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  1. I managed to find some time yesterday to help dad out getting the engine and transmission mated back up again.. As you can see dad has been busy. Not sure how much farther we will get now. He is leaving for Florida on the 9th of January. Hope is to at least get it running again and moving under its own power before he leaves. If we can get it that far we can see if there is anything we missed.
  2. This isn't our first rodeo with 86 series tractors. Dad was a mechanic at our local dealer in the late seventies and early eighties. He had a disagreement with the owners wife one day and that was the end of the employment there. So he came home and set up a repair shop. At one point we owned 3 1086s and a 986. The one 1086 came to us as a basket case basically the same shape this one is in. The 9 when we bought it was supposed to have the tranny out of it as well but the Park pawl was stuck so just pulled the floor boards and got the shifter cover off and replaced the park pawl. These will be painted up and made to look like new again then used when needed. Still trying to convince dad to find a nicer cab to work with but he is stubborn and wants to do the body work. The 14 someone has run the top right corner into something and pushed it back quite a bit. The 10 the whole top is basically rotten. I know Mike Links has the pieces to fix it but shipping to canada and the exchange makes things a little costlier. We'll see what happens the one wrecker here in ontario has a few 88 series from out in western canada. Still waiting to hear back on what they think a cab is worth to them.
  3. The 180 is our main mule. It's a 2001 came off a beef feedlot where it was running a tmr mixer. Hence it was ordered with 2wd. We are mostly sand around our area so fwa isn't always necessary. There are days it would definitely come in handy. But those days are usually a good indicator that you shouldn't be out there anyways. I'll try to grab some more pictures this weekend of it. I was up at the farm last night and got some pictures of the carnage in the 1486. And got a picture of the 10 which is going to wait til the 14 is back together.
  4. So decided we needed another tractor around to help out at certain times. Started looking around and discussing with Dad what we needed. Couple weeks ago we were headed down to check out some tractors at a big auction. I checked out a classified site the night before and saw a 1086 with 5100 hrs on it for a bit higher price than i figured it was worth, but figured we were going to be in the area anyways so lets check it out. Get to the guys place and have a look at it. Tires are junk and starter is out of it. So start talking and the seller drops the price quite a bit. Leave and head home still not sure the value is there. Get most of the way home and seller texts me saying its mine for what i thought it was worth and that if i transfer a deposit he will fix the starter and get it running. So i agree. Monday morning Dad is at coffee and the local dealer owner is there asking Dad if we had found something yet. Dad says yes but we need some tires for it. Owner says well did you see the 1486 online with the transmission out of it. So dad and the dealer owner go over to his office after coffee and check it out. Call the dealer that has it and makes a deal. Thinking make one out of two. So now we have a 1086 with 5100 hrs that needs a clutch and probably a T/A and a 1486 with 6200 hrs with the reverse gear cleaned off inside it. Basically looks like someone jammed it into park while moving. Both need paint and some lipstick. Dad already has the transmission in a thousand pieces and just waiting on the one gear to come in. Found the other one at at local scrap yard. Instead of finding a tractor for us we have 2 and now have a project for the next little bit. Sorry about only the one picture. I was in a hurry to try and get them unloaded and it was snowing to beat the band the night we brought them home. Of course the 14 wouldn't roll or drive itself so had to use the telehandler to yank it off in the slippery mess that was. I'll get more pictures shortly. But they should be a nice addition to the fleet which is the second picture.
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