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  1. Learn something new every day! Now can you explain "dry cow day ain't fun"? Cows without milk will poop on you?
  2. Probably a dumb question, but what keeps the cow from pooping all over whoever is working in the pit behind them?
  3. Should help with the leaves in the fall, if you have that problem!
  4. It takes money to make money, right! Ouch!
  5. Not to be too nosey, but what did that set you back? I have no idea what kind of money stuff goes for.
  6. I missed the story of the 10 swimming in the lagoon... can you rerun that on for us?
  7. Ouch! I guess the girls wouldn't want to wait a day or two so you could fix it in better weather? Do you have a back up feeding system?
  8. Looks like you are up the proverbial creek without the proverbial paddle Troy!
  9. Troy, if you are struggling for new stuff to post, just post a picture of a tractor. We like red tractors! Maybe retell the story of the tractor in the manure pond? I heard about it, but could never find the story. I hope your business turns around, it is a shame that the people who work for a living trying to feed the country have to struggle to make ends meet.
  10. It would hurt 1,000 pounds less without the weights, right?
  11. Don't think that will buff out? Glad you Dad and Pa-in-law are OK.... Maybe don't send them on road trips unsupervised anymore?
  12. Do you keep the 'fresh' milk seperate from the daily milking? How long do the calves stay with the mother? if you get tired of the questions tell me to buzz off!
  13. Troy, What's going on in the last picture, other than a cow being milked in a non-standard location? While you are educating me, what does 'fresh ' mean in reference to a cow? I assume it isn't the aroma of the barn? I'm not familiar with dairy operations, and I love reading your posts and learning about your work. Thanks, Adam
  14. Splendid timing Troy! Kind of a stop action photo.
  15. You should have spread anyway, I bet they would have moved!
  16. Whats up with the front rims and tires? Special purpose or just what they could find?
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