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  1. But being serious how do you know a rock that you find on the ground was a meteorit? I'm thinking if that splatted into the ground it would have made a decent size dent in the ground???
  2. Yeah what is it? You got me curious now
  3. It is shocking the number of houses you have to wipe your feet on the way out the door. I've learnt not to sit on furniture or carpets in many houses. They are either wet with urine or a risk for needle stick injuries. Alcohol, drugs and gambling destroy many people.
  4. With the delay between pressing of button and initiation of action on so many modern electronics the mother in law heard me tell her, "Go £@%# $#£s€/£!" Oh yes she did! But then there is a reason I call them adolf and eva. He is actually ok. Her on the other hand......
  5. Pid 1831

    Alexa, It's me!

    I thought I'd posted these the other day. It evidently didn't work. As promised Jip and lid
  6. I have noticed various languages, German in particular seem to have many words that mean whole sentences in English.
  7. From the Royal Navy in the time of Nelson. Three square meals.... food was served on square wooden plates. The edge of the plate was called the fiddle. Hence of your plate was over filled you were on th fiddle. Show a leg. Women came on board whilst the vessel was in port. Therefore to check that all sailors were on deck the boson would shout show a leg so that he could go around in the dark below deck and run a hand down the legs to confirm that only women where still in the bunks. Son of a gun. Occasionally whilst in port a woman would go into labour. They would give birth below decks on tables between cannons. If the birth was not making progress they would fire the cannons either side of the table to try and frighten the baby out. Well that is what I was told last time I went around Victory 20ish yers ago. Did you know that HMS Victory is the worlds oldest commissioned warship at nearly 250 years old, and the flagship of the First Sea Lord. (I think I have mentioned that before🙄🙄)
  8. Oh yes. Never thought of that. 😳🙄🙄 I suppose you could say I never thought of it that way 😂
  9. Pid 1831

    Alexa, It's me!

    He likes to play with anyrhing that can be thrown. Tennis balls are a favourite. But another favourite is a Lid from a bucket. His current one is getting rather battered. I'll try and get a photo cos we love photos of dogs having fun as much as we love photos of tractors 😊
  10. Pid 1831

    Alexa, It's me!

    Back to the subject in hand. The other day I sat on the bed to get changed and Jip (confounded dog) pushed his lid onto me. I said, "Don't worry I'm not going to bed." (He is used to me sleeping at silly times of the day due to my shift pattern. I'm sure he thinks I'm plain lazy! ) When my phone answered in a female voice. "Are we doing anything fun?" I didnt even know it could.do that 😱😱😱 Seriously that is what it said! Eeeek 😱😱
  11. Kid comes home from his first day at school. His mum enquires as to why he is so upset. He declares angrily that he never got the present and ota not fair and he hates the teacher. Etc. After some further investigation it is discovered that the little kid was told to, "Sit there for the present." Ok so I cant tell jokes even in print but you get the idea
  12. Pid 1831

    Alexa, It's me!

    Went into a patient's house the other week. Thought patient's name was Alexa ................ 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈
  13. Pid 1831

    Alexa, It's me!

    Don't asked alexa to translate "Jeremy Corbyn Carrots 100 into Welsh" No really don't 🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉 Apparently!!!!
  14. Found it. I find it painful to watch
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