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  1. Call them they will have it
  2. U can tell this isn't your first go at an eng rebuild
  3. Any trouble getting parts
  4. Standard pump from hy cap used same thickness gasket as org
  5. i ewnded up with a new pump and it works now but makes abut of whine now
  6. I've considered getting synchro discs just because of I'm concerned about NLA
  7. Any trouble getting the parts so far
  8. I removed the mcv valve to reseal it everything was working fine before but I put it all back together and now the mcv circuit does not work I made sure check valve and spring were in before re assembly where do I start to find out what's wrong
  9. Any trouble getting parts for synchros
  10. How big of a job is it and do I have take rad out or ???
  11. Was driving it down the road the other day and rh brake got hot I've never had this issue before where do I start to fix it
  12. i have a line on a cheap 955 12row that has in furrow liquid fert i was wondering if it possible to change it to 2x2 liquid and would my 5488 pull it fine
  13. The shoulder bolts are expensive make sure you change the pivot shaft
  14. I made those links out of just a hair thicker metal and there was another pin I know I used metric dowel pin With threads it's been 2yrs
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