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  1. Chevy Avalanche

    Looking at ads in my area, the price isn't way out of line based on mileage etc. A little high based on KBB. We will probably wind up with an F150 or tacoma. I'm not a fan of tiny compact cars. All she has ever driven is my 4 door F150, and she is comfortable with the size of it. For some reason she likes the looks of an Avalanche, I always thought they looked like a tonka truck. I think they are based on a Tahoe, not a silverado like Matt said. Thanks for the feedback.
  2. Chevy Avalanche

    Might be appropriate?!?!
  3. Chevy Avalanche

    My buddy the used car dealer has a 2006 Avalanche that I am considering buying for my 16 year old daughter. Anything to watch out for on an Avalanche? 2006, 114k miles, 5.3 liter v8, 4x4, sunroof, cloth interior - $13,700.
  4. Farmall 240 Fix Up

    I made some stands to bolt on while pulling the right rear axle. It felt stable enough pulling the left axle with the right rear wheel and tire still attached and blocking under the rear housing, but without the tire and wheel it looked sketchy to me.
  5. Farmall 240 Fix Up

    Brief update... The steering column is stripped down as far as I want to go. Needs a little more wire brushing to be ready for primer. Tonight we got the right axle on a stand and hit the wheel and center off of the axle. I hope to get a local sandblasted to clean up the wheel centers, weights, hitch parts, and some of the sheet metal, and hand clean the chassis from the tail end to the bell housing. We will get that primed and painted, then address the engine and front pedestal.
  6. Farmall 240 Fix Up

    More parts... had a pretty bad hydraulic leak, so we pulled the valve bodies off to clean them and replace the o-rings between each block.
  7. Farmall 240 Fix Up

    New bearings and seals installed and the axle is back on the tractor. Seems like this is getting out of hand, I had to pull the gas tank to disconnect the hydraulic lines to get the cover off of the transmission.
  8. Farmall 240 Fix Up

    Significant destruction has occurred today. Inner bearing is in perfect condition, axle may have SLIGHT wear at outer bearing. Outer bearing has a lot of play in the balls. I’ll mike the axle after lunch and decide if any machine work is in order or not.
  9. Farmall 240 Fix Up

    We started taking parts off to work on the leaking axle seals today. I found OLD stock bearings at a local parts place, got the bearings and seals for $80. I hope I can get the set for the other axle for the same price - I wasn't sure I had the right parts so I just bought enough for one side today. Paint question - while I am this far in, I am thinking about having the wheel centers, fenders, hitch pieces, weights, and whatever else I can sand blasted by a local guy. I primed my last 'restoration' piece by piece with Rustoleum professional primer in spray cans, and painted with machinery enamel I bought from the local ACGO place - Persion Orange #1. I know cheap IH red paint turns pink pretty quick, and I don't want that. Is there a decent quality IH red in spray cans that will hold up halfway decent? The tractor will live in a shed, not sit out all the time. Is this close to the right shade of red? That's what the valve cover was painted with, but I doubt you can really tell by the picture below what it looks like.
  10. Farmall 240 Fix Up

    Good point on the heat input - thank you. I sure hope so - I've been reluctant to tear into the axles because of the money involved. The way the oil pours out I'm going to have to do something about it.
  11. Farmall 240 Fix Up

    I have a good relationship with a local motor shop that I know can weld and turn shafts, and I think if the wear is small enough they can do hard chrome or send it out for hard chrome. I just didn't know about the weld heating the axle and changing the hardness / strength at a critical point.
  12. Farmall 240 Fix Up

    So.... Back to the 240 project. Both rear axles leak, and when I jack up either side I get a few thousandths movement of the axle at the seal housing. IF the axles are worn, can they be welded and turned back to size?
  13. I found a picture of IHrunner on the WWW

    Can't be a good idea!
  14. Farmall 240 Wiring

    Thanks Bill! I've got something similar in the manual, I'll print this out and compare them.
  15. Farmall 240 Wiring

    Easy enough, thanks!