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  1. Hello , Here is the French brochure that I scanned. Difficult to scan because of its dimensions 12.9921inches X 9.251969 inches. It is 4 pages long. If that's a problem I can put it in the Vintage Ads subject I have in my computer an Australian brochure of these tractors that I have scanned. If you are interested, I can put it online in this topic.
  2. I must have in my computer a French brochure ( probably the only one I know) of these tractors of the 5X88 series Can I put it on this topic ?
  3. Very nice photo . Do you have more pictures of these beautiful tractors?
  4. French tractor brochure 756 and 856
  5. I have in my archives the French brochure of the 856 tractor. I will post it on the forum this week. Here is a photo of the cover
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