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  1. Good catch on the final drive Chris, mechanic that worked on one of mine on my 2166 told me that if the outboard seal is leaking that it is almost always a bearing issue.
  2. Gary, neat little car, that Isetta. Didn't Messerschmidt also make a similar vehicle? They should be a good city car I would think. Can't blame you for not wanting to trade off your Model T. After all these years its hard to let an old vehicle go. I'm posting a pic from today. Baled a little flax straw for my SIL's greenhouse stove. We did something over 500 bales. The Massey 1085 is great on the baler with its multi power drive allowing shift on the go to compensate for varying size of swaths. Just a beautiful fall day with no indications of the rain/snow that is forecast for tomorrow. Clean looking 1085. Is the baler a 124? Looks like one that we bought new in the md 70s. thanks for the pics.
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