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  1. LB, you are correct, that is an early Allis Chalmers two row picker. They were mounted on a WD-45. The tractor runs backward and the front wheel is taken out and put about right under the steering wheel. Not sure how they got the tractor to run backwards unless they flipped the ring gear as the Internationals did. These pickers were built with the Rust Brothers patent. The picker units are all together different than the IH units. The early ones, like this one, used an about 3/16 diameter smooth spindle to actually pick the cotton,later they used a broach cut spindle, like IH. the spindles only rotated while they were in the cotton row. Other than that it works similar to the IH pickers. The one that you show there used an elevator type conveyance to move the cotton up to the basket. The later ones used blower air. Rust was eventually sold to Ben Pearson. There were a few sold around here. My Dad's first cotton picker was a one row RUST mounted on a 8N Ford. We used it several years but the 8N wasn't quite beefy enough. Here is a copy of that one row Rust cotton picker like my father had. Had pneumatic cotton movement.
  2. On that IHC barn at Hinesdale, that photo is of a company picnic. Note in the bottom left hand corner, there is an early Farmall. Later on that barn got burned. Today it's a parking lot or something. Here is the front side of the barn. It looks like the Hay Mow door is a sliding down door. http://images.wisconsinhistory.org/700003050036/0305000834-l.jpg This photo from the backside of the barn. I borrowed it from another thread -- hope that is OK. http://img402.imageshack.us/img402/4844/51barnburnnohopenow1737.jpg (just type in : ihc demonstration farm hinsdale ill.)
  3. Anson, I do like this Buick. I'm assuming it's still on the King Ranch. It was made for them as a hunting car i think in 1950.
  4. "starterrator"??? You will have to fill me in on that terminology Fred. ***** Louise Hotel doesn't ring a bell------ was nothing but a kid at the time. Doing good to remember what I do. Gotta remember that back in those days------everything was hotels. Those new fangled "tourist courts" (aka: motels) were just around the corner yet!!!!. --------------------------------------- Anson, I made a mistake on that hotel. It was the Princess Louise, it was downtown on the water. Uptown, it was the Driscoll Hotel. Corpus was distinct in that it did have an actual uptown and downtown as there was a high bluff separating the two. That starterrator (my spelling) was a starter pedal underneath the accelerator pedal, so when you pushed on the accelerator all the way it started the engine. My dad also bought a 3/4 ton GMC pickup in 1950. That thing was a brute. And it had the cast iron starter button to the right of the accelerator pedal. Later when we boys started driving, buy that time the pickup wasn't always running great. You would put your foot 1/2 way on the starter button and 1/2 way on the accelerator pedal to get it started. I do remember reading on the door jam -- it had 88 hp and I'm pretty sure it was a Buick 6 engine. Later we boys tried to kill it so Dad would have to get a new one, because all the neighbors had new ones. On occasion we would drive that thing 80mph. In 1964 Dad finally traded it on a new chevy. but anyway I thought that starterrator would have been just the ticket. I know there was a buick dealer, I just can't remember it.
  5. Anson the Louise Hotel in downtown CC is the only one I can rember. can't remember the Buick place, my dad was a chrysler auto guy, til we boys talked him into GM, he bought a new 57 olds. no offense , but we thought the buicks of the early 50s were ugly, but i did think their starterrater was a good idea.๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ™ƒ
  6. Anson, the Rice Hotel is in Houston. But over the years, apparently there were two. today I belive it's appartments.
  7. that john wayne fellow is quite the hombre, he looks a little like james arness.? thanks for all the phots๐Ÿ™‚
  8. Looks like the threads are worn off on the bottom ? side.?
  9. yes that plow with the cyl. on top is Case, and as said, it also has a feature where if you hit a rock, the plow will un hook from tractor and only 3pt part will stay on tractor, then you back up, and use the cyl. to line it up and stab it back into plow socket, to rehook. at least i'm pretty sure, that's how it works.?
  10. yes that plow with the cyl. on top is Case, as said, it also has a feature where if you hit a rock, the plow will un hook from tractor and only 3pt part will stay on tractor, then you back up, and use the cyl. to stab it back into the plow socket, to rehook. at least i'm pretty sure, that's how it works.?
  11. Well, so much for that idea, is nothing sacