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    Curiosity killed the cat. Pm sent
  2. Interesting about these pressure washer blasters. Have helped my mate blasting a bit. He has a 240cfm diesel compressor to run his blaster. We usually put ground glass in. It is just the ground up glass we all send for recycling. He sometimes uses the black slag which is I believe the crust from blast furnaces. This an be re used if it is collected in a blast room. I have wet blasted a few buildings with him. Inatead of just being a horrible job it is a horrible wet dirty job. We use a air fed helmet to dry blast with but due to the lack of dust with wet blasting a face shield is adequate. We then take it off and hose it down regularly due to the mud sticking to it. The last building we did like this one of us held a piece of plywood over the windows whilst the other blasted the edges of the wall around the window. I came to the conclusion that it was best to stick a plastic bucket over my head to stop all the mud, crap and spray from landing on me. Must have looked a sight. There was no point in using a face shield as it would have been covered in mud and I couldn't see a thing. And when my mate was up a layer of scaffolding and I was down below the bucket was awesome. I haven't wet blasted any metalwork. Yes he has a chemical that gives 72hrs protection from rusting prior to putting the paint on. From my own experiences blasting an empty crankcase block, sump and head I would not blast anything but an empty casting due to the blast media getting inside everything. Even where there is no apparent crack for it to get through. So complete transmissions or engines most certainly not. Oh and wet blasting requires less air volume due to the water being uncompressable. The water is only added in the nozzle at the end of the pipe.
  3. There isn't an Eeeeeek button
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    Awesome news. Glad he's on the mend and making a rapid recovery
  5. As you know I have been limiting my time on social media including this site. Therefore I have not read the joke thread for some time as it cuts into my meagre time reading the quality posts and obviously the most desperate of all porn. Red tractor Porn 🤣🤣🤣🤣 But even though I haven't read the posts at the end of the day the rules is the rules and we should abide by them or face the consequences. And I am the first to admit that I may have bent the rules in the past.
  6. My mate's wife milks cows rides horses drives tractors and organises my mate has real fingernails an inch long. Seriously. Well she did! Until they all snapped off. Now she is growing them back again. I have been absolutely fascinated by them. She thinks I have a fetish about them as I keep getting caught staring at them. Honestly they were unbelievable 😲😲😲 Maybe we claws like hers that should be 🙀🙀🙀
  7. When you atop swearing it hurts more
  8. I havent readnthe entire thread. I'm trying to catch up but ine of the safest places to be is in a vehicle. It acts like a faraday cage as electricity flows around thenmetal framework and earths into the ground. So you should he fine in a tractor with a set of disks in the ground. Assuming that it had a cab or robs frame.
  9. I think the rooves on xl cabd are a right PITA to remove. Never taken one off myslef but have read about people fighting with them. Where abouts are you located?
  10. Enjoyed the Churchill book. Interesting to read and quite entertaining in places. I did wonder if I was reading about Boria or Churchill at one point. Swallows and Amazons. Good well written books about children on boats in English Lake District and also in rivers of east of england. Set in the 1930s so an interesting travel back through time. Ok I know it a kids series of books but I havent read them for 30 years and well gotta read something. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swallows_and_Amazons_series I'll post about the Mauretania tomorrow. One of the lads in work has borrowed Exploring the Lusitania so I'll say something anout that qhen it comes back.
  11. Had no experience of Salers but Limo x Friesiens are in my experience absolute lunatics. Only bovine I have seen jump vertically out of a cattle crush and attempt to jump a verticle wall and repeatedly fail. Confounded things would jump a wall or gate and hurtle off down the yard and over / through whatever got in their way and run until they couldn't run anymore. Usually a mile and end up in neighbour's cows. The other cattle would still be in the yard ready to be dosed etc. Only calves that where taken off a dairy cow and eventually shot as totally unable to get to drink any way other than off the mother cow. Wouldnt look at another cow or rubber tit or finger or bucket. This particular calf ended up with repeated scours and generally went down hill until it was put down. When we took limo calves off the dairy cow and put them in a pen to train to bucket feed had to put a hurdle over the top to keep them in. Confounded things more hassle than they worth. Herefords never any trouble.
  12. A Night to Remember by Walter Lord about the Titanic. Discovery of the Lusitania by Robert Ballard. Operation Mincemeat. About the deception using a dead body to fool the Germans during WW2 about the location of the landings in the Mediterranean I just started a book on the Mauritania That lot should keep me going for a week or 2.
  13. Also read The Saga of the San Demitrio. About an oil tanker that was part of an Atlantic convoy that was attacked, and consequently abandoned due to fire. Part of the crew drifted in a lifeboat for sometime before coming across the stricken burning tanker and reboarding and nanage to get the engines and pumps going and manage to bring the ship home.
  14. The Swallows and Amazons series by Arthur Ransome. Swallows and Amazons Swallowdale PeterDuck Winter Holiday Coot Club Pigeon Post We Didn't Mean To Go To Sea. Secret Water The Big Six Missee Lee The Picts and the Martyrs I have yet to read Great Northern? And the part finished Coots in the North.
  15. I tend to read books anyway but the last few weeks I have cut my screen time due to gwtting headaches so I have been reading a few books. I thought I'd post what I have been reading and maybe othwrs may like to poat anything they read. Boris Johnson's book on Churchill.
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