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  1. These days they bring about $ 20.000 each the firt lanz is a 60hp elc start 1956 and the other one looks like a P lanz 50hp 1950
  2. A blue hot bowl Lanz S Bulldog And the green JD lanz Q Bulldog glow elc start last lanz built THe turck is a International C1840D 160 Cummins 5sp and 2 sp Diff built 1969
  3. Is that the original colors for the tractors, or did you just paint them that way? Yes thats the original colours the green one is a 1cyl John Deere Lanz 2 stroke diesel when John Deere took over the Lanz factory the red one is a KL Bulldog and the rest are blue
  4. The feild Marshall the one that started with a cartige were built in England the Lanz Bulldogs that start with a blow lamp then mid 50s were elec glow srat were built in Germany and the Kelly & Lewis were built in Australia in 1949 blow lamp start
  5. And here is the view from the other side. This shot is from the 1963 Buyers Guide and shows some of the internal working parts. A neighbour had one of these (or was it a 560?) with a home built plywood cab complete with windows and we thought it was pretty impressive at the time. A554, thats interesting to see Bobby Hull appeared in the Versatile book. This would have been later than the Ford ads I posted I think. Thanks mate i have been looking for a good picture of the backend JOHN
  6. Thanks A554 JohnJohn here are the details I have for the 60DA. This tractor is fitted with a GM 3 cylinder two stroke diesel. It is a Series 71 engine of 71 cubic inches. It would be interesting to see photos of your tractors.
  7. Hi A554 I have a 40KA and two 60DAs have you got any info on the 60DAs they were built before the 55DA with makes them the first diesel Chamberlian built John
  8. Thanks for posting A554 There a one of tractor design the two cylinder Chamberlian
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