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  1. I forgot to look today, I'll write my self a note and will look tomorrow. Charlie
  2. I'll look in the morning, I might be able to help you.
  3. I have designed a kit for installing a small Denso alternator on the small Farmall A, B & C series of tractors give me a call at 507 four three eight 8172 for more details.
  4. Did you install the sump check valve with the little spring that looks like it came out of an ink pen in the lower right corner?
  5. The Ausco-Lambert disc brake is listed in the Farmall M MD parts catalog as "special" for serial #FBK501-294225 for the M tractor
  6. Test light is a very good way to check the plug condition, If you do not have one you need to purchase one, very useful tool for testing many electrical problems.
  7. Charlieu

    66 series TA

    Here are a few pictures of a TA Handler that I sell for doing a TA job.
  8. I missed one word in your first posting. "New" New gears as you listed by part number do not exist except for 390259R1, that is the only gear that is still available. Since you are replacing all the gears why not update to the newer 25 degree tooth angle gears? The older tractors used 22 degree gears, that were redesigned in about 1968-69 to 25 degree tooth angles. These new designed gears were a quieter operating gear. They have the same tooth count and are a direct fit. These are all available from HyCapacity. What I have are all used gears. I missed that you were looking for NEW gears. The part numbers are 528671 528672 406473 528674 & 528675 Let me know if I can help you anymore.
  9. I have a bunch of gears from the early TA housings my phone number is 507-four three eight-8172. Post back the part numbers and I'll look in the morning.
  10. If the flywheel is machined correctly the PPA would move closer to the engine and the levers on the PPA would stay at the same angle. With the PPA closer to the engine the lever on the outside would also move forward. Now if the flywheel is machine many times and the step is not machined the cast plate would have to move forward more allowing the PPA levers to move outward causing less spring pressure on the clutch disc and the bearing would have to move to the rear. As the clutch disc wears down the clutch lever would move to the rear.
  11. Looking at the angle of the lever on the end of the release shaft I would say that the clutch disc is getting pretty thin.
  12. Here are close-up pictures of tie-downs
  13. Here are a couple pictures of a hold down that I have been selling when I'm a vendor at different tractor shows. I have been using a new D-ring from the John Deere stalk chopper. I think they look neat.
  14. Give me a call this afternoon, I'm able to fix your worn pedal.
  15. I have a jig that I hold the pedals with when I bore them out with my milling machine, About a month ago I did 17 pedals one day and the pile is starting to grow again. The set up time is the killer, but once I get going it does not take long to do them. I install a Powdered Bronze bushing and then hone it out with my connecting rod hone to fit an 1 1/8 shaft. 507-four three eight-8172
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