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    Restoration of old tractors and agricultural machinery Mc CORMICK International.
    Collector documentation and miniature toys IH, CASE IH and Mc CORMICK.

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  1. I collect IH and CASE IH miniatures from the first Mogul tractor to the latest OPTUM AFS Connect without forgetting other machines such as harvesters, balers, seeders .... My collection also includes IH and CASE IH brochures ranging from TITAN to Magnum AFS Connect. I have been looking for the same brochure for several years. I saw the same brochure selling on Ebay for a very high price lately. I continue my research. I make sure to have all the different brochures of Axial Flow combines from most countries around the world; whether they are firsts in the 1400 series; up to the last of the 150 and 250 series. Difficult to find from South American countries or from the Asian market like the 4088 . These are revolutionary machines.
  2. Press launch of Yoke110 in september 1987. The Yoke allowed a small tractor to pull a heavy load by automatically taking up the traction deficit. A great idea and the Yoke performed perfectly, but never made it to production due to company politics.( someone got greedy- the team was split and the project wrecked!)
  3. I will try to put you online a French brochure of these Axial Flow combine harvesters
  4. I have a large collection of 1/16° scale IH miniatures. I find many models mentioned in these brochures
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