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  1. Tony, don't remember if I ever mentioned that I am also a pilot and my last two airplanes were Beach Bonanza's, a G (1956) that I put about 1000 hrs on it and a V-35 (1966) that I flew about 1500 hrs ( ran the TBO out on the 285 cont.) along with a bunch of rental cessna's, etc. I enjoyed your post with your Cessna 172. Mto's post left a bad taste I think, and I am not impressed with him.

    Tell Tamara hi for me and tell her to hang in there. Some of my nerve damage is getting better and I hope hers will too.  

    Best, H-D

  2. DD that SOB does mean "sweet ole boy" doesn't it?
  3. Hornet-------Hudson ( for you "youngsters", that was a brand of car way back in the past,)
  4. air pollution!!! Sorry, couldn't resist either.
  5. HD, here is your 56 Buick, although this one has an extra porthole. Was that the Roadmaster? And yes, they do refer to the dynaflow "variable pitch" . Along with the big 364 engine I guess it was a nice driver. I'd take one. Edit, on second thought, this car is actually a 57 Buick. Ralph, the special had three portholes, the century and roadmaster had four. I still think that I would agree with you on liking to have a 57 like the one in your add. not gona say this was smart, but in my 56 special with the "variable pitch" dynaflow I, (or someone I know very well) found that the Buick could darned sure hold it's own, and often times beat the 56 Olds 88 in a "out in the country" drag race by putting the dynaflow in low range and leaving it till reaching 80 mph before shifting to drive.
  6. dynaflow, or some spelling like it was what I remember in a 56/58 Buick as I had a 56 hard top special ( three port hole on finders) Ron. The hydros were in the olds, Pontiac, Cad etc. ( I think)
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