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  1. Went for my first ride today. I groomed this last night. Noon today I was the first sled.

    Too smooth , hard and too fast, can get you in real trouble!

    Always weird , you look over  beside ya and your next to a semi or car traveling same speed.


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  2. Interesting post on this housing and the R1 R2 #.

    You would think that as we all became familiar with R2 is backwards compatible with an R1....

    But you can see in this situation how would this work?

    Keep in mind this is way back when this style rear housing was the new thing ....06 series.

    Had to be many things getting ironed out. New model issues,  updating and improving parts, will the updated part still work in place of old one? R1 vs R2? Should it be new part# or jus a revision #.

    Don't know what the extra port deal is all about. Be interested in knowing also!


     Thanks to original poster for including pics. Sure looks like you got to be careful on mismatching rear end housings and top covers!

  3. 2 hours ago, SDman said:

    Goodness.....this must be "odd IH tractors" week. In just the last week I have seen the following IH tractors on the 'net: 

    • This one above, which appears to be a crossbreed between a 66 series and an 86 series. Think I have seen a faraway shot of this tractor before, but nothing close up like this.
    • A couple different places have had pictures of an IH 86 series that has the cooling system/radiators between the rear of the engine and the front of the cab with sheet metal/hood styling that looks like what eventually evolved into the front hood of a 2+2. Supposedly some kind of a Hinsdale test rig that used a 1586 drivetrain and cab.
    • On one of the FB pages, a guy has pictures of a 3988 IH tractor, which looks to be like a tri-stripe 86 series with the cab controls of a 3688(RH shifting controls). 

    Wonder what other interesting/odd IH tractors we will continue to see come out of the woodwork in the future.

    Got any photos of the 3988? Haven't seen those. Thanks

  4. Hard to believe. Back in the 80's wondered what it would be like in 2000.... now here we are in 2023 already!

    Jus thought I'd post something since I hadn't posted anything since last year🤣🤣

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  5. 23 hours ago, Diesel Doctor said:

    These were on the new tractors in 1976 with the IH Deluxe cabs.

    Unsure how long they stayed on.

    Maybe IH decided it was not the best idea and took them off.

    They didn't say reverser and may have said "Purge".

    This was almost 50 years ago.

    Like I say, they worked, kind of.


    Never heard or seen this before, even while working at IH Dealership in 80's.

    Hmmmm , how do you reverse a 12v DC  fan motor? If you hook it up opposite, doesn't it still turn same direction?


  6. Common problem on 86 series the hi -lo arm on shift  cover that is held on by bolt gets loose and sloppy. Causing your lever to hit end of travel both directions.

     Here is a pic of style that fixes that.  It is pinned and clamped to shaft. Pic for reference I found on net to show style.


  7. What type of ram end and pin is connecting end of cylinder ram to front axle?


    Sounds like it may have an 86 series ball joint style with a 66 series steering cylinder.


    Edit, sorry didn't read all of post.

    Had similar situation on a 1466, had 86 series ball joint stake pin.

  8. Hand pump primer on Inj Pump.

    Don't want them leaking fuel up and out when you extend it to hand pump.  Possible for it to suck air into fuel system when running if plunger seal and top seal are bad.

    Easy fix if seals are bad.

    Jus 1 if the easy things to check.

  9. Hope your brother makes a full recovery!

    Yikes, had to be scary for him.

    Ever since I saw the story about Matt Griggs getting thrown thru the windshield of his Combine in 2020, I buckle my seat belt in Combine everytime I'm headed down the road with 2388.

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  10. 15 hours ago, 856 Custom said:

    . Only problem I had was the reverser cylinder blew the end off on the 2588 cutting beans. 


















    Those darn reverse cylinders. Common thing. Pressure spikes in the hydraulic system cracks them. Not sure why it picks them to break and it happens whether they are used or not.

    I added the accumulator kit to my 2388 to help prevent it from happening again. I was thinking the 2588's had them  from factory to prevent it. Does yours have it? Not sure if I can see part of it in photo or not.

  11. 2 hours ago, nate said:

    Good idea putting the two piece clutch brake in right away. When I do clutches at work the new one piece brakes get thrown in the junk.   

    Exactly,  I wonder who burnt up their shirt sleeves and for arms and forehead replacing the original with the one that was in it when I got the truck...lol

    Pic of one that I jus replaced.


  12. 4 minutes ago, dale560 said:

     You can pull the bolts out and take the adjuster out make sure it isn’t broken. 

    I had adjuster out the first time,  I cleaned it up so it would move easier.....lol maybe she jus moved and let it unadjust itself. 

    I know for sure it was popped out in correct position when I got done adjusting.  Jus baffling,  don't have time or want to do clutcht job.


  13. 26 minutes ago, nate said:

    Bearing is suppose to be near pressure plate.  It pulls toward trans to release. I don’t see a difinitive clutch brake there?…. You had pedal down when adjusting correct?

    It's dirty,  but there  there is a tranny brake disk on input.

    Yep , I know clutch down to adjust. 

    It's jus weird I had it all adjusted. And fir some reason it unadjusted itself.  Throw out bearing ended up right up next to pressure plate.

    When it's adjusted, 1/2" gap on tranny brake, there is also a gap between the back side if bearing housing a pressure plate.


    I adjusted it again, it took a lot of adjusting to get it back to where it is correct.  It's set right now and it is working. We'll see after I run truck a few trips if it stays set.


  14. Adjusted my Clutch,  it needed it, free play gone and tranny brake wasn't workin good. Typical .


    Here's the issue, adjusted the ring on pressure plate so I had my 1/2" clearance on tranny brake to throw out bearing.  Everything was good again free play and brake worked again like it should. Tried it few times in shop.

    Going to jump in drive out of shop.....lost all the freeplay. It's worse now than before I adjusted it. The lock bolt was popped out like it should be to hold ring adjustment.   

    Going to adjust it again but heck,  is that the sign I'm done adjusting...... 

    Pic shows what it is now after it suddenly went out of adjustment.

    You can see all the clearance again between tranny brake and throwout brg face, and bearing is back up against pressure plate.



  15. 3 hours ago, sandhiller said:

    Just replaced starter on C15 in the Pete.

    Much smaller and lighter.

    Took both hands on to get old one down. One hand to get new one up.

    Starts like a new one now!

    Also dealing with old wiring, dirty, oily, hidden 

    Fun. Fun. Fun. 😄

    I powerwashed chassis up good when  I tackled the job of  pulling starter back off  to replace fuel lines.

    I didn't have that luxury pullin off the heavy, grimey, oily bad starter. Had to tackle that job near grain bins on the gravel...fun ...like you said 

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