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  1. farmerdukes

    2001 mx180 jumping out of gear

    Ran the tractor all weekend with the 8 diode rectifier in the alternator and it didn't act up once. So looks like we have found the issue and corrected it.
  2. farmerdukes

    2001 mx180 jumping out of gear

    So dad took the alternator back to the place he got it. The owner called the supplier and asked if the alternator was for a case ih. Turns out it was speced for something else. Apparently the case alternator has 8 diodes in it and this one has 14. So the owner replaced the diodes with the proper amount. So we’ll see how that works out.
  3. farmerdukes

    2001 mx180 jumping out of gear

    I had a conversation with dad last night and mentioned the alternator being used. He then said well i did replace the alternator last fall and since then the problem has been getting worse. He got the alternator from a place that deals in alternators but i have a feeling they are junk. He is still waiting for the dealership to show up.
  4. farmerdukes

    2001 mx180 jumping out of gear

    I honestly didn't see anything pop up on the icu. Just the Neutral and Forward boxes start flashing. It does have radar on it. Mph didn't seem off.
  5. farmerdukes

    2001 mx180 jumping out of gear

    Have an mx180 it jumps out of gear. Yesterday it did it if you got aggressive with the throttle. Seems to be when you get up into the road gears. You’ll just nicely get going in 18th it jumps into neutral. It does do it in lower gears as well if you pin the throttle after shifting gears. You shut the tractor off and start the whole process over again. It’s getting annoying having to shut it down on a regular basis. Anybody have any ideas. Local dealer was asked 2 weeks ago to come look at it and haven’t seen them.