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  1. Tony, don't remember if I ever mentioned that I am also a pilot and my last two airplanes were Beach Bonanza's, a G (1956) that I put about 1000 hrs on it and a V-35 (1966) that I flew about 1500 hrs ( ran the TBO out on the 285 cont.) along with a bunch of rental cessna's, etc. I enjoyed your post with your Cessna 172. Mto's post left a bad taste I think, and I am not impressed with him.

    Tell Tamara hi for me and tell her to hang in there. Some of my nerve damage is getting better and I hope hers will too.  

    Best, H-D

  2. TFG you are definitely 5 star :-)

  3. H-D

    Only woman to ever be the lead poster on Red Power Forum. very knowledge lady.

  4. Randy, thanks for sharing your vast knowledge of the "round" engines and the "hot water 12's

  5. Gary, thanks for the interesting thread. Keep up the good work!!

  6. definitely one of the good guys.

  7. H-D

    Boog is the one that came up with the name "coffee shop" for our Red Power Forum. Good friend, and long time menber.

  8. H-D

    Chub is the Grand Ole Man of RPF

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