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  1. 89vmax

    Made a little progress finally!

    that's how all 50 series should get cared for
  2. 89vmax

    PTO Shield 5488

    I called everywhere looking for a pto shield I ended up having one made no choice
  3. 89vmax

    5488 engine oil pressure

    I replaced the regulater and made no difference my nephew has a feeling its a suction problem so we will look into that
  4. 89vmax

    5488 engine oil pressure

    I got a better gauge today cold psi at idle is 38 and idle when at operating temp drops to 12 I removed the regulater and the spring doesn' seem very strong but I wouldn' know I ordered a new one and see what happens
  5. 89vmax

    5488 engine oil pressure

    running 15w40 and had an inframe done less than 200hrs ago crank looked like new std bearings as far as history unknown
  6. 89vmax

    5488 engine oil pressure

    whats the operating oil pressure mine seems low I checked it with an actual guage about 40 psi at 1600rpm and 15 at idle
  7. 89vmax

    88 series radio antenna

    I am about to paint mine and want to remove my antenna how do you get to it to loosen it
  8. 89vmax

    5288 and 5488 square front axles

    mine is an 82 and has square axle it was an option and im glad that's what it has and yes looks a lot like a 94 series case axle
  9. 89vmax

    grammer right hand arm rest

    I need a RH armrest for my 5488 anyway to get one like the original I don't like the hy-cap ones.
  10. 89vmax

    CaseIh 9330 4wd

    yup if anymore than that she needs a good rad cleaning
  11. 89vmax

    88 series sheet metal

    i need a right side door I bet there would be decent demand aslong as there not way out for price
  12. 89vmax

    One of the nicest 5088 I've ever had here 100% original

    i hope both of those 5088,s get well cared for and don't sit outside I have a real soft spot for 88 series
  13. 89vmax

    One of the nicest 5088 I've ever had here 100% original

    shocked they only sold for 20g thought would have been more
  14. 89vmax

    One of the nicest 5088 I've ever had here 100% original

    is that tractor from a retirement sale there was 2 5088 in cream puff shape to bad it has 18.4x38 on it
  15. 89vmax

    Owen and I have 5x88's coming out of our ears

    good job mike keep those old girls running keep the repo parts coming