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  1. Pto sheild for 5488

    I really want a sheild on my 54 but good luck finding one will an early ser# 7140/50 sheild bolt on
  2. Case 94 vs IH 50 Series

    The 96 series was a pretty nice tractor
  3. Purchasing 5488 s/n-4421

    My brother owns 4445 it needs alot of work
  4. 88 series serial number

    they ruined a good hood
  5. dead man switch 50 series

    has anyone installed a battery disconnect switch in a 50 series and where did u locate it
  6. 5488 interior color choices

    MINE IS burgundy and the black paint is non glare black
  7. Mx135

    the mx series is an awesome tractor very reliable and user freindly
  8. 3pt hitch levers on a 50 series

    so remove the linkage and the centre bolt and loosen them off do the handles have to be in a certain position??
  9. 3pt hitch levers on a 50 series

    I was asking about raise rate valve under the fuel tank they call them friction bearings
  10. my 5488 needs some attention where the linkage hooks up under the fuel tank how hard is it to replace the plastic bushings for the draft handle and the other 2
  11. 5x88 test harnesses gets another one

    would like to see a video of taking a speed trans apart just to see how it works
  12. Building a Sentry Module

    any news
  13. 496 disk cylinder

    490 doesn't use phasing cyl if you google 3.5x8in phasing cyl lots come up
  14. 496 disk cylinder

    mine is a 496 28ft wide the cylinders are 3.5x8in and yes they are phasing cyl the one on opposite wing will be the same
  15. Building a Sentry Module

    all I can say is wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! please keep on this