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  1. What you now have will work fine. To use with single hose, connect the “lowering” hose to that male Pioneer connector. This should stop the deadheading.
  2. Remove belly pump/reservoir. Remove pump and that’ll give you room for 2 more quarts. With live hydraulics you only use the belly for a reservoir. Use the bottom drain as suction. Return/bypass on mine is right front. Plug the other belly outlets.
  3. I’ve got a few 8 day clocks. There’s a guy that’s local that cleans, repairs, makes bushings etc. My clocks run perfect after he goes thru them. He says that dust and the incorrect oil is the biggest culprit. When he cleans em he takes the mechanism out of the cabinet and disassembles, replaces worn bushings, oils, then reassembled. I’ve seen him hit em with a blast of canned air but nothing else. Also soaked things in alcohol. My oldest clock was my great grandparents wedding gift. Married in 1888. Clock runs and keeps perfect time but it’s been worked on. I suggest finding a local clock person if ya can.
  4. Try this instead of the spring. Adjust the governor linkage per manual. Alleviating the spring gave me full range of throttle. Each notch now changes RPM. Isn’t factory but works nicely.
  5. Thanks for the unsolicited wisdom! Some of us old farts take our time learning life experiences that others seem to be born with!
  6. "Also, is this Steiner gauge reliable" I've bought 2 of these from Steiner. Neither lasted. I need a new gauge now and I'll not be replacing with a Steiner.
  7. Had a 7060 and 7080 both late model black bellies. 2 buttons in floor.
  8. Grain Sorghum aka Milo isn’t used to make Molasses. The Molasses sorghum from my childhood days was tall. Cut then hauled to press. It was pressed, bugs, worms and all , then the juice was cooked down. Grasshopper gave it a special flavor ?
  9. Welcome! Glad ya found us.
  10. Does it have a loader as well? Can you put it into a FEDEX envelope? ?
  11. Crown Vic. Roomy back seat with plenty of legroom!!
  12. That’s our X Gov. Unfortunately the teachers axed him over their retirement funds. The moron they voted in has followed his dads footsteps and bent the teachers over even more. Hey, ya get what ya vote for right!! Our current gov is a covid nazi/control freak. Everyone I know is sick of the current regime!
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