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  1. Yeah, ours is a synchro range with a loader. It's annoying pretty regularly (I forgot to put that in my list). I do have the JD hydraulic filter cover with a port to send return oil to from a loader, but that means I need to get a valve setup and plumb the loader in that way instead of the original connections.
  2. That's really similar to what we want to do, a folding setup with probably tighter spaced nozzles. I need to figure out what nozzles to use and spacing though. Where did you get nozzles at?
  3. Bushings, seals and pin are new. It's actually not leaking now. I just think it was a really poor choice to set it up that way. It doesn't help that the dealers up here aren't good at all.
  4. I have both a 4020 and a 756 (also a 5075E JD but that's not really in the same class). The 4020 has a cab and a loader, I wish they were on the 756. My biggest beef with the 4020 is that it needs a lower first gear for using the loader, especially with forks. Actually I take that back. My biggest beef is the pin that holds the rear of the draw bar wishbone GOES THROUGH THE HYDRAULIC FLUID. Can't make the pin mount below the fluid level, or even just use two smaller pins. Have to have a 3' pin on something that gets jostled around so that you can pull everything apart to keep trying to fix the same hydraulic leak. Don't even get me started on the parts books. The pin and the seals to go with it aren't even in the same section of the book, and good luck figuring out where they both are.
  5. Might be one of those articulated boom mowers that mounts midship on a tractor and is run off hydraulics such as used for right of way maintenance. Wish there was another angle on it.
  6. Has anyone put a boom on a boomless sprayer? I have a 250 gallon sprayer with a boomjet 5880 boomless nozzle setup on it. I'm just not a big fan of the boomless setup and with any wind the spray pattern just isn't reliable at all. It looks like the sprayer has brackets if it was ordered with a boom, but I don't even know what make or model it is. I'm probably just failing at searching, but I haven't really had any luck coming across just generic boom arms. I don't mind losing width to get a more reliable spray.
  7. And I see that while I've been gone someone's managed to run Sam's Club out of Alaska. Seriously though, what is the thought process to a no notice shutdown like that with employees finding out when there are guards at the building in the morning?
  8. Looks like a blast! I haven't had a chance to do anything this winter at all. Been a really busy few months!
  9. I flew into Umiat a couple times. First time was a flag stop each way on a scheduled passenger flight FAI-BRW. Was creepy as ****, place was completely abandoned but all these buildings including a Wein Air Alaska building were standing there with occasional broken windows and partially open doors. And a gravel runway with full runway lights including a rabbit. None of it actually working of course. We dropped this scientist off by himself with a couple cases of gear like the start to a bad horror movie and told him we'd stop back by on the way back and to be sure to be there. He said he didn't want to spend the night and he'd be there but to give as long as we could if he wasn't standing there when we landed. The next trip I made through there they were doing some oil exploration based out of there and there was some decent activity, although it wasn't like the place was back to its former glory or anything.
  10. As sturdy as your boom setup looks, I think that'll be your lifting limitation
  11. I saw that tractor going down the road, he had a normal moose buggy on the trailer IIRC. I wondered if that's what he was doing with it, while it's an interesting setup, I'm not really convinced that's really the most practical moose buggy. You've been quite busy with that new truck I see. You have a counterweight in mind?
  12. I'd love to have something like that, but I can tell you that you can spend a LOT of money on that kind of equipment. Friend of mine had a Nodwell and spent $30,000 getting it fixed up right. A lot of the real high dollar stuff is track related, especially because people will skip maintaining them because of parts expense so a weak part will take out another one that should have been fine. There's a guy around Anchorage that buys up scrap SUSVs from the army and uses them for parts. He gets $20,000 for a bare engine block for them, although they are a bit more modern machine that was also sold to civilians.
  13. Good deal! I'll be waiting for when you start really driving it around.
  14. So is it in your driveway or not? If I didn't have so many projects I can tell you it'd be in mine! I need to get the carb rebuilt in the wagonmaster so I can start driving that.
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