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  1. I have a international 383 made in the kamatsu plant in Japan. You have any info on this tractor. We are from ohio

    1. Gary scheetz

      Gary scheetz

      Anyone know much about the international 383 made in Japan by kamatsu

  2. Does anyone have the posting on the new MX Maxxums being built in Ukraine or Russia. it was on her about a month ago? Can they repost it as a comparison? Any plans to export to North America?. These are the MX110, MX120, MX135 type that McCormick used to make in Doncaster.
  3. A few items about the B414 gas . Yours is probably built somewhere around February 1963. Mine has a build of April 1963 on several of the castings and probably assembled in May 1963. The B414 gas was first introduced in the USA in 1962 but was not introduced in Canada until early 1963. Yours probably came in the first boatload in 1963 and probably was landed at Halifax in April 1963. Mine landed in Montreal somewhere in June -July period. It was shipped out to the dealer in July and I first saw it there at that time. We bought ours after negotiating for a month or so in November 11, 1963. Good
  4. Shane: May I ask what the serial number of your tractor is. I also have a 1963 B414 gas with power steering and 1501 loader. We bought ours new and it had the same seat as yours. Dad didn't like the seat and we changed it out a few years later for the 434 style seat. Ours was the only early gas one in the area and I just wondered where the rest of the gassers were. it now has about 4500 hours on it and never has had any significant issues. It is now more or less a shed queen. The serial number on mine is 2672 and engine number is 3902. Ours was originally sold out of the Montreal area. We move
  5. Remember WEK (Wesley Karnes). He was an old government man and could really make his point known. I think he has passed on by now as he hasn't been on here for many years.
  6. The state of the 2 rivets holding the tag on tend to support IHCBILL's story. They sure appear to be tampered with. The one on the right has no head and the one on the left looks like a rivet that has been dragged out of a non production source of rivets. And not the usual source of compression used on them . The on the left looks like someone used a hammer and caught the left side of the rivet. Definitely not a rivet installed with a mechanical riveting machine. The rivet on the right appears to have been damaged somewhere as it is missing it's head.
  7. That would have been Hamilton, Ontario plant down on the waterfront of Hamilton. A dingy place to hang out at best. I went for an employment interview once there in 1969 and the outer appearance and offices weren't too attractive. It closed in 1997.
  8. I am looking for a remote hydraulic diverter for a Super C. This is a plate that fits between the non Fast Hitch hydraulic lines and the Touch Control housing and allows diversion into a remote hose for remote control and allows the remote hose to put the return back into the diverter housing. The supply line goes out the back of the diverter plate and the return line goes back in through the bottom of the diverter. They were made by an aftermarket supplier. IH did sell a different version of the diverter but I don't want one of them and they are now NLA anyways. Does anyone still know who the
  9. MX120 or MX135 are good tractors for your application. The only downside is as mentioned the PTO. If you don't use it much the PTO is no problem but when they need fixing the PTO repairs are somewhat expensive..
  10. The only one on here that knows anything about this subject is Bermuda Ken. We weill have to wait to see what he has to say about the subject. I hope he says what I remember him saying several years ago.
  11. Pay your money and get a reputable hauler from your local area that you know. That has worked best for me. no theft, no damage, arrived as promised on time on budget. no unpleasant surprises.
  12. I know the editor of Canada Free Press ( Judi McLeod) personally. She lives about 25 miles from me. She and her husband are good upright conservative people that I would trust. I would expect only right wing properly researched articles in her paper.
  13. Well I didn't realize that until now either. It was great talking to you also. Lots of common experience. I will buy new wrist pin snap rings from CIH but I will say they sure are pricey from CIH. I would hate to have to buy the whole overhaul set from CIH as they would cost a fortune.
  14. Well today was my lucky day. I received the set and all of the upper and lower skirts in all every 90 degrees were in the .004 to .005 values. It took me over an hour to measure them all on the vendors work desk. I was impressed with the smoothness of the finish on the pistons and sleeves as compared to the Zollners I encountered in the 706 back 40 years ago. I am not sure where they were made as the name was not familiar to me. They were manufactured within the last year as per the date code. All in all, I think we will be ok once the machinist has solid honed the sleeves after installation
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