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  1. I agree with your comments... thanks everyone. I want to see the tractor pulled in gear with the steering clutch levers disengaged and engaged before I make a decision. Thanks much !!! IHCDan
  2. Thanks, ... I may NOT get it bought. I agree with what you guys are saying. $1,000 to $1,500 as it is not running and I have no idea if the head is really OK or anything else about it for sure. The owner told me that he wants $3,500 !!
  3. I would appreciate opinions on the following. I have come across a 1941 TD14 without blade that the owner claims ran fine 4 years ago when it was driven into the bqrn. Owner drained the coolant and it has not been started since. The U/C is very good and the engine does turn freely but hours are not known, ... owner says it is a low hour machine. He wants to sell the tractor as is NOT running. Tractor is rusty and dirty. I want to make an offer but with so many unknowns, ... and tractor not running, I have many concerns. What is a reasonable offer with tractor in this condition? It doesn't run and it has no blade so I am thinking $1,000 .... but I want to be fair. Comments please. Thanks!
  4. In addition to all the comments about the billionaire NFL players and owner actions, ..... I think we need to ask tough questions as to why tax payer $ should subsidize the NFL ?? Our vets need to be cared for and our bridges / infrastructure need improvement ....... WHILE our tax dollars are going to these characters!
  5. Thank you ... I will really appreciate that!
  6. Thanks for the info Jingles ! You are correct R190 .. it is an HD and I was able to get the correct kit ! Appreciate everyone's help! IHCDan
  7. If anyone has info on the crawler paint decisions I would appreciate your help. I know the 1931 IHC paint decision was to paint all T 20 production tractors red. That is clear, although earlier tractors were grey. What about TA 40's and the later TD 40's? I have not been able to find the paint decision yet for the TA 40. Were all TA 40 's painted red since production started in 1932 ?? Thanks for your help ! IHCDan
  8. Hello Guys, The water pump on my 1938 D 30 with the 232 Green Diamond is leaking and I need a kit or or a new / ReNewed pump. I have checked at CarQuest & NAPA as well as eBay and online search without any success! Do any of you gentlemen know of a source for a replacement pump or kit? Thanks for any ideas! Dan
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