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  1. Thank you, I'll try to track down a copy
  2. That's really cool since my place used to be a potato farm. I actually have a little walk behind potato digger with an old Briggs and Stratton motor that had the rope you'd wrap around it to pull start that came with the place. Have thought about trying to make it work for the novelty. I've seen a kind of digger before that had a chute and basket for the potatoes to fall into but it was much newer.
  3. Basically a tedder? That makes sense with the direction the forks move relative to direction of travel. Thanks for all the information, I'm definitely not familiar with this older equipment. Is there any way to date the older horsedrawn mower?
  4. Yeah, this one must've held on for a good while judging by the age gaps in some of the equipment. It's all overgrown with good sized trees now. The disc doesn't look very old either. I think it was the 60s that the military changed their policy and the farms started going under.
  5. There used to be a lot more than there is now, in addition to supplying the communities they supplied the military bases. When the military decided that their transportation was free when doing bids for supplies they stopped buying local and put most of the farms out of business when they couldn't compete with the costs of foodstuffs from the lower 48. Most of those farms are long overgrown now and you can't even tell the land was ever developed. There are still some hanging around, I grow hay and there are some rare wheat fields. Barley grows well too. My place was originally a potato farm that was one of those put out of business with the military purchasing change. Peonies were a big money crop for a little while but so many producers are in the market now I'm hearing it's tempering down.
  6. I was talking to someone about a K or KB fire truck that could end up at my fire department and when looking around his property he mentioned he had some old farm equipment too. I thought two of the sickle bar mowers were particularly interesting. Of the three I saw, one is a tractor mount, and two are horse drawn units that I think are actually sitting where they were in a barn that is long gone (there is a concrete foundation). One of them has McCormick Deering No 97 cast into the gear box and is modified to be towed and one just says McCormick and is mostly intact with steel wheels. There are also three horse drawn threshing machines which I haven't identified and other associated pieces. I'm supposed to meet up with him again to talk about any pieces I'm interested in. The newer disc that is in pieces I'll probably go after, and I'm guessing that the horse drawn mowers and threshers probably should be saved if possible. Appreciate any input based on the little information I have. I'd really like to figure out how old that McCormick mower or at least an approximate.
  7. And I see that while I've been gone someone's managed to run Sam's Club out of Alaska. Seriously though, what is the thought process to a no notice shutdown like that with employees finding out when there are guards at the building in the morning?
  8. Looks like a blast! I haven't had a chance to do anything this winter at all. Been a really busy few months!
  9. I flew into Umiat a couple times. First time was a flag stop each way on a scheduled passenger flight FAI-BRW. Was creepy as ****, place was completely abandoned but all these buildings including a Wein Air Alaska building were standing there with occasional broken windows and partially open doors. And a gravel runway with full runway lights including a rabbit. None of it actually working of course. We dropped this scientist off by himself with a couple cases of gear like the start to a bad horror movie and told him we'd stop back by on the way back and to be sure to be there. He said he didn't want to spend the night and he'd be there but to give as long as we could if he wasn't standing there when we landed. The next trip I made through there they were doing some oil exploration based out of there and there was some decent activity, although it wasn't like the place was back to its former glory or anything.
  10. As sturdy as your boom setup looks, I think that'll be your lifting limitation
  11. I saw that tractor going down the road, he had a normal moose buggy on the trailer IIRC. I wondered if that's what he was doing with it, while it's an interesting setup, I'm not really convinced that's really the most practical moose buggy. You've been quite busy with that new truck I see. You have a counterweight in mind?
  12. I'd love to have something like that, but I can tell you that you can spend a LOT of money on that kind of equipment. Friend of mine had a Nodwell and spent $30,000 getting it fixed up right. A lot of the real high dollar stuff is track related, especially because people will skip maintaining them because of parts expense so a weak part will take out another one that should have been fine. There's a guy around Anchorage that buys up scrap SUSVs from the army and uses them for parts. He gets $20,000 for a bare engine block for them, although they are a bit more modern machine that was also sold to civilians.
  13. Good deal! I'll be waiting for when you start really driving it around.
  14. So is it in your driveway or not? If I didn't have so many projects I can tell you it'd be in mine! I need to get the carb rebuilt in the wagonmaster so I can start driving that.
  15. Yeah. There are a lot of different brands. The Salcha Store has some now if you haven't seen them in action before. I think they're running two heads per outside unit, but I've seen ones that run 3-4 inside heads.
  16. Baradium

    Making Loose Hay

    There's one of those Hesston haystackers that has been up for sale in the Matsu valley (Anchorage area) on craigslist periodically. So there at least was someone doing loose hay down that way.
  17. Look into split units. They come in various sizes, but the big advantage is not losing all the insulation like you do with a window unit. One outside unit can run multiple inside heads too depending on the unit.
  18. My house is a lot smaller and cools better than yours. Might be better shading too. If it gets down to 60 overnight I can have my house at that temperature by morning. If I close the windows before I leave it'll still be in the low 70s when I get home. The bad times are when it's smoky and you don't want to open the windows overnight.
  19. We are also a lot dryer, and the humidity when it's cold makes a massive difference. Although -40 and colder is just cold.
  20. I'm going to have to disagree with you on that. It doesn't get dark but it does cool down. It might only cool down to 60 degrees or so normally, but you go to Georgia and it's miserable all night long too (and muggy). I'll give you that during the real heat waves it doesn't cool down as much as we like, but it's still better at night than the southeastern US. That said, I've contemplated the idea of getting a split unit A/C system in my house.
  21. Thanks. I think I'd have gotten away with it if I'd cut Monday, but oh well. Forecasts here are so iffy anyway.
  22. It's back to 60% chance of rain for Friday morning. I used to need 4 days to cut/rake/bale. now I have a mower that can cut damp/wet grass and a baler that has a treatment system, but I still basically need 3 days. Or at least 2.5. If it was Friday afternoon showers I could probably pull it off, but not morning.
  23. There was one of those at the auction last month, actually more complete than that, although not in whole lot better overall condition! Can't really tell from those pictures, but there is at least supposed to be a knotter setup on the left hand side looking from the front in the second picture. That one still had them, looked almost identical to the ones on our square balers. Amazing how little the technology has changed. Speaking of hay, sounds like the weather is good for your flowers. It hasn't been what we're looking for. I need 3 days of dry to get hay out correctly. At this point I think the weather forecasters are just messing with me. It's went from 20% of rain, to 40% to 20 and back probably 5-6 times that I've seen just today for the forecast for Friday. Originally today was supposed to be a dry day too, but that very much didn't happen! I had been thinking of cutting some tonight but with the forecast going back and forth so much I think I'm going to let this one pass and just try to get some other work done.
  24. Right? Also, if you know anyone who has a wheel rake (for hay) they're wanting to get rid of, I'm more in the market now than I was before... especially for a V rake, but considering my 5 wheel rake is now a 4 wheel rake I'm a bit more eager.
  25. Did you ever see this truck? http://alaskaslist.com/1/posts/10_Transportation/112_Classics_Racing/487236_International_Scout.html I think it'd look good in your yard.
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