't have enuff slack. The limit of raising cab are the lines hitting the hood on brake valve at front of cab. I had it ready for tech to install lift tools on front and rear mounts. Tractor was stranded at field. Had to throw up white flag and call dealer, needed to get fixed and moved.
  12. You will need to reset those tubes(adjusters) with snap rings on them when you put new disks in. Check a manual but I think they need pushed back down so first snap ring is 3/4" from top. I use a deep socket that fits over end but will push on snap rings. Use a bench vise to push them down. Somebody chime in if I'm wrong on that measurement......been a while
  13. Duane I'm sure you could fabricate a clamp around the tilt part that doesn't rotate. Fasten the anti rotation bracket to your clamp. You may jus need to do some fab work but would be simple to attach to it. They jus don't have a kit that is specific to your tractors prolly. But see no reason you couldn't make it work. Ag leader's new Steady Steer looks really slick moving from one tractor steering wheel to another. Lot smaller motor unit hanging under steering wheel that you clip on.
  14. Pressing the clutch pedal down, activates the dump valve. Thats why ta shifted down. Sounds like you have clutch problems, throw out brg....as to why it doesn't stop.
  15. This will be my 14th year running my 1086 on sprayer with this setup. Works great. Jus another way to skin the cat...lol Ignore the wet drawbar. RV Antifreeze. Took pic while hooking up for season
  16. Took roof off to replace a leaky heater valve. I usually cheat don't always shine the top of roof jus the sides. Easy to do today sitn on a stool. Now I gotta do it all, lol
  17. Most common method is leaving the Ta housing bolted to engine, and splitting between rear housing and Ta housing. Front of cab is supported on stands, and roll front and ta housing right out from under cab.
  18. Great pics as always Bill ? Here is my spring pic. We all know its all IH underneath except for dash design and Hood?
  19. My 1980 white side panel 1086 has burgundy interior, visors, and rear fender flood lights ?
  20. You can't. Boy sure wish I would have bought a couple extras in the 80's. Always wondered what it would cost to have one made exactly like the originals from a place that makes auto carpet replacements for cars....
  21. Eventually I'll run out of paint. Rags are really red. But sure works good bringing back the shine. Doesn't take alot of elbow grease. Goes on and comes off easy. Jus doesn't last long enuff. CaseIH dealer keeps plenty on hand because of the $hity red paint they have put on tractors for decades.....
  22. Hey snoshoe. I was thinking on the one reply I was answering Jvb . But I guess that was your post. Ha funny. Hope he figures it out and replies. Always good to see what tge real problem is. Mark
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