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    I like to restore farm machinery, especially when it is red. I'm a retired mechanical engineer living on a small farm. Fresh out of college I worked for IH at the the research center in Hinsdale, Illinois.

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  1. My neighbor asked me why our Canadian friends frequently cut, windrow and then combine later with a pull behind combine. I told him I didn't know. Ken Ryan
  2. We had to cool those cans with ice water during the summer. Ice was harvested on a nearby lake. We brought the heavy ice cakes home in February and stored it in an ice house. You guys remember all that. Right? We used one cake of ice per week in the house ice chest cooler. Ken Ryan
  3. There is an old army base near Geneva NY with a high fence around several sq. miles. Many white deer inside . Maybe 90 or a 100. Ken Ryan
  4. I dislike all the double batteries. I converted to one Group 31 on my 1066, 1256, Case backhoe and several smaller tractors. Group 31 is the way to go. Ken
  5. Ken Ryan


    It happened in May. My insurance called it total loss. I still have the tractor. Ken
  6. Ken Ryan


    Here is my beautiful 1256 after Park lever failed. Ken
  7. Nice photos. The last of the real IH's. Ken
  8. I built a band sawmill last winter. 20 ft. bed. Max. 34 in. dia. log . Works well but it took a million hours to build. The roller guides for the blade are really tricky fussy. I wouldn't recommend building a sawmill unless you have a whole lot of time. Ken
  9. I drag a log behind my big IH disk. Good land leveler. Ken
  10. On most of my tractors I take the brake housing to a grinder to get more "pinch" on the new brake disks. Be care full and don't grind off too much. This makes up for all the lost clamping from wear. Ken
  11. Ken Ryan

    303 oil

    Case/IH has a lubrication expert going to the dealerships. See if you can locate a presentation. You won't believe how poor the 303's are. Ken
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