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  1. Pid 1831

    Corona virus

    Boris is in intensive care. My thoughts are with him and his family.
  2. Draft levers arw normally pushed down to the bottom. Then uses raise lower lever.(Nearest to your leg.) To lift and lower. TroyDairy. Most of the UK tillage equipment is mounted and all nearly all mowers are mouted in uk. Spent many hours ploughing with a 4 furrow 12inch plough on a 584 or 674. (In later years an 885mfd and finally Same Explorer 90.( Same didn't know it was there.)) Also used to pull a 10ft spring tine with a 584 or a 6ft6inch Krone mower with one.) I found the 8'6" krone mower conditioner was a tad heavy on one side on a slope. So it used to go on the 885 mfd.
  3. Next door neighbour's daughter got bit by the farm dog. She'd seen the AI man AI-ing a cow. She triednto AI the farm dog. With a screwdriver 🙈🙈
  4. Pid 1831

    Corona virus

    JCB building ventilator housing
  5. Pid 1831

    Corona virus

    Oh technically Boris is only the Prime Minister. HM is the head of the armed forces. She technically does the hiring and firing. Bit that would be a whole new thread 🙂
  6. Pid 1831

    Corona virus

    That's him. Boris Johnson. Quite an old picture I guess. But yep that him. He spent many years always playing the goat. Not really portraying the image of a prime minister but it was quite apparent to me that it was an act and anecdotally a significant number of people I know or have met either had dealings with him or knew him said that he is incredibly capable and intelligent with an impressive ability to get things done. Which he has..... And then this crap hit. Iirc I think I saw a poll the other day that put his satisfaction rating at 52% with the public in regards to his handling of this disaster. I just thank god that comrade corbyn and diane abacus are not in charge.
  7. Pid 1831

    Corona virus

    Don't want this thread to get to miserable. Guess who this is?
  8. Pid 1831

    Corona virus

    Thanks MTO. My crewmate and I are practising PPE donning and Doffing with every patient. And how to keep ourselves clean. If we do certain procedures we have to have suit. Ffp3 mask Goggles bootcovers. Douple gloves. And be in a buddy system. Scary stuff.
  9. Pid 1831

    Corona virus

    I have to admit I am terrified. Just been announced the excel centre in london has been converted into a new NHS Hospital. It has 2 wards of 2000 beds each. Opening in the next few days. Otjer sites across the UK are being sought out and converted.
  10. Pid 1831

    Corona virus

    https://www.southwalesguardian.co.uk/news/18329411.ammanford-firm-senior-doctor-helping-lead-fight-covid-19/ May be of interest
  11. Pid 1831

    Corona virus

    THIS IS SERIOUS!! Boris has put us into lockdown tonight. Tou can watch if you like. Assuming it'll work outside the UK. Was doing the day job today. My crew mate and myself are taking this very seriously. We shower before work and get changed on station. We shower and get changed before coming home. We wear PPE to every patient. Was in the local A&E today. The hospital had been emptied. Massive Major incident tents are going up at hospitals. Stadiums leisure centres and aircraft hangers etc are being converted into hospitals and mortuaries. Factories are being turned over from general goods ventilators and other essential equipment. The Gtech vacuum cleaner factory is being turned over to produce ventilators. London hospitals are already exceeding capacity. OH THIS IS SERIOUS. THIS IS BLOODY SERIOUS.
  12. Pid 1831

    Corona virus

    I think most of us in the medical profession are resigned to the fact that at sometime we are going to get this.
  13. Pid 1831

    Corona virus

    Well since the end of last night here in the UK all Pubs, Bars, Clubs, theatres cafes, restaurants etc etc are closed until further notice. Schools are closed until further notice. So I have just been reading that what do the idiots do? They all go to the seaside or off to their holiday caravan / holiday home or wellknown landmarks for a day out. Apparently in droves and droves! I can see total lockdown soon. People are so stupid. I have known that the stupidity of mankind is quite unbelievable but even I am starting to think s#!t there dum. As the quote says to paraphrase. "So stupid they don't know they are stupid!"
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