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  1. The 86 series and to some extent the 88 series tractors weren't what the public wanted. IH the inovator had lost this skill during the 86 series period. The sad part is IH had 3 point hitch designs dating back during the M and Super M days. Just look at a BM and Super BMD and see the three point hitch which they should have offered here. Also the 8 speed transmission on the British M's but not on the US M frames. Later on they had powershift transmissions in the crawlers by 1960. Why weren't these successful designs incorporated into the wheel tractors by 1965 - 1970 to match Deere. And their 86 series cab which was first designed in 1967. They had 9 years to get it right but messed it up and this cab was never right until modified to fit the Magnum. All of these events smell of complacency, arrogance, and general lack of competitiveness. It was all right when times were good but downright disaster when the ill fated grain export ban that Jimmy Carter imposed occurred.
  2. Ken: Don't hold back on us. What is unique about Brook's 5288? Did it have some experimental parts?
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