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  1. George 2

    Does the 291 and 301 block have anything in common?

    Well I didn't realize that until now either. It was great talking to you also. Lots of common experience. I will buy new wrist pin snap rings from CIH but I will say they sure are pricey from CIH. I would hate to have to buy the whole overhaul set from CIH as they would cost a fortune.
  2. George 2

    Does the 291 and 301 block have anything in common?

    Well today was my lucky day. I received the set and all of the upper and lower skirts in all every 90 degrees were in the .004 to .005 values. It took me over an hour to measure them all on the vendors work desk. I was impressed with the smoothness of the finish on the pistons and sleeves as compared to the Zollners I encountered in the 706 back 40 years ago. I am not sure where they were made as the name was not familiar to me. They were manufactured within the last year as per the date code. All in all, I think we will be ok once the machinist has solid honed the sleeves after installation to fit properly. The rest of the set (rod bearings, oil pan gasket, and upper gaskets), appear to all be American made. The rod bearings were made by Clevite division of Mahle in the USA. The oil pan gasket also came from Mahle from somewhere in MS, USA. The upper gaskets were quoted as packaged in USA by A&I with components from USA, China, India, Taiwan, etc and packaged in the last 4 months. Nowhere, did I see the Reliance name or trademark on any of the components. I think I will be ok with this set. It is now up to the skill of the machinist in getting a proper post installation fit of the sleeves and the pistons. And as we all know fitting dry sleeves is a skill that good machinists have. So here is to hoping the installation goes well. I will provide an update after the installation has been done and the tractor is running. I intend to give it a good break in on the dynamometer at my CIH dealer's shop before putting it back to work next spring. The only thing I didn't like was the round snap rings used to hold the wrist pins in place. I will not use these and will substitute the rectangular snap rings as supplied by CIH if they fit properly.
  3. George 2

    Does the 291 and 301 block have anything in common?

    I am fortunate to have a machinist from a proper engine rebuild shop doing the work and an align bore boring bar is a good idea. I will ask him to do that also after they are installed. I agree this is a sad situation with only one indeterminate quality supplier of the kits being available. Need more domestic made parts. On a good note, I was able to get a NOS IH oil pump for this engine from Bates this week. It was the only one they had. They are not available from CIH any more (379138R91).
  4. George 2

    Does the 291 and 301 block have anything in common?

    Thanks Don. Really appreciate those numbers. I spoke to my CIH dealer this morning and they confirm from IH-GSS-1387 that the skirt to liner clearance you quote is correct. Similar for new liner ID. They also gave me the OD for new liner. Now as said above with Reliance pistons you will want to solid hone to get a clearance on the top side of somewhere around the .004 to -.005 on the skirt to liner or else it will lock up. That is really an issue for the machinist doing the work for me. However, acceptance from the supplier with something in the .001 range is my issue with the supplier today. I will find out what they are when I check them later today and I will reject any tight ones. They have extra sets in their warehouse.
  5. George 2

    Does the 291 and 301 block have anything in common?

    Well, my sleeve and piston set arrived much quicker than I expected. I don't have the gas engine service manual . it's number is IH-GSS-1387 and I would like to do a little inspection of them prior to paying for them. It is OK with the A&I dealer . So I would need for the C263 engine the piston to sleeve skirt clearance (radial clearance, ovality, and taper limits for new items in the box). I would be appreciative to anyone who can send me these numbers before 10:00 AM tomorrow as I am supposed to pick them up then. j
  6. George 2

    6 Cylinder M. How's It Done?

    On second thought give Richards Equipment in Barrie a call and I think Bob Junior will know the guy's name that has the 6 cyl M or Super M. BTW everything fits up at the clutch housing with the stock parts. The only surgery is the extended hood, at least that is the way it appeared to me.
  7. George 2

    Does the 291 and 301 block have anything in common?

