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  1. Inter 454 Drive Problem

    Does mobile g the TA lever.make any difference? Sure it is not jammed in two gears at once. Engine will die in all but the gear it is jammed in.
  2. Inter 454 Drive Problem

    If it is.the clutch when it is moving in low if the clutch is bad it will stop moving.on application of brakes. Have made a.clutch lining.up tool from a wooden walking stick and a roll of tape before now. (Was kinda stuck at the time) just wrap the tape carefully around the stick to build it up so it fits in to each hole in spigott bearing clutch and pressure plate respectively so as to line each one up. Then just tighten pressure plate bolts and roll together. Oh make. Sure.all splines are together. Well it worked for me
  3. 574 vs 674

    From my own observations the 674 seems to have bigger wheels/ tyres and probably an extra turn on the fuel pump. Not sure if it a different pump or just set up different.
  4. Found the link k to the advert I can appreciate that a new owner wouldn't want the previous owner breathing down their neck ut I really don't think he wants to. He wants to retire...
  5. A local independent second hand car dealership near to me is for sale. The owner is keen to retire due to poor health and being near 70 years old but has no takers. A bit of background He has in the past had over 150 high quality second hand cars on his forecourt now he has reduced it to about 50. I believe he has been running the business 39 years after originally learning his trade with IH after doing an apprenticeship with Harvester, but went on his own with cars shortly after marrying his wife. His business is of the highest reputation and his standards are second to non. He is one of the very few car dealers that I would say you can trust, he trades on his reputation. As an observation to give you an idea of the you could eat your food on the workshop floor. Anyway he offered the business to the guys who work there but they were not willing to take it on. He is now advertising the business for sale or for a manager and also offering to mentor any young person in the business to help them get established. Seems a great opportunity but he can't find anybody willing to take the plunge. Seems disappointing to me that this is likely gojg to be another family business that will eventually close.
  6. Gonna bring this up anyhow...

    S Miller I don't believe a word the media tells me. They push their own agenda and have far to much biased opinion. I want cold hard facts to form my own opinion. That is one reason why I try to ask challenging questions. The other reason is to enable us all to have an open and honest debate where all sides of an argument can be discussed without animosity. I am glad you agree with me that since the authorities were told 37+ times about this person that you along with all of us here consider that such high risk people should not have legal access to firearms? MTO I don't loose any sleep
  7. Gonna bring this up anyhow...

    S Miller I did not intend to suggest that the Second Ammendment is repealed or restructured. I am sorry you interpreted my comments that way. I totally get your post and I agree with you. My concern is that people of unstable mind able to be in possession of firearms. After all we all know people we would not want to trust with a wheel barrow let alone a firearm. I'm just suggesting that maybe a system of checks and balances could be introduced with the backing of the people to reduce the risk of mentally unstable people obtaining firearms. It does though beg the question what is the definition of mentally unstable? After the Dunblane school massacre where 20ish?children and teachers were killed by a lone gunman with a hand gun; hand guns where banned. This I did not agree with. If the massacre had been carried out by cricket bat would they have banned cricket bats? If cars were invented today they would surely be banned as they would be considered too dangerous. In the states that have tighter gun control laws which came first? The gun crime problem or the gun law. And finally as a British citizen if I landed in the USA tomorrow could I buy a gun? Would I be restricted in the type of gun I could purchase? I sincerely hope that I could not. Because if I can anybody including a person of terrorist intent could legally obtain a gun. I realise a person of such intent would likely obtain his weapons illegally but I thought I would ask.
  8. US olympic gold medal winner my butt

    I agree all nationalities should respect their flag and what it represents. Interesting topic on the placement of flags. I was always taught all flags should be flown at same height so one does not appear to have superiority over another. And never one above another on the same flagpole. Except when flown at half mast. When the symbolic flag of death or mourning is flown above. Not sure if that last bit is correct but that is what I was told.
  9. Gonna bring this up anyhow...

    I'm going to stick my oar in here before we get locked. This is my opinion as an outsider looking in. 1. Access to firearms should be more closely monitored. Here in the UK Assault rifles and unfortunately since the Dunblane school massacre hand guns are banned. (That is another issue) 2.To have a firearms certificate you need to provide maps of designated land you intend shooting on as well as medical information to prove you are of stable mind. Also you are interviewed by a police officer and your storage facilities are inspected. Shotguns of less than 3 shots, even semi auto Shotguns are on a shotgun certificate where just storage and an interview are requested. Anything mire is a firearms certificate. 3. The general level of morals, respect and civil responsibility needs to be improved through teaching in schools and society in general. Can I add I totally get the desire to protect the 2nd amendment. In the UK the armed forces are under the command of the Monarch (Queen Elizabeth ii) not parliament. Whilst in the USA the armed forces (if I understand correctly) are under the command of the President. But if the purpose of the 2nd ammendment came to fruition would you really want the loons who go around causing mass shooting on your side. And also whilst access to firearms are so easy they are easily accessible to terrorists too.
  10. IH films

    I saw these films on Stalkerbook and had the urge to share them on here. You have probably all seen the first one. Part Two. I thought the 784 at 50 seconds could have had a more impressive load. 885xl pulling hard The maker of the last film Road Eustice had made some interesting films of ploughing tooling drilling etc with a 674. Worth a browse around his channel.
  11. Power hop control video

    Surprised that they use a multitude of converted tractors and such to run the test from rather than a purpose built test vehicle. Not that I know anything g about what I'm talking about
  12. 884

    Serial number plate is on front bolster. Mostly on right side. Either on the vertical surface in front of fuel filters where bolster bolts to engine or on the side of casting above front axle.
  13. Weather sayings and other quotes.....

    When I was in North Dakota. ( Everybody groans, "here we go again.") They said, "if the seagulls are sitting on the gravel road it's going to or is raining." Seemed to be correct. I always thought that the Seagulls must be less hardy 1500miles from the coast than the ones found on the coast of Wales.
  14. Shock Horror

    Found this video on octane press you tube channel. About the best I have found on a conventional combine
  15. Shock Horror

    I know I'm being a pain. Ummmm does anybody have one with a narrative description of what each part does? Sorry to be so particular