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  1. Adam - NC

    Off color help - JD140H3

    With the regulator loose from the frame, engine running, AC hooked up and battery terminal bare, I'm getting 32-36VAC ocross the AC terminals and -3VDC with the positive meter lead on the B+ terminal and the negative lead on the housing of the regulator.
  2. Adam - NC

    Off color help - JD140H3

    My JD140H3 isn't charging the battery. The voltage regulator had a burnt terminal so I ordered a replacement - a cheap one from Amazon. Here's what I've got so far - it is a Kohler 321AS engine. I've got 32 - 36 volts AC coming from the stator under the flywheel. When I attach these two wires to the new voltage regulator 'ac' terminals, I should be getting 13.5 VDC or so between the battery + terminal and the housing of the regulator, but I'm getting -3 VDC. What am I doing wrong here? With everything hooked up and the engine running, I'm still getting my 32-36 VAC on the AC terminals, but the DC isn't there. Any ideas appreciated -
  3. Front pedestal is AC WC maybe...
  4. Adam - NC

    Props to the guy on tie down duty...

    Dang it boy... That took some skill to turn it over that neatly.
  5. Adam - NC

    I wonder how far they made it.

    oh my....
  6. Adam - NC

    Interesting 1566

    Crying shame that sheet metal and paint scheme aren't available!
  7. Adam - NC

    Interesting 1566

    I may be way off, but I believe the idea is that you drag a tractor behind the one you want to test, and it becomes an air compressor instead of an engine. You throttle the valve on the exhaust down to create back pressure and make it harder to turn the engine, therefore harder to pull.
  8. Adam - NC

    Pulling Question

    My son, the 14 year old farmall mechanic, has a question that I don't know the answer to. Why do pullers cut the tires down? Seems like a taller lug would have more traction to us simple minded people.
  9. Adam - NC

    Tapping small holes in an aluminum extrusion

    I'm not an expert, but I would be suspicious of poor quality screws instead of poor quality threading, unless you can visually see a problem with the threads.
  10. Adam - NC

    Almost made it a week

    I think it is the 3.6L V6. Other than the caliper sticking, I don't guess I have much of a legitimate complaint - the rear pads on the non-overheated side had over 1/8" left above the squealer, and the side that got hot wasn't down to the wear indicator yet but was closer, probably due to the overheating. Oh well, it has new calipers pads and rotors on the rear, and the front appears to have newish pads and rotors. How do you test the brake hose?
  11. Adam - NC

    Almost made it a week

    I thought that was just me! We looked at the service contract - $2500-$4000 depending on how extensive the coverage we wanted - we decided to save the money and be self insured, so to speak.
  12. Adam - NC

    Almost made it a week

    Supposed to have a power train warrantee to 100K, hopefully with the low miles my wife puts on that will do us a while. The pads were not down to the wear indicator, so I don't suppose I should be mad at the dealer.
  13. Adam - NC

    Almost made it a week

    Purchased from the local Cadillac GMC dealer last Saturday. I’m probably screwing up, but bumper to bumper factory warranted has expired, we didn’t buy a service contract, and they didn’t sounds helpful on the phone today so I’m fixing it. Don’t want to have wife and kids sitting without a vehicle. The salesman promised to call me Monday. We will see.
  14. Adam - NC

    Almost made it a week

    My wife's new-to-us 2015 Acadia almost made it a week before causing problems. 162 hours after paying for it and driving it home, she pulled in a a Loves Travel plaza and called me. Driver's side rear brake overheating. Off to pick up pads, rotors, and a caliper. Took it easy coming home on back roads, about 30 miles.
  15. Adam - NC

    My son's first metal fab project...

    About all I have to use on it right now is a 6' 3pt finish mower. The tractor came with rough homemade 3pt ends for the fast hitch, and two ears welded to the rockshaft for the top link. I cut those off and made the top link bracket for the trans cover. I'd like to find a sickle mower of something like that to put on it, but about all it will be used for is parades and riding around the yard, maybe pulling a trailer.