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  1. I run a 24" bar on my 365. Good powerful saw based on my very limited experience. If I can't deal with it with my 350 and 365, it's too big for me to deal with anyway.
  2. We took Brody's 240 and Brillion over to the church and mowed a path for our fall festival hay ride. Everything went well for 8 rounds, then the slip clutch on the bottom blades let go. We haven't had time to figure that out yet. The 240 also got hayride duty, but I didn't get any pictures.
  3. I'm glad Brody wasn't able to work the auction. If we had been there it probably would have gone higher than $500. I'd say shorten the frame and put a dually bed or shorter flat bed on it with a goose neck hitch.
  4. @vtfireman85It's rough and definitely farmer patched, but I think it started life as a factory cutter. I'm thinking it's is a stalk chopper instead of a mower. Brody didn't video the Dukes of Hazard maneuvers I did to get it out of the mud hole it was in at the auction with my two wheel drive truck.
  5. Brody and I volunteered ourselves into replacing the mast cylinder seal on a friends Case 585D forklift. The parts book calls for part number D82792 - which is somewhere around $300 or more. Does anybody have access to the dimensions of the seal so I can cross it to a more common seal, or do I need to bite the bullet and buy the $300+ seal? Is there something special about the Case part that is different? The rod is 4", I think the cylinder bore is 4.5". Thank you for the help - If it sounds like I don't know what I'm talking about, then I have described the situation accurately.
  6. I don't think we got too far into our steering bolster. You should be able to remove the shaft and worm by removing the screw in plug on the front of the bolster and screwing the shaft out towards the front. You will have to remove the universal joint on the input side of the steering box. Hope this helps.
  7. I should take more pictures while Brody is working.
  8. I already offered him triple.....
  9. You should show a close up of your pins. Pretty respectable TIG welds for a 15 year old with a poor teacher!
  10. Sorry this happened Troy - prayers for all involved.
  11. Here's a little action footage from grading a friends driveway -
  12. The follow up linkage is missing. I need to find the piece from the cylinder to the swing arm on the rockshaft, and from that swing arm to the linkage at the seat. If you have a 240 with thos parts in place could you post pics and measurements?
  13. As promised, here's the video. It cranked on the first try. Had it recorded from two angles, since it was such an event!
  14. Ah, paint the engine day! I’m ready to put this thing back together and see if it’s runs!
  15. Brody and I finished the disassembly Friday night and took parts to the machine shop Saturday morning - now we are waiting for feedback on how bad the crank and head are. Crank is definitely worn where the timing gear goes, crank and cam timing gears are worn too much to reuse. Not sure if the emulsified oil is due to condensation, running 15W-40 diesel oil to clean things, or a coolant leak - or all of the above.
  16. Now I feel especially slow.... like the last kid to get the joke.....
  17. Dad used to catch snapping turtles and put them in a clean 55 gallon drum half full of water. We would change the water once a day for a week, then dress the turtle. He usually put the meat in brunswick stew. One year he made 'nine game' stew. i can't remember what all was in it - turtle, duck, squirrel, venison, who knows what else.
  18. Ha, Brody thinks the next step is to overhaul the engine. I hope y'all are prepared to answer a BUNCH of questions. Testing out the lights tonight.. Not the greatest pic, but I'm standing on the drawbar while Brody drives around the back yard.
  19. Been a while, better catch ya'll up.... Brody couldn't stand not working on it, so he did the hood and the rest of the sheet metal bit by bit, cleaned and repainted the badges as well. And most recently we installed the rare factory optional cheap LED lights so he could see to run a hay ride at our fall festival at church.
  20. It was spread over several weeks, and I have a pistol grip that snaps on to the cans that works pretty well.
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