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  1. chevy43

    RD 501 increasing compression

    I am thinking about converting an RD501 to LPG and need to raise the compression a lot. Anybody know how much I can take off the head? I'd rather not buy new pistons because they are very expensive.
  2. chevy43

    RD and Red Diamond engine parts interchange RD501

    The "RD" series is a little different..... RD's have different displacements for one thing. Like Red Diamonds came in 401 but RD's cam in 406. I'm not sure what else if different.
  3. I have a RD501 long block. Will the water pump off one of my Red Diamond's work on it? Distributor? How about the oil filters and mount? Is there an easy way to run a remote filter? Thanks, T.
  4. I have one I think - if you are still looking.
  5. chevy43

    International td-20

    Pretty sure they all used the same carb. Not much to go wrong in the carb. The float needle might be the same for all of them and that is something you might change. You can make a new gasket.
  6. chevy43

    TD18 injection pump issues

    My TD18 - 182 has the same fitting on the pump attached to nothing. My later TD18 that may have a TD20 engine in it has pressure feed oil to the pump.
  7. Here is my heaviest haul in my life so far. Probably weighed in about 60K.
  8. IH cylinder head - $50 (Phoenix, AZ) on CL in AZ. Not mine. know nothing about it.
  9. I just bought this TD-18 today at an auction. I couldn't read the sub model but I'm pretty sure it's a 182 series. I'm guessing the turbo must have been added from a TD20 or aftermarket kit? It has the dual range trans and everything else looks the same as my other 182 series. It runs fine. The left steering clutch is very stiff and both brake bands are so far out of adjustment that they don't work. There is no hydraulic assist right now ( probably out of fluid). I hope the left clutch isn't stuck badly. It has aftermarket replacement tracks and sprockets and rollers look very good. That little farm blade is kind of whimpy. I'll have to see if I can do better. I know where a BE blade is but it would be nice to find a real hard nose blade for it. These are the only pictures I have at the moment. There was only one other bid so I got a deal...
  10. chevy43

    TD20 200 Series find

    I broke my right side brake band. I pulled it out and welded the broken part back together and riveted a new set of pads on it. It was a dirty job getting it in and out but very doable. I just drove it up on blocks and pulled the lower cover and you can see it all from there laying on your back. PE smith has new pads if you need them.
  11. chevy43

    TD-24 in AZ

    Here is a TD-24, I know nothing about it:
  12. chevy43

    TD 18A to TD 182

    Track frames are different, suspension is different, radiator and sheet metal are different, engine accessories are different, tracks are longer. I'm not sure what stuff is the same as far as transmission and final drives. I have a 181 and a 182 and they are pretty different from each other.