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  1. 89vmax

    756 charging

    It has orginal set up
  2. 89vmax

    756 charging

    I want to put a better alternator on my 756 current one doesnt work what's out there ??? 310 diesel
  3. 89vmax

    Poly for 1063

    Mine dont but you could easily make them do that I may try to make something up this summer
  4. 89vmax

    Poly for 1063

    Get the polytin snouts from rockvalley iowa
  5. I wish the best I'm taking mine apart soon
  6. Also I looked at the AM gasket at dealer says made in china on it. Anyone have any suggestions on fixing mine
  7. Well I am same spot did the headgasket this summer used mcbee kit with new bolts etc got a cold snap now it seeping
  8. I need to do eng in my 9330 has anyone used interstate mcbee or maxi-force kits
  9. How much labour would I be looking at to redo these 3 clutches I found some master clutch pcs in hyd filter
  10. what about hair pin turns on a 5488 as I have a 15ft planter on 3pt and I have tap the brakes a bit to turn around
  11. 89vmax

    2166 air seat

    I have a seat where the compressor is slow and it leaks down I took the suspension out and changed the air bag and checked everything for leaks and it still leaks down and the compressor does not work at all my ? is are they the same as a magnum seat suspension???? also the wiring checks out fine had 12.43volts
  12. i ended using the interstate mcbee kit as I could not see any difference at all to the oem one so far I have only raan it 45 min and all is good I know what made it fail so we will see
  13. My boys want to enter the fall fair toy competition where do I find alot of the stuff I would need this years theme is swine and cash crops
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