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  1. Adam - NC

    Barn pictures

    This is the feed barn - at least that's what I've always heard it called - on my grandpa's farm I grew up on. Hay storage up top, stalls for draft animals downstairs. I never understood the design, the stalls were very dark, and had 18" concrete foundations under the doors, so the animals would have to step over. The animals were long gone by the time I was old enough to remember. The barn is in poor shape and there is no financial justification for trying to repair it. Most of he foundation wall on the far side has fallen over.
  2. Adam - NC

    One piece at a time...

    Help an amateur out - to check compression, I would remove all four plugs, and doing the motor over with the starter while holding the compression tester against the plug hole, correct?
  3. Adam - NC

    One piece at a time...

    Brody decided to wash tractors today. then he decided to remove sheet metal to prepare for overhauling the engine. Guess we will be starting soon.
  4. No personal experience with him, but this guy used to post on the unofficial Allis forum all the time. He roams the country, picks up where he is at and heads your way. Might be worth checking out if you find a power unit.
  5. Adam - NC


    Now I feel especially slow.... like the last kid to get the joke.....
  6. Adam - NC

    Wow, 28 years already...

    Senior year of high school - as I recall I got a war for my birthday. I think Desert Shield switched to Desert Storm right around January 16.
  7. Adam - NC

    Red Power Forums not blocked in school

    You aren't the root of all evil, and you are certainly the source of much humor. I'd never block all your posts!
  8. Adam - NC

    Red Power Forums not blocked in school

    Lorenzo, I have no illusions about what is available and what teen boys struggle with. I'm happy to spend money on an antique tractor if it keeps my son in the shop and off the internet. My point is more that this is a place that my son enjoys, and I would like it to stay family friendly - there are plenty of places on the internet to see girls in yoga pants or a naked guy holding a bowl of marbles, but we come here for tractors and such. He will get exposed to plenty of garbage elsewhere. I enjoy the jokes and memes immensely. Keep 'em coming!
  9. Adam - NC

    Red Power Forums not blocked in school

    I am reluctant to be a wet blanket, but since it was brought up I have cringed several times lately when i thought about my son and other teens opening the joke thread. A little self moderation would be much appreciated.
  10. Adam - NC

    New joke

    I'll give you an A for effort, but it was a tad too subtle for me, too. Don't stop!
  11. Adam - NC


    Dad used to catch snapping turtles and put them in a clean 55 gallon drum half full of water. We would change the water once a day for a week, then dress the turtle. He usually put the meat in brunswick stew. One year he made 'nine game' stew. i can't remember what all was in it - turtle, duck, squirrel, venison, who knows what else.
  12. Adam - NC

    Factory 3 point hitch for Farmall 240 question

    Brody and I had some fun Sunday afternoon.... Fasthitch dropped (and now stored under Allis) ).... Three point cleaned up a little and hung on the 240... Three point is 26" between arms, scrape blade is 27 1/2"... huh??????? Three point is now 28" between arms, and we didn't burn the tractor or the shop down... Eureka!!!! Looks like it will work. We need the latches for the three point arms, and I'm too cheap to pay $35 each for new ones. Does anyone have this type latch? I'd be willing to pay a reasonable price for a tracing of one, if someone would take the time to take it off the hitch and lay it on a piece of paper. I just can't see $70 for two pieces of 1/4" flat steel. I'd even send a nice pen in exchange for a drawing.
  13. Adam - NC

    Factory 3 point hitch for Farmall 240 question

    I bought the hitch... side plates have been broken and welded multiple times. This poor tractor must have been used for a bull dozer or something. Speaking of the tractor... this guy is not into restoring antiques. Home made grill, chrome alternator, Ford carb from Tractor Supply, K&N air filter, custom air inlet ducting, eliminated factory hydraulic valves, home made three point hitch... Very nice people, very much "make it work" instead of "make it original". So, questions - How do the original lift arm latches work? Whats on there doesn't secure the lift pins in the lift arm. How did the original top link 'beak' work?
  14. Adam - NC

    Factory 3 point hitch for Farmall 240 question

    I would prefer to find the fast hitch three point with the top link. Stood right in front of one at a junk yard on New Years Day, guy said “those bring $350 but I don’t want to sell it.” I can get the pallet of parts above for $150 locally.