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  1. Paid my respects to a colleague Alan Haigh . https://www.ambulance.wales.nhs.uk/Default.aspx?gcid=1750&lan=en I was fortunate enough to work a few shifts with Alan over the years. Stand Down 6881. RTB end of shift.
  2. I fail to see how the equipment used to produce "green energy" can ever realistically pay back the energy used in the manufacture of the equipement? In other words. How long does the average windmill or solar panel take to repay the enegy used to build transport and connect it to the grid?
  3. Steals your favourite spot does he 😂😂
  4. I asked for that 😂😂 I also agree
  5. I seem to have noticed that a few people prefer employing girls than lads for this reason. But if the lasses start fighting .......
  6. People like that just make you work slower while you watch them implode 😂😂😂 The sweet satisfaction when they fall flat on there face 😂😂😂
  7. Answered the phone in work one day. The voice down the phone asked who he was talking to and then was it m, but failed to introduce himself. I said I'm not saying as you know who you were phoning but you could be anybody, maybe you are planning to burgle my house and you want to check if I'm in work first? Tuned out to be my bosses bosses boss.
  8. Back when we where allowed to play pranks on colleagues without hurting their feelings etc a few have had their cars moved and a for sale sign put on th out the front of the station.
  9. IH had a substantial stake in the UK truck manufacturer Seddon Atkinson. I don't think it was entirely owned by IH? Also I seem to remember reading somewhere that IH had a 20% share of DAF trucks. Not sure if it was IH or Navistar now I think about it.
  10. That is me. My wife calls my inability to put things away "Flat Surface Disease," it's terminal apparently.
  11. From Wikipedia The town and county derive their names from the Cantref of Penfro: Pen = "head" or "end", and bro = "region", "country", "land", which has been interpreted to mean either "Land's End"[3] or "headland".[4] Pembroke Caste was originally founded by the Norman in 1093. I'm guessing there was aleady some kind of Celtic (?) settlement there prior to the Norman found g the Castle and town but I cannot be certain. .https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pembroke,_Pembrokeshire I remember the town celebrated its 900th birthday not so long ago.
  12. No guard on PTO shafts . always freaks me out
  13. Jeez that cold. But we have wet and cold here. Well wet and warm in comparison and the wind goes right through you. I think it is too lazy to go around. I am sure it is warmer when we have a frost than when we have a wet and windy day. Kids got real excited the other morning going to school as it was sitting in the toilet cold. -4° c Quite pathetic really.
  14. King Henry Vii and Pembroke Castle
  15. I have noticed over my time annoying get you lot with my irrelevant posts that a few of you are named Pembroke. This may interest you. And it may not 😂😂 Well the original Pembroke is 10 miles from me and Pembroke has quite a large castle in decent condition. In Pembroke Castle on the day in 1457 King Henry vii was born. https://www.facebook.com/groups/TenbyThroughTime/permalink/1822048124630857/ Text from stalkerbook link . Born this day 1457 in Pembroke Castle, King Henry VII (Henry Tudor) - Welsh-born King of
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