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  1. My glamorous assist who I ride the yellow fun bus with was telling me one of his daughters friends has some chickens but she throws the eggs away and buys eggs from the store as she is unable to eat eggs that have come out of a chickens butt. I really don't know whether to laugh or cry. I agree there is a serious need for ag in the class room. And it really irritates me that agriculture is promoted on the level of old mac Donald. I can buy a farm book for a pre reader and an agriculture book for a University course. But you try getting a farm book for a 8 to teenage years children. Edited lsst word. Should have been children not chicken. Da@n predicted text
  2. Our ambulances are that Yellow vomit colour. They used to be white but all the emergency trucks are yellow. Hence I call them the yellow fun bus. The non emergency ones are still white. Personally I think the yellow disappears in front of our lush green hedges. And we all know that as soon as we put the flishy flashy blue twinkly lights on we become totally invisible to all road users.
  3. We don't have Anhydrous ammonia over here. Hever had anything to do with it. I gather it dessicates anything it comes into contact with. what do they make out of it? Should i even ask? pm if you rather not post. thanks
  4. That is correct. UK Terrorist Groups typically used ammonium nitrate and an energy source based bombs typically carried in a truck which would result in significant damage due to the massive size and explosive power of them.
  5. It has come to my notice that Ammonium Nitrate fertiliser in the UK is now at £680 metric tonne. (US$994) I am not sure if that is for immediate or spring delivery. I'm thinking it uneconomical to buy at that price but for some crops it is essential. Its going to result in a few less crops planted in the coming year. Even if there is less demand how much of an effect will it have on the price due to energy costs. Also alternatives like urea will be in strong demand. Chicken poo may be in demand 😂 Any of you learned people have any thoughts and opinions?
  6. Iirc in Barbara Marsh's Corporate Tragedy the ag companies would.take it in turn to strike one years and the following year if they had been successful the demands and strikes would hit the automotive companies. Even to the point that one ag company went on strike as it was their tutn to strike even though someone else was already striking. (Or something like that? ) My point being what goes around deere this year may go atound the automotive companies next year? Maybe?
  7. Thank you. It is so obvious now you mention it.
  8. May I ask what you mean by this? I have often failed to grasp how some people don't understand that if they are amenable and helpful to someone who is providing a service they tend to get a far better service. We all cotton on pretty quick to a curmudgeonly old git who is trying to screw for everything they can get, and we treat accordingly.
  9. Very interesting about school bus design and construction. There was a school bus accident here several weeks ago. A car went at high speed into front of bus. Car driver was killed. Most kids were not wearing the seatbelts. Several kids had injuries I think the worst were neck pains and a few with broken teeth. But our school busses are regular service busses and coaches.
  10. Probably a UK import? I think many European tractors have a diffent hitch again. I dont suppose it had a number plate when it arrived?
  11. Pid 1831


    Eeeek I thought £1.40litre for diesel was painful. €2.00 a litre is £1.71 litre.
  12. If they are UK imports they will have headlights in the lower grill and side indicator lights on the side of the cab and the biggest give away a Pick Up Hitch with either a hook or drawbar. I dont know how you guys manage without them.
  13. I read somewhere that what is the 85 series all over the rest of the world is badged as an 84 series in North America so as to avoid having to have the new line of tractors tested at Nebraska. I have no idea if it correct though.
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