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  1. Very beautiful photo . I like to look at pictures of the old IH concession and see what has become of them; and if they have kept the CASE IH ensign
  2. Sticker from my CASE IH dealer on an Axial Fllow 6150 combine harvester
  3. Last sticker from my CASE IH den France dealer on my crusher
  4. Haymaking machines manufactured by Pottinger were marketed in France by International Harvester. For years the Pottinger brand was marketed in France only by CASE IH. On the other hand I do not know if Pottinger machines were marketed by IH or CASE IH in other countries of Europe. Example of French brochures Pottinger mower manufactured under the International Harvester brand 1981 Self-loading trailer brochure International Harvester The same 1982 brochure with the Pottinger brand appearing but the machine still has the IH logo on the front of the machine My CASE IH dealer has always been selling these Pottinger machines. The customers are happy. I use these machines which are robust (tedder and rake).
  5. While waiting to send you pictures of my collection, I am looking for this model A in 1/16 scale. Photo found on the internet ; Model that I have never seen on sale. Do you know ?
  6. The fifth showcase composed of CASE IH tractors in the 1/32 scale. The tractors in the first photo correspond to the first CASE IH tractors and those of the others are the most recent including the Magnum 400 AFS Connect I love america 😍😍 Next step is the sixth showcase dedicated to IH and CASE Construction public works equipment
  7. Tractors for the European market in 1/32 scale Fourth showcase Next step, the fifth showcase with CASE IH tractors in 1/32 scale
  8. Third showcase Next step the fourth showcase
  9. Now the second showcase Soon the third showcase
  10. I start with one of my nine showcases which contains the oldest models Big concerns with a 1086 Precision or the cab splits ( uprights and cab roof ) . Already seen this problem on the same models for sale on Ebay. I will show you pictures when I get to the IH 1/16 scale tractors from the 80s. The continuation tomorrow with another showcase
  11. I admire these collections 😍. And I thank you for this sharing. I have a collection of IH and CASE IH miniatures of more than 300 pieces with scales ranging from 1/80 ° to 1/16 ° stored in 9 glass cases. This goes from the first TITAN tractor to the latest Magnum AFS Connect, including one model of each Axial Flow combine harvester series as well as equipment for working the soil, sowing, but also harvesting fodder, presses, rakes ... In tractors, it starts with at least one model of each series, whether American or European. I will take pictures of my collection for you. Of course ; in my passion there is the collection of a thousand IH and CASE IH brochures from several continents.
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