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  1. Nice!!!! I sold an Admiral last summer that has been collecting dust for several years. Mine had 8 track too. Your cabinet looks way nicer than mine.
  2. I’d put 6 ounces of Sea Foam in the gas and work the snot out of it for a couple hours.
  3. Yup Also, they don’t stand still like a deer when they spot ya. They explode going in every direction and fast while darting. Don’t try for a perfect shot just go for body. I’d rather hunt on the move than wait in a blind. Blind hunting will give you a better shot but walking the brush will get your adrenaline going.
  4. Been Texas hog hunting several times. First time I used Winchester 30/30 open sights. No issues. I’ve also taken them with 45APC 1911 which was fun. Last few times Ive used AR 556 both open and with scope. Mainly brush hunted them so open sights get on target faster imo. Those suckers get up like a covey of quail. Longest shot has been 75 yards. Their hogs. They don’t have armor. Take whatever you’re most comfortable with and have fun. I’ve never had one run to far after it was hit regardless of what I was carrying. Once I took one with SR9 Ruger using Winchester White Box target. Main thing
  5. I really like that loader. Wish I had one like it! Very nice tractors!!
  6. I bought this temp gauge from Steiner this spring and it worked long enough for the warranty to expire. This is the second time i’ve done this with those cheap gauges. Next time i’ll spring for better gauge until then if there’s no steam coming out the temp must be ok!!😂
  7. That was cool, Thanks. A bit cheesy but cool 🤣
  8. Nice looking plow! Congrats on your find.
  9. For example: We buy cheese in bulk. 5 pounds of American or Provolone, PepperJack etc. I separate into 1/2-3/4 lb stacks and use the vacuum sealer on it.
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