    Thanks to everyone for their excellent comments. I now feel safe to order my overhaul set from A&I. The CIH dealer will install them and I have already had the conversation with their service manager about the checks I want done. The manager is in full agreement about doing them on dry sleeve engines. The mandatory checks start when the parts are still in the box and you check the gap between the unringed piston and sleeve. The next check is the ID of the tractor block bore with the old sleeves removed. Then honing of block if necessary. Then check OD of new sleeves and best match to the block bore hole diameters. Install the new sleeves ( cold freezer and fill water jacket with max block heater temperature ). With a hot water jacket and cold sleeves, the new sleeves will hopefully slide in without using heavy force to drive them in. After they are in and seated check dimensions as per the IH service manual. Then install the unringed piston and check diametral and radial clearances between individual piston and each individual sleeve to ensure they match the values in the IH service manual. If OK install the rings and continue with reassembly of engine. If there is reduced clearance they will need a solid hone to hone to the correct sleeve ID clearance. Then continue with reassembly of engine after ensuring the engine crank turns freely. Any other things to do that I missed?
  8. George 2

    Factory 3 point hitch for Farmall 240 question

    A check of the parts book will give the answer. Check I suspect the only difference may be the length of the lift links. That is definitely an International 240 utility 3 point Fast Hitch and was way ahead of its time. It is equivalent to today's 3 point hitch on a Magnum with the quick hitch adaptor on it. I would snap it up ASAP as it won't stay around long.
  9. George 2

    Easy method for checking your block heater.

    Related question: What temperature would your typical block heater bring the water jacket up to after running for 5 hours in a in a C263 engine?.
  10. George 2

    6 Cylinder M. How's It Done?

    Farmall Doctor: There is a 6 cylinder Farmall M or Super M northwest of Guelph somewhere. I saw it at the 2016 IPM in Harriston. It had a C263 in it and it was a beautiful creation with some good bodywork on the hood. Ask around Chapter 20 and you can get his name from someone in the club. The guy is a well known collector from that area.
  11. George 2

    Does the 291 and 301 block have anything in common?

    Danny: But for the C263 engine who other than Reliance offers a kit? I cant find anyone else other than Reliance. And I hear the CIH kit on rumor is also Reliance. That may not be true however? If there is an alternate supplier for a C263 engine I need to know soon as I intend to purchase soon. I realize if I buy Reliance that there will be a good micrometer job and the major clearance dimensions will all need to be checked before and after. I also realize there are several suppliers for the 400 series engine but that is not the engine being overhauled. Comments will be appreciated. Thanks.
  12. George 2

    Does the 291 and 301 block have anything in common?

    Danny: One of the things I found in overhauling a C291 and a D282 back about 20 years ago is to do a pre installation and a post installation clearance check of the sleeve and piston with a long type valve setting feeler gauge. The 291 was tight on one cylinder and the sleeve we honed it out a little. If not done, it would have locked up probably in the first few hours. These were supplied by CIH. My second question is who besides Reliance still makes overhaul sets for the 221 to 282 engines? You do mention some names but I find they only list wet sleeve for the 400 series. I would like to find out if a better product is available here from a local distributor. Since Deere owns A&I, the A&i units are popular since they are available at any Deere local dealer. Comments are appreciated.
  13. George 2

    42 inch hub for 5488?

    White did for the 2-135, 2-155, and 2-180 for sure. There were a couple of them in my area that were built that way.
  14. George 2

    Does the 291 and 301 block have anything in common?

    Danny: I take it you have had some bad experiences with Reliance products in the past. I am interested in what happened as others seem to have had reasonable experiences with Reliance. Was it a one off experience or have you suffered from several bad quality or design issues. For that matter, whose product have you had better experience with? Both A&I and Allstate Tractor Parts supply Reliance product in their overhaul sets. Just interested since I am contemplating doing an inframe on a 656 using A&I supplied kit.
  15. George 2

    Property with High Phase Powerlines

    To be able to power up any fluorescent lights you have to be below safe acceptable levels of approach . No power company would construct lines with below safe levels of approach over rural territory for farm equipment passing below the individual phases. On the other hand some old lines do stretch in the hot summer heat and some new equipment is taller than equipment made 10 - 30 years ago. I know of an old single circuit 230 KV line (built 60 years ago on extended centering of towers) that sags more in the heat than I would consider acceptable. For that one case I wouldn't be running a 14 foot high combine under it. I have never seen a dual circuit tower with low hanging phases on the other hand and some of these are 70 - 80 years old.