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  1. Stupid is supposed to hurt
  2. Jeez 2 in one day. That a bad day!
  3. In the 2nd picture You can see the glow plugs refered to in my pm. Talk to Dave Shaw at tractorparts.co.uk about upgrading to the more modern set up. I believe the new type are Mercedes origin. Those engines like heat. Turn key part way until pepperpot thing by key glows and then start. Due to the angle it is fitted you can't see it glowing but I put my hand over it and feel for it getting warm.
  4. The mysterious crack in the bell housing i have been informed is most likely caused by the machine being tipped on its nose and crashing back down. Apparently nothing to worry about.
  5. Its a BD154 engine. Off the top of my head its a P174 oil filter as per 414, 444 etc
  6. The man in Yorkahire is Michael Hart. If you a member of the International Harvester Heritage Association he is president of that I think. I will pm you his contact details
  7. Dont go across a muddy field. They are abysmal in the wet. No need to ask how i know. Habing said that mine has a pair of set of wheels on the rear off a truck of some sort. Therefore they are quite wide set. I dont think it helps. I'm guessing you are in UK. A chap in Yorkshire is the best for parts. Knows all about them.
  8. It was announced earlier today HRH Prince Philip has died. I copied this from the British Falkland Islands and Miltary Facebook Page. How Prince Philip Earned The Respect Of The British Military Although the Duke of Edinburgh ended his active naval career in July 1951, he continued to have a close relationship with the military. 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 The Duke of Edinburgh, who served in the Royal Navy during the Second World War, has died aged 99. As well as an active military career of his own, which came to an end in 1951, Prince Philip maintained a close association with the
  9. No end play in shaft. Either laterally or fore and aft. Pivot bearing is a snug fit so no play there either. No wear inside housing where cast rings sit either. And TA Pump pressure good. Why do you think it more likely small rear seal is leaking rather than middle seal? Middle seal is the most difficult to put in as most likely yo be damaged as pressure is applied to sealing side of seal to install.
  10. Been sent a drawing of one Drawing i have been sent if that makes it any clearer.
  11. I have just learnt there is a special IH tool to install these seals. Apparently a long hollow shaft with a holder piece on the end & a mandrel that fits into the end piece each way around. Onefor each seal. Not sire how to desceibe qhat i have been told
  12. Can confirm both there. Happemed to find a photo of tractor split amd they both in situ
  13. I think both are. I know one is. What your line of thought
  14. View up through clutch inspection cover. Taken after last rebuild.
  15. Any way i could determine which seal leaks. Due to the spinning clutch assembly every single part of the bell housing and all shaft are coated in oil. Vit a small drip seems present on the aluminium housing
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