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  1. Hand pump primer on Inj Pump. Don't want them leaking fuel up and out when you extend it to hand pump. Possible for it to suck air into fuel system when running if plunger seal and top seal are bad. Easy fix if seals are bad. Jus 1 if the easy things to check.
  2. Hope your brother makes a full recovery! Yikes, had to be scary for him. Ever since I saw the story about Matt Griggs getting thrown thru the windshield of his Combine in 2020, I buckle my seat belt in Combine everytime I'm headed down the road with 2388.
  3. Those darn reverse cylinders. Common thing. Pressure spikes in the hydraulic system cracks them. Not sure why it picks them to break and it happens whether they are used or not. I added the accumulator kit to my 2388 to help prevent it from happening again. I was thinking the 2588's had them from factory to prevent it. Does yours have it? Not sure if I can see part of it in photo or not.
  4. Have a Wheelman Pro in my MX240. Works awesome. Like not having a screen to deal with. Jus use my phone if I need to change widths.
  5. Actually... as he got out of cab to talk to me across the fence, he removed his ear plugs....πŸ˜†
  6. Neighbor giving his 4366 some exercise. Had to stop while driving by with Combine. Couldn't miss the good photo op. 1976 IH Flyer worthy pics....
  7. Makin sure clutch works πŸ’ͺ...she's a full load Didn't realize how noisy the old clutch was. Quiet now when you push pedal, and truck is quieter sitn idling while dumping corn
  8. Exactly, I wonder who burnt up their shirt sleeves and for arms and forehead replacing the original with the one that was in it when I got the truck...lol Pic of one that I jus replaced.
  9. Out with the old and crusty..... All pretty and new 😍
  10. Didn't even make it out if yard with semi. Heard a clunk noise. Went to push on clutch and pedal was tight to the top. The adjusting ring must be jumping threads.... Edit. Yep. Truck shop says yep not uncommon.
  11. I had adjuster out the first time, I cleaned it up so it would move easier.....lol maybe she jus moved and let it unadjust itself. I know for sure it was popped out in correct position when I got done adjusting. Jus baffling, don't have time or want to do clutcht job.
  12. It's dirty, but there there is a tranny brake disk on input. Yep , I know clutch down to adjust. It's jus weird I had it all adjusted. And fir some reason it unadjusted itself. Throw out bearing ended up right up next to pressure plate. When it's adjusted, 1/2" gap on tranny brake, there is also a gap between the back side if bearing housing a pressure plate. I adjusted it again, it took a lot of adjusting to get it back to where it is correct. It's set right now and it is working. We'll see after I run truck a few trips if it stays set.
  13. Prolly right, thanks, I never scroll down that far forgot bout that
  14. Adjusted my Clutch, it needed it, free play gone and tranny brake wasn't workin good. Typical . Here's the issue, adjusted the ring on pressure plate so I had my 1/2" clearance on tranny brake to throw out bearing. Everything was good again free play and brake worked again like it should. Tried it few times in shop. Going to jump in drive out of shop.....lost all the freeplay. It's worse now than before I adjusted it. The lock bolt was popped out like it should be to hold ring adjustment. Going to adjust it again but heck, is that the sign I'm done adjusting...... Pic shows what it is now after it suddenly went out of adjustment. You can see all the clearance again between tranny brake and throwout brg face, and bearing is back up against pressure plate.
  15. I powerwashed chassis up good when I tackled the job of pulling starter back off to replace fuel lines. I didn't have that luxury pullin off the heavy, grimey, oily bad starter. Had to tackle that job near grain bins on the gravel...fun ...like you said
  16. No, jus got them re routed so there is more slack and can get access to them more easily. No way that was possible to do with starter in way,especially the 5 amp one. Didnt even know that one existed, till I cleaned up the area a bit after starter was off and was replacing fuel line. New starter is physically smaller than oem starter. That helps alot!
  17. Thought I would share this. Might save you some grief and get you going sometime. I've had my semi not start before. Few years back, would jus crank over but wouldn't start. Figured out it had some fuses hanging in a harness by the starter solenoid. One of them was blown. Replaced and ....tadaaa...it started. I'm calling them ECM fuses right or wrong?? Anyway, it won't run with out them...lol They're not very easy to see, or even know they are there! Fast forward to a few weeks ago, starter took a crap. Replaced it, noticed fuel line was leaking that can only be replaced while starter is off. Didnt have time then, had to get corn unloaded and to town. Semi died coming home, no warning. Hmmmm crank but no start. Checked those ECM fuses, were good, but wiggled wires. It started! Pulled starter again to replace fuel line. I found a bad wire in that ECM fuse harness plug. It was laying on fuel line fitting, guessing that is why fuse blew few years back. And thinking had something to do why it died other day. Was only a couple strands of the 12 guage wire left. There is actually 3 fuse holders. Found one that was hidden,and only seen with starter off. 2 with 15 amp, the one closest to clutch housing is a 5 amp. Got the wiring routed better now and the fuse holders are more accessible now. Hopefully all is good now. Got lucky and stumbled across an issue replacing fuel line that would have turned into a nightmare to find that bad wire. Few pics for ya Red arrows- fuse holders Yellow arrow- bad wire that was laying on fuel line fitting on ECM Cooling Plate
  18. Serial #9533 on Steffes Auction Aug-11-2022 Mason City IA.
  19. By golly it appears I am!! Good catchπŸ˜„
  20. Saw this : Ser# 14095 Sold on Jacob Auctions $35000 CAD
  21. Here in north central Iowa 90% + beans get rolled either after planted, before planted, or after they come up. You see rollers around here a bunch
  22. Putting the lever on. It keeps it in place.
  23. 1660 IH Engine Removal Think I took the fan and shroud off. Engine slid forward enough. Then turned it sideways as it came out the back. You can see I took the railing off on the right side.
  24. Thanks for the replies. I hope I don't lose another remote. I will update when I get time to work on it. Ground is shaping up fast. Planters are rolling!
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