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  1. I should take more pictures while Brody is working.
  2. The blue trailer tongue looks sketchier than the hitch pin.
  3. J-Mech wins ‘most accurate remote diagnosis of the week’. using a free strobe light tachometer app, we found we were in excess of 4,000 RPM. Hooked up the volt meter and set RPMs to get 32 Vac, and got about 3850 RPM with strobe light. No load high speed is supposed to be 3800. Temporary fix is a red line on the throttle. Maybe we will learn how to adjust the governor.
  4. 1 - with a Fluke 87 multimeter, set to AC Volts. Both stator leads disconnected from the regulator, engine at full throttle. 2 - I have considered engine RPMs being too high, but I don't believe they are. Don't have a way to verify it. No evidence that the engine has been apart in the last 20 years to monkey with the magnets. I'm not an electrical engineer, but if part of the stator coil was shorted, effectively reducing the length of the coil thus lowering it's resistance, that may cause volts to go up. I don't have my mind completely wrapped around how spinning magnets and a coil o
  5. I already offered him triple.....
  6. I've got transformers in my plant now that say Allis Chalmers on the tag. I've seen AC pumps and electric motors as well at my former plant. When we bought our house, I found what looks like a granite or maybe bakelite vault cover with a brass AC tag. Kinda cool since I'm an AC nut too. I've got CH Wendell's book about the history of AC. They were big into power generation, hydroelectric turbines, construction equipment, everything but vehicles and refrigerators as you pointed out. I think that's where the comment about the world's largest foundry came from. If they had focused on farm
  7. We already added a 1/2" spacer to the prongs. The discs and tail wheel blade will have to be good enough as is. They aren't in bad shape, mainly damage form sitting in the dirt for years.
  8. Thanks for the replies - I was mainly just curious. We are restoring a C-200 to go with Brody's 240. I found the bearings for the tail wheel locally today. I was wondering is replacement discs were available, and a replacement blade for the tail wheel. We probably won't spend that much on it, but I was curious. I was surprised the parts diagrams weren't on the IH site.
  9. We are working on a C200 fast hitch disc plow. I can't find the parts breakdown on the Case IH parts site. Anybody have a parts list, or able to find it on the website and show me where to look?
  10. You should show a close up of your pins. Pretty respectable TIG welds for a 15 year old with a poor teacher!
  11. Screens out the big viruses I guess????
  12. I bought a 2007 f150 super crew with 100,000 miles on it. At 150K a cam follower failed and ate a cam. $2700, a cam, two cam phasers, timing chain set, and timing chain guides later, back in business. About a year later, started making the same noise on the right head. Dealer said 'spark knock' again, so I drove it until it was bad enough they pulled the valve cover and found another bad cam follower had damaged the new cam. Redid it under warranty. About a year later, same old 'spark knock' on the right side. Yep, another bad cam follower, and just out of the two year warranty. I spru
  13. I like to listen to the Hee Haw Gospel Quartet on youtube while I work on the computer. This is one of my favorites, wish I could find a copy to purchase with Tennessee Ernie Ford on it. "Each day I'll do the best I can" about sums it up lately.
  14. TJ used to have a snap coupler disk! 🤣
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