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  1. Here is a little math for all. Thinking about fuel delivery and timing, how many of us realize that at 2400 Engine RPM's each pistons is at TDC 40 times a second and fuel is being injected into each cylinder 20 times per second.
  2. Here are a few pictures of my 39 Farmall H
  3. My guess would be that the pump has an air (suction) leak. I had that problem with a char-lynn pump, replaced the seal behind the pulley and it fixed the problem.
  4. If anybody is looking for the distributor pump that turns the other direction like for the SMD and 2 cylinder JD tractors, I just happen to have a couple.
  5. Here are a few pictures of a Farmall M tractor that I have seen with the Behlen PS unit. I have located the pieces that lay on the bench that I plan on installing on my 1939 M someday. Notice that these PS units have the built-in oil revivor.
  6. The bolts that fasten the pressure plate to the flywheel are 1/2 grade 5 NC. I like hanging the PPA & clutch disk on the transmission shaft and install the bolts from the bottom after the engine is connected to the rear half. A 3/8 inch air ratchet makes for easy work.
  7. I would be interested, how many do you have and what do you want for them?

  8. I have some used rear stud lights that I removed from some 815-915 combines that went to scraped, if you are interested.
  9. Well, I can help with an alternator kit on the 240-340 series of tractors. Last summer I had a customer bring a F-340 to my shop for me to designed a mounting bracket. After I had the 340 done I had another customer come to me with a F-240 and the same kit fit. I now have a kit that I sell for the 240-340 tractor. Give me a call in the morning 507-438-8172
  10. Tom, Something simple to try is position one of the injectors on the end of the fuel line so you can see the fuel when it is being sent to the injector nozzle. You want the injector hanging out in mid air. One safety note DO NOT PUT YOUR HANDS OR FINGERS IN THE SPRAY FROM THE INJECTOR NOZZLE.
  11. Charlieu

    a pump

    The 1468 and 1568 ran an A pump. That would give you a little extra fuel for those two invisible cylinders.
  12. A number of years ago I had a customer that was madder than H****. I had just finished replacing the water pump on his CASE tractor and was driving it home to have it stop moving on the road. The square key that locks the rear axle to the rear wheel casting had fallen out and the tractor stopped moving. Real obvious if you knew where to look. Don't overlook the simple and obvious things.
  13. Loss of lube pressure, FARMALL FIXER mention the brass lube baffle. If somebody would air test the TA (top jumper tube) with shop air pressure it will warp the lube baffle and then no lube pressure.
  14. Everybody has their way of doing tractor repair projects. Here are a few pictures of a 560 that I did a TA repair on. Doing a F-350 would be about the same. 1st thing I split at clutch housing and roll the engine forward. 2nd I roll TA out from under the fuel tank that I support with a 4 ft piece of angle iron that I support of a pair of tall stands.
  15. The 4 ft. pipe was the handle the wrench that was about 6 inches long was in the tool box. I still have a few.
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