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  1. i have a line on a cheap 955 12row that has in furrow liquid fert i was wondering if it possible to change it to 2x2 liquid and would my 5488 pull it fine
  2. The shoulder bolts are expensive make sure you change the pivot shaft
  3. I made those links out of just a hair thicker metal and there was another pin I know I used metric dowel pin With threads it's been 2yrs
  4. How do you tighten the 3pt handle mine does not want to stay all the way up
  5. Look at it this way I have about 33k in my 5488. Its all redone from weights to master clutch with new rear tires,paint etc etc what do you get now a days for that money that you know what's done to it
  6. Buy it right and fix her up bits at a time that's what I did
  7. Np getting parts for front axle send axle to have it line bored if needed a and I has the pins bushings tie rods its not a bad job
  8. I agree with mike mi e also did that hose was collapsing
  9. How bad is it worn where small pin goes
  10. I put a small 8 ton bottle jack between where small pin goes pump the jack till it puts good pressure on that pin heat it and hit the bolster with hammer it should pop out
  11. has anyone ever tried to put a diffrent manifold on maybe one with the turbo in the middle as the original is nla
  12. I used that kit be easier than trying to piece it together
  13. So we removed lube valve and cleaned it up seems to be much better
  14. There is only maybe 50hrs on new master clutch and 2 sp gone through.it was doing this previous to that work
  15. Master clutch reads 0 on guage clutch cable is new
  16. When I try to shift low/med/high it's hard to get into gear the tractor creeps forward the gears do not bring. Pressure gauge shows zero with clutch depressed but still creeps forward like master us dragging
  17. Have my problem narrowed down to clutch drag is anyone able to send me update details on this going to take lubrication valve apart as it use to work fine
  18. And nowadays there is shops that can make shafts and cut gears
  19. Let us know what you fond out
  20. Plain and simple will it handle it ok I 45bu beans
  21. Red stripe 4386 and 88 series
  22. It doesnt grind at all it's like something is stiff or binding
  23. It use to shift good but I still think there is issues with bushings there is also lots of play where the shaft goes through for shift fork
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