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  1. I used that kit be easier than trying to piece it together
  2. So we removed lube valve and cleaned it up seems to be much better
  3. There is only maybe 50hrs on new master clutch and 2 sp gone through.it was doing this previous to that work
  4. Master clutch reads 0 on guage clutch cable is new
  5. When I try to shift low/med/high it's hard to get into gear the tractor creeps forward the gears do not bring. Pressure gauge shows zero with clutch depressed but still creeps forward like master us dragging
  6. Have my problem narrowed down to clutch drag is anyone able to send me update details on this going to take lubrication valve apart as it use to work fine
  7. And nowadays there is shops that can make shafts and cut gears
  8. Let us know what you fond out
  9. Plain and simple will it handle it ok I 45bu beans
  10. Red stripe 4386 and 88 series
  11. It doesnt grind at all it's like something is stiff or binding
  12. It use to shift good but I still think there is issues with bushings there is also lots of play where the shaft goes through for shift fork
  13. I've posted before about how my 54 is hard to get into gear I've been told its sync gears but it does not grind and if you dont push clutch pedal in it does not grind I'm thinking it's a linkage problem plan on doing all the bushings soon this is range trans
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