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  1. I have one of each - Mine had cultivator valves on each side as well as the tel-a-depth for the rear. We took the cultivator valves off and put them in the toolbox to reduce leaks. If someone chimes in with measurements on the missing linkage we can try to reproduce that. If not, the different functionality of the hydra-touch valves will not bother us. Thanks for the replies!
  2. Anyone have piece numbers 19 & 21 for sale, or parts on a tractor that you can give me measurements from?
  3. Thanks for your response - I don't see how my valve can work like your second picture would - in the original manuals there was a separate linkage all the way to the valve, but I think an update happened somewhere along the way and the feedback system was changed. There is only one lever on the outside of my tel-a-depth valve. Do you thing using a hydra-touch valve for the rear lift is a workable solution, rather than finding / building the complex feedback circuit?
  4. We are struggling with hydraulic issues on our Farmall 240. We had a bad pump, and bought a junk yard pump because new ones are not available. Our pump is slightly larger than the new pumps available for the 140 and similar tractors. The used pump primed quickly and seems to work well. Our tractor had 2 'hydra-touch' valves for cultivators, and one 'tel-a-depth' valve for the rear lift. We removed the hydra-touch valves when we painted it and made shorter rods for the hydraulic block assembly simply to reduce the number of places we could leak oil. We changed all the o-rings between the blocks and in the relief valve. Currently, we have a pressure gauge on the down side of the rear lift hydraulics. When the lift lever is moved to the rear and the cylinder bottoms out, we are seeing about 1200 psi at high idle. When dead headed like this the pump makes an awful racket and bogs the engine severely. Question 1 - should the relief valve be opening up to take pressure off the pump, or is this the way the tel-a-depth valve works? We do not have the follow up linkage to recenter the valve once the lift moves to match the lift lever. If we manually move the lift lever to the center the strain on the hydraulic pump is relieved. Question 2 - what pressure should a good pump on this tractor make? I was expecting more like 2,000psi, but I don't know what it should do. Question 3 - If we put one or both of the cultivator valves back on, would that allow a path to the relief valve when the tel-a-depth valve was dead headed? Question 4 - one option we are considering is replacing the tel-a-depth valve with a hydra-touch valve and running hoses from the valve to the rear lift cylinder. The rear lift would be controlled by one of the hydra-touch handles on the right side of the dash rather than the lever on the right side of the seat. These valves return to center when you release the lever, so you would hold the lever until you get the lift where you want it and then let is return to neutral. Are there any problems with this thought that we are missing? A few pictures to illustrate our set up - Tel-a-depth valve currently controlling our rear lift. Not that the hydra-touch valve has been removed on both sides. Missing follow-up or feedback linkage - I assume that the feedback linkage that connects the lift cylinder to this piece under the seat would move the lift lever back to a neutral position when the lift moves to the selected position? This is where we put a gauge temporarily to see what the pump was actually doing. We had 1200 psi when the lift was all the way down. We have a thread for this project in the projects forum, if you have time to kill head over there and see how far this tractor has come since 2017. My son (15) has done a lot of the work and almost all of the painting. I complain about the money we've spent, but he has learned a lot, and has invested a good chunk of his money as well. I'm proud of how hard he has worked and his attention to detail on this tractor.
  5. The follow up linkage is missing. I need to find the piece from the cylinder to the swing arm on the rockshaft, and from that swing arm to the linkage at the seat. If you have a 240 with thos parts in place could you post pics and measurements?
  6. My Allis is the WD with a gleaner E engine and loaded rear tires. The CA belongs to Brody's buddy TJ and is probably a tad lighter than the 240.
  7. Allis has the 240 by about 1,000 pounds, don't think we need to try a tug o'war! 🤣
  8. Burch Store in Burlington NC specializes in the 140 type tractors, and they are proud of their parts. Bates corp is another good source for used and reproduction parts.
  9. ☹️I had an original Fire Chief Gasoline sign from the pump on my grandfather's farm. Dad sold it to some pickers who wandered through without checking with me.
  10. Brody is being negligent, not keeping ya'll up to date! We will probably add at least two more weights, when HE can afford them.
  11. I like the locking rod, we will have to consider that in addition to the bolted strap idea we had. Thanks!
  12. Agreed Matt, I filled it FULL when putting it together, it has pushed out a small amount and seems stable now. Yesterday at its hottest I saw two or three drops come out the overflow, not a gusher.
  13. Brody and I took turns mowing, ran the 240 for a couple of hours. Decided we could put the hood back on. She is back living under the shed, instead of scattered across the shop. He added more pics to our thread in the Projects forum.
  14. Parts arrived today, we think we know how they go. Primer before supper, paint after supper, put them on and see it it helps tomorrow.
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