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  1. I need this. Meanwhile on planet Pid I watched the flight of the latest space craft πŸ˜› shuttle back to earth πŸ˜‚
  2. I'm sure I've read something similar to this a while back. Something about a court case springs to mind??????
  3. Lifts to 5.4meters according to the specifications with the triplex mast.
  4. I also have a topic going in thw coffee shop page. I wasn't too sure which page to post in
  5. Well I posted a few photos on the thread I have going on the construction page. Here is a link .
  6. The Forklift is I would say in original condition and as far as I can gather spent its entire life on an arable farm loading grain with the bucket and shifting and shunting fertiliser with a.pair of pallet tines that belong to it as well. I doubt it has ever aeen cow poo or been outi the rain. It is an interesting experience to drive on the road and gains a speed wobble in 3rd so much so I didn't try 4th 😳
  7. Other side of engine Mysterious crack has been repaired in side of bellhousing. The machine has frame rails so minimal structural stress in the transmission
  8. Took the forklift for drive today 😊 I'm guessing the chassis is based on a 384 or similar chassis. It has the BD154 engine in it. Thw 45 hp engine is a bit underpowered as it struggles on hills to lug the machine along in any gear higher than High First. I will go as far as saying the hours are genuine at only 4422 hrs with the original front tyres and all the gauges and lights are working. Needs a pair of coloured glasses on the rear lights though. A few weeps around the engine. Possibly a leaking head gasget at some point though no sign of a leak today.
  9. Not too sure. Repulse and Prince of Wales were both sunk on same day. They were together at the time. His exact words were "I was on the Repulse and the Prince of Wales when they were sunk." I checkwd on line he is listwd as a surviving crew member of Repulse. So whether it was one action and he classed it as a single event or whether he survived thw sinking of Repulse and was picked up by POW and supsequently she was sunk I am not too sure. I am not too sure of thw exact timings of the sinkings. But considering that as far as I understand they were both sunk by Japanese aircraft it would I guess have been daylight the events wouldn't have been that far apart. I am pretty sure it is reasonable to assume a Battleship would not have stopped to pick up survivors whilst fighting. I didn't like to push too much, I could see it was a difficult subject and let him talk, and he moved on to happier times
  10. Very nice find. Met someone the other week who was a survivor from the sinking of the HMS Repulse. Very interesting man. Told us a lot of interesting things about his time in the Navy but not so much about the loss of the HMS Repulse and HMS Prince of Wales.
  11. Ols computer may have a list of passwords stored. I use firefox and can click on a menu and scroll to tools That opens logins and viola 😊 For example
  12. Pid 1831

    Dog toys

    Derby and 5 gallon can. Car 1991 Ford Sierra tractor 584. Derby.Fox hound pup. Ballboy. This hound developed a penchant for rat poison. After a blood transfusion bag of saline and emptued Pembroke town. (Vets and chemists) of vitamin K survived. Still like rat poiaon though, so was returned to kennels PDQ.Fox hound pup Woodbine. This hound was a darn nuisance. She would take Derby's toys and drop them in the slurry pit. And ateal anyrhinf and everthing. Boota gloves tools, screwdrivers scanners! Anything ahe went back relatively quickly too.Another photo of Derby. He had one functioning eye due to a detached retina and a floppy ear from arguing with a cow. He would herd any animal including sows with a litter but not a cow with calf.
  13. Pid 1831

    Dog toys

    Derby used to use these. Never destroyed one. An old welly (he never stole a good one). Or a 5 gallin can . Would run round for hours rubbing it on gravel.
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