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  1. Pid 1831

    Mark Forum as Read

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and I tend to use Firefox though it is does it with the Samsung browser and chrome too
  2. Pid 1831

    Case International 885xl problems

    Any news?
  3. Pid 1831

    mx 110 intermittent hydraulic or electrical fault

    Well I have been meaning to update you guys. Well Dai has bypassed his hitch controller and fitted a toggle switch instead. Toggle recentres so only operated lift arms when you hold your finger on it. The hitch controller is £1500 so since he doesn't do any draft work it'll do as is until he gets around to it. He'll probably bypass the 4wd and the diff lock part so they work correctly as well a day never get it fixed. Lol. His reverse clutches have started to slip now. 😞
  4. Pid 1831

    Max Angle Of Operation

    Many years ago we were trying to get all the silage in the clamp and old man mere was on the loader tractor with a buck rake on the front. And plenty of weight on the back. Went up the steep ramp and on the way back Down stopped dead when the long drawbar stuck in the concrete. Tractor was a Same 80 explorer with a low profile cab. Didn't have any oil issues on that occasion. But we did notice that on occasion if you stalled a Same and caused the engine to be run backwards the engine would start and run backwards. Exhaust flap sicker down, lots of white spoke out from where air clean is under bonnet and all lights and alarms flashing.guess it had low oil pressure then.
  5. That made me laugh out loud. Will beer stain the carpet
  6. Pid 1831

    Does this happen in your town?

    You try doing it with blue flishy flashy lights that make you invisible to other road users........Eeeeeek (I'm sure some of you have done this) Uf there was a breaking out in a cold sweat emoji ......... Don't get me started on other drivers. I'm sure that the general standard of driving is declines. People used to consider it a privilege to drive. now it seems almost a right and people don't seem to have any pride in there driving
  7. But pigeons are vermin. Anyway what's the line in Paul Harvey's if got made a farmer? "Would stop the mower for an hour to splint the broken leg of a something or other bird."
  8. Pid 1831

    Mark Forum as Read

    Juat checked againI definitely don't get anew are sure prompt. It is not orderly anymore 😢😢😭😭 Will have to wait till people have made comments on all the posts. Oh using a galaxy note. Doesn't make any difference what browser I use
  9. Pid 1831

    Import Export purely hypothetical

    IHCPloughman. Any idea who or where the dealer is? can't be too far from me? All very interesting thanks everyone. I'm sure someone must have done this. What about Ken or Danny?
  10. Pid 1831

    Mark Forum as Read

    I don't get the are you sure option. Every so often a forum appears read. Really gets my goat. I assume I have accidentally tapped the button. Just tried tapping it earlier after it had been read. I didn't get an option. I was kinda hoping I could undo it I think 🤔
  11. Pid 1831

    Mark Forum as Read

    Dear Farmall fan. (BJ) I'm appealing to our great moderator would it be possible to please either get rid of the Mark Forum As Read button or put an are you sure you want to do this pop up thingy box on it? Please as I find it the most annoying thing on this forum. It means I can't see which topics I've read and even worse it upsets my ocd. All the order has gone and I am just in a flat spin. Aaaggghhhhh But in all seriousness I do find it irritating to find I've accident touched the tab on my phone and all the topics appear read. Many thanks and much hopefullness Stu 😊😊
  12. This is a purely hyperthetical question as I have neither the funds nor the space let alone the wife saying yes. But I have always fancied a 1486 and a 6588 (amongst various others) How would I go about importing them to the UK? Bearing in mind the following points... - Need to source tidy models of reasonable price. Even though we all enjoy a project a total bag of bones would be a bit pointless to import 5000 odd miles. - Need a reliable contact in US or Canada to ensure what you are getting is what you paid for. See point above also. - Shipping costs - Deck cargo or in a box. Don't like the idea of in a container if it involves chopping axles. Therefore would deck cargo be more appropriate? Would a summer crossing of the Atlantic be more favourable if deck cargo? -Would need to be mindfull of UK road width restrictions with a long bar axle. Would this effect purchase choice or.changw if necessary before export? -Import / export taxes. -Anything else you can think of? Remember this is theoretical I do not have the money or the necessary permission's from Morticia. Lol JUST FOR FUN. So I can dream 😎
  13. Pid 1831

    How many of you have this set up at home?

    Jeez. Not yours? Sore wallet afterwards 😢
  14. Pid 1831

    Flatbed for F150

    Any liability issues to using one you've made as compared to a, "shop," bought one? Especially in the event of an RTA? Does it need to be crash tested?
  15. Pid 1831

    New joke

    At least you don't have to worry about if your condom splits 😱