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  1. Spoke to all my neighbours within about three mile. 7 houses. And none have a cat that matches the description. Spoke to the man who runs the pheasant shoot here and he has a live fox trap that he will drop off to see what we can catch. He happened to alsospeak to the Rural Crime Policeman and apparently there is a problem with people illegally releasing wild cats when they cant look after them or they become too much trouble. So we will see
  2. I have caught this critter harrassing my kids rabbits on a wildlife camera last night. Is it A. A WILD cat that has been illegally released or has escaped? B. A large domestic Cat. Or Ç. A Half Fox - half cat frankenstein critter?
  3. Oh and quotes should be put inside quotation marks. Correctly punctuated
  4. A phrase that I cannot abide is "In this day and age!" I mean it just drives me @£&#×$€ crazy 😡😡🤬😠🤬
  5. Yep. A badly written add is one that I just ignore. Also one with poorly taken photos that only show a dark blob
  6. Thanks. Thought I'd been fed a load of poo then. In ND Mike had an old 1986 F250 with a 6.9 diesel in. That engine sounded so nice and ran like a clock. Shame the truck had had such a beating. The truck was hungry though. Used to like its diesel.
  7. Maybe I got the wrong end of the stick but I thought the Diesel 79 - 86 F250s had an International engine in? If not what Diesel engine did they have?
  8. Still hankering after a mid 80s F250 but finances are tight and kids just consume money 😂 Shipping 🚢 is quite a lot at present and anything imported to UK I'm guessing would need to be stripped and sealed well to stop the rust.
  9. Yes. I was thinking of @MTO earlier. Missing his stories and adventures. And how is hos young apprentice doing?
  10. In our damp moist climate we always run oil soaked straw through several times. Definitely helped the inside stay shiny and I don't remember too many mouse problems. But then late 70s conventional combines didn't have many electrics to chew.
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