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  1. I did years ago - if you go to google and type in WD Buddy Seat, my tractor appears. It turns up in discussion on FB groups and unofficial allis from time to time. It's kinda funny to browse along minding your own business and find your tractor.
  2. @Wes806 - here ya go - I used a second WD seat support, and added a piece to the lower shock mount to use the brake centering bolt. It would be easier with the later WD45 seat supports that the whole thing just mounts off of the brake cover.
  3. I have 4 pins on the shelf in case anyone is in need - complete set of WD brake shoes too for that matter. We have not worked the D15, but so far as long as we are careful to make sure it is fully in gear, it stays there. I've read that the detent notches in the shifter rail can be welded and re-machined to gain slightly better engagement to cure mild cases of gear jumping.
  4. Not great pic of the guard around the thumb button for vtfireman85
  5. The button has a guard around the front and right side - I'll have to take a pic tomorrow
  6. The WD was complete, motor locked up from sitting with the exhaust open for years. I wanted the wheels and tires, and Brody's buddy wanted the factory 3 pt adapter and belt pulley for his WD. I hate to kill a tractor, but financially it was a no brainer compared to two new rims and four new tires. Brody & TJ have formed a local antique tractor club, and are hosting their first independent show in Boiling Springs NC this weekend. I'm proud of both of them!
  7. Mine is the second factory three point tractor I have ever owned. I do have my Grandpa's WD with the snap coupler set up - it works great as you said.
  8. Been busy at work and not paying attention to Red Power - thought I'd share what we've been up to in case ya'll were worried about me. Bought a sad little D15 - rottenest rims I've ever seen. Tires from the non-running WD parts tractor we bought went on the D15. Need any WD parts? Homemade one wire alternator mount & tensioner Hard fuel line to replace the 4' of rubber hose and the inline filter Got the front end spread out a little to match the rear And got rid of the chrome pipe and installed a cheap original lookin
  9. That's a beautiful animal. Thank you for your years of service feeding the nation.
  10. I need to borrow a wide trailer please. Ad says it was widened for ditching. Only 4,000 easy hours, and set to run on all 8 cylinders all the time. I assumed they ran on all 8 normally. We’re they set up to drop cylinders at low load?
  11. I should take more pictures while Brody is working.
  12. The blue trailer tongue looks sketchier than the hitch pin.
  13. J-Mech wins ‘most accurate remote diagnosis of the week’. using a free strobe light tachometer app, we found we were in excess of 4,000 RPM. Hooked up the volt meter and set RPMs to get 32 Vac, and got about 3850 RPM with strobe light. No load high speed is supposed to be 3800. Temporary fix is a red line on the throttle. Maybe we will learn how to adjust the governor.
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