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  1. Charlie I did have way back when I first bought it from the original owner back in 65 I think, but where oh where are they now? My gosh! that is almost 50 years that i have owned it now. Not pretty anymore and needs lots of TLC and four times I have attempted to have it restored as a driver and the price for that was only about 20,000 the last time I asked (about 15 years ago) and am afraid to ask now. BTW it is hard to tell for sure with B&W pictures, but it looks like the same color as mine which is called sea foam green (very light green) After thinking about it a bit I am wrong on the date I bought it. It was in 1963 and bought it from Larry Ferro who was my first flight instructor (was also a crop duster)
  2. The one in the lower left with the man standing beside it is a 1951 Merc two door and I have one just like it now.
  3. Ralph, I see what you mean about the cab shape being Studebaker, but it IS a GM. The Stude cabs were just a little more "puffy" looking. Don't you wish we could still buy batteries for that price? I remember on the farm when the batteries had individual cells, exposed on the outside like this, with the lead straps. My cousin used to pull a bad cell from one, take a good one from another, transplant it into the battery that had the bad cell, solder the strap back up and had a pretty good battery again, after "tarring" it back up. Gary Gary I am still going to put my bet on Studebaker as the profile just does not look quite right for a GMC or Chevy. It would be strange they would use a rare truck like the Stude since GM outsold them probably ten to one. In fact I have hardly ever seen one. Too bad the original ad was not clearer. I could not find a Studebaker image in my files but a short and surprising search turned up a 1950 Studebaker truck for sale not far from me. Here is the the image I "borrowed" of it. And the original beside it. You got it, Ralph. Even the bumper. Ron I still question that. Look at the drivers side door. Studebaker does not show a wing vent but GMC does?
  4. Give it a go Ron, it will work as stated. You know, that would be a good demo to take to a Red Power Roundup
  5. Ron, I found the combo of starting them by accident after my dad passed away when I decided to make straight pipes for it by cutting the exhaust apart from the intake and carb and that took the heat away from the carb and stopped the gas from boiling and causing a vapor lock. Before that it would start ok cold, but hot starting was so bad that we would not shut it down at noon. After the separation of the exhaust and intake it would start on the first pull, one quarter turn, HOT, every time and was actually fun to see people's reaction to how good it would start hot. People just would not believe it unless they saw it in person. The straight pipes didn't actually change the sound much but sure did wonders in the starting department.
  6. I disagree, I had a V-4 Wisconsin on a massy clipper combine and it was NOT hard to start hot or cold IF you knew how to start it.
  7. Pickle park---------------(If you don't know what a pickle park is, ask a trucker)
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