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  1. Talking of picking up widows on the side of the road. A few years back i was driving along in the car on my own and I picked up a hitchhiker. Well a couple of miles into the journey and the conversation was flagging he asked me why had I picked him up as for all I knew he could have been a serial killer. I told him that I was not worried about that as what were the chances of 2 serial killers being in one car together?
  2. Go on then. Prime Minister Liz Truss Ex Prime Minister Theresa May. and Boris Johnson. Prime Minister until last Monday.
  3. Some very moving and amusing tributes in the House of Commons today. Particularly from Liz Truss, Theresa May and Boris Johnson. I wont post them and risk a political post. You may look them up if you wish.
  4. You would feel a chump wouldn't you? When your friends pointed out who she was. Mind you I have had a famous person in the yellow fun bus and never recognised them. Nor had heard of them 🤣🤣
  5. Such was her experience her first Prime Minister Winston Churchill was born in 1874. Her 15th and last Prime Minister was born in 1975. Over hundred years apart. She only invited Liz Truss to become Prime Minister and therefore to form a Government 2 days prior to her death. Quite a devotion to duty and service.
  6. I just realised this is now incorrect. The last Head of State to Serve in WWII
  7. The world's longest serving Monarch and the only Head of State to Serve in the WWII
  8. Absolutely weak 🤣🤣 Apparently she had a great sense of humour
  9. Queen Elizabeth II has died. 21 April 1921 - 8 September 2022. God Save the King
  10. With some of these extortionately priced electricity tarrifs itakes you think it be cheaper to run a dieael generator.
  11. It wasn't greed it was control. Yes he was obsessed with money. And got upset when other people spent their money when he didn't. Notice I didnt say he didn't have any. Just he didnt spend it. My parents had in the early 90s bought a house about 5 mile away cash. No mortgage as he did not believe in them. Its long and complicated explanation but my mother had inherited her fathers house in Birmingham and since it was lived in by a family member was unable to sell it until they died. So after much cajoling and harrassing she persuaded the old man to buy the house off her in Birmingham so she could buy this house to retire to. Meanwhile the property market crashed after this was done and he was very bitter about it as he didnt get what he paid for the house when it was eventually sold. My father refused to modify his farm business during the downturn of the late 90s early 2000s and spent nigh on 100k propping up the business whilst I argued with him about change. So when I seized the opportunity to move the business forward whilst he was incapacitated and despite starting to show a profit for the first time in years he was unable to relinquish control of the business so the end was inevitable I guess. Oh by the way The farm was on what is called an Agricultural Holding Act Tenancy. These old style tenancies gave guaranteed successon to 3 generations. I would have been the second. So the sale was only of our stock and equipment.
  12. Depends if it in their favour or your favour.
  13. A very emotive topiic for me. I'm an only child and all I wanted to do was farm. Both my parents were elderly. Father was 59 and mother was 44 when i was born. (I think they thought it was safe .) So when I came home from college I started to get more involved in the running of the business until eventually I was a partner in the business and my old man was meant to retire and take a less active role in the running of the farm. Except he wouldn't. He was 86 and would not retire or relinquish control. If we discussed for example putting the bull in with the cows he would agree then after it was done, when I was out of the way would get Mervyn (who worked for us) to take the bull out. And his method of farming was going back to the 40s and 50s. Finally he fell over and fractured his hip. (Neck of femur) and was incapacitated for 6 or 10 months but he gradually got back mobile and decided I was ruining the farm and we started arguing again. One of the biggest bust ups we had was that I sent 50 head of big store cattle to the mart in one go and he wanted me to take 2 or 3 every week. This would have been during the spring peak work load period and whilst the cattle price would have peaked and dropped. I had my way because he couldn't walk at the time. We actually came to blows in the end when he got back mobile again . He accused me of being a liar and a thief as he had lost a piece of paper whilst interfering with me feeding calves and whacked me across the head with his walking stick. I picked up the 5 gallon bucket of milk and slowly poured it over his head. I decided then enough was enough. 6 months later we had a sale. Even on the day of the sale he didn't believe I would go through with it. Even begged me not to and told me I could run farm and he would move to their other house. I didnt fall for that one! Less than a month later I was sweating my ass off in ND and loving it. He died aged 90 in 2006 and I discovered he cut me out of his will. Oh well.....
  14. Saw this on Stalkerbook
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