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  1. I loved your post on guns , ar-15 enough said . That would be my choice too.

  2. Got some new additions, 7288 & 7488, 5488 and 1566. Please keep them coming. Thanks for the help! Erik
  3. I finally got a PM to go through to Sallie to make this tread a sticky. Once that is done, I will make a list on my first post of who is doing what, and how to contact them. That way all the information from this whole thread will be summed up in the first post. I will state that NO serial numbers are to be listed in this thread. Locking it may not be a bad idea to keep it uncluttered. If stuff has to be added later, the moderator will have to do it. I am open to suggestions on how to make this easier for all. There are still a couple of numbers missing. I know someone is keeping track
  4. Thanks to those who have posted so far. We still seem to be missing the 1456s and 1026s and I am sure several others. I have been trying to send a message to Sallie so this can be made into a sticky, but her PM inbox is full... Erik
  5. This is a list of the individuals on this board who are keeping track of serial numbers. First off, PLEASE don't list any serial numbers in this tread! If you have a Serial Number for someone, contact them using the information listed, so this one can stay organized. If you have a serial number for someone, have the following information; 1. Model number of tractor/crawler 2. Farmall or International (row crop or wheatland) 3. Serial Number 4. Basic info (ie, gas or diesel, gear or hydro drive ect) 5. Special or rare options (ie, factory front wheel assist, demonstrator, High-Crop ec
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