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  1. Yup they grow up fast!! Seems like just a couple years ago you were a teenager posting pics of 400’s and SM’s pulling trailer plows. That was a lifetime ago!!! Enjoy em while you can Tyler, empty nest is only cool for a couple days....
  2. We had 2 G 1000 Vistas. Very nice operators station. Got the first one, a 69 model in 75. Brakes and Amplitorque had already stopped working. Rear main engine oil seal, brakes, torque, steering tilt, starter, 3 point hitch, and several other things were problematic. Pull start every morning and run all day adding a gallon of oil at lunch. Never failed to put a crop out. The second one didn’t have many issues. It’s still running in the neighborhood. Dad wasn’t much on maintenance on it however he did keep our IH 660 on top condition. Memories.....
  3. Are they a filter or a chemical disbursement canister? I always referred to them as a coolant treatment filter but I don’t they they actually filter.
  4. Before and after pics of the property restoration. Begin the work in July. Instead of hiring it done, I purchased equipment and did almost everything myself. Getting a field of briars and hundreds of saplings cleaned up enough to plant grass was a long process. Picked up sticks, roots, and chunks several times. Each time I disced more junk surfaced. Limed,Fertized, and Seeded and the results are pretty decent. Sowed Fescue, Orchard Grass, Red Clover, and Ryegrass. It should make hay next year.
  5. I'm sure most folks are understanding of the situation. 2020 has been a weird year for sure. Have a cardboard cutout on hand Don't feel bad.
  6. Wow. Most things went for plenty!
  7. Sorry I didn’t get pics while plowing the reclaimed property but I did get a few pics of plowing garden. Plowed 5 acres last week and had cleaned it up and sprayed cheap paint on the bottoms. I hauled 2 tri-axle loads of dirt to raise garden a couple years ago and 1 load had rocks. I’ve been carrying a bucket on the Troy Bilt Horse for rocks. Hopefully the rocks are buried for a while. Plowed, disced, planted cover wheat, incorporated. Fun stuff with old equipment!
  8. Farmall Nut


    Rolling in the floor!!!!! Went on fishing trip years ago. My dad kept feeding our irish setter baloney. Got to raining during the night. Dad felt sorry for the old dog and unbeknownst to us, let the dog inside the camper. Holy Crap that dog made everyone gag!!! Funny now but it was bad then!!!
  9. We used home built scratch harrow instead of shovels the first time thru for corn or beans. Piece of rod or pipe for a shank welded to a 2' length of angle with old spike teeth welded to the angle iron. On a 2 row C you need 4 of em. Wasn't pretty but really effective plus you didn't have to drive at a crawl. This was also the norm for the 1st couple times thru tobacco. I never used fenders on a front mount only rear mounted. The rolling fenders on a 6 row rear mount were the bomb for wiping out several feet of row when pulling thru morning glories. Of course, that wasn't my fault......
  10. Very humbling. Thanks for the pics.
  11. Lawdey!!!! I got way less than nothing...
  12. Everyone needs a Louie in their life. I've had several. Thanks for the memories MTO
  13. Wow those blades look......worn
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