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  1. Adam - NC

    Christmas Parade

    Ship it to NC, we'd be glad to work on it and store it for you!
  2. Adam - NC

    Christmas Parade

    Brody & his 240 starred in their last parade of 2018 last Sunday.
  3. Adam - NC

    Christmas Parade

    Yep, that’s how I landed Brody’s momma!!!! 😂 Her response is usually more of an eye roll though....
  4. Adam - NC

    Milo headed south

    Nevermind... Ship says Hansa Heavy Lift. The cranes are for picking big stuff up! Found this pic on their website - looks like a cool job! Thats two 52 meter navy vessels on the deck of the crane ship.
  5. Adam - NC

    Milo headed south

    Maybe for unloading bulk cargo with a clamshell bucket?
  6. Adam - NC

    Another crazy set of horns on this deer

    Several places sell the pen hardware - all you need is a wood lathe and a few specialized accessories, and some practice. Pen making is our hobby to fund our tool and tractor habits. You can check out my facebook page - Adam Davis Woodworking - and see what all we make. FYI shipping is cheap!
  7. Adam - NC

    Another crazy set of horns on this deer

    I could make a lot of pens out of that.
  8. Adam - NC

    240 PTO control lever problems

    Thanks, took me a minute to figure out what you were saying, finally looked it up on CaseIH parts site and found the diagram. Makes sense now. Thanks a bunch.
  9. Adam - NC

    As Seen at Tractor Supply

    New and innovative goose neck hitching technique...
  10. Adam - NC

    Farmall 240 engine overhaul

    So... not Steiner, huh?
  11. Adam - NC

    Farmall 240 engine overhaul

    So, next question... where is the best place to order?
  12. Adam - NC

    Farmall 240 engine overhaul

    OK folks, prepare for a steady stream of questions. My sons (14) wants to overhaul the engine in our 240. Symptoms are low oil pressure - 10 psi hot with 15w40 - and a lot of smoke from the breather. I am beginning to gather info, will probably tear into it after Christmas. I plan to get compression readings on each cylinder this weekend. If we get into it I want to do it right, not half way. So, first round of questions - 1. What should the compression be? 2. Engine kits don't include cam bearings - I am assuming at this point that they will need to be replaced. Are they normally OK? 3. What bore diameter kits are available for a C123? Might as well get all I can while I am at it, right? 4. Is there normally a need to rebuild the oil pump? I'm sure I will ask a million more questions, thanks in advance for your patience and assistance.
  13. Adam - NC

    COTUS ?'s

    I guess I'm a little slow, I figured out COTUS was Constitution of the US.... What's a MOTUS????
  14. Adam - NC

    Good neighbor

    Let me try - Mark's democrat neighbor wants Mark to get the pipe bomb out of the mailbox for him.
  15. Adam - NC

    Farmall 240 Fix Up

    Ha, Brody thinks the next step is to overhaul the engine. I hope y'all are prepared to answer a BUNCH of questions. Testing out the lights tonight.. Not the greatest pic, but I'm standing on the drawbar while Brody drives around the back yard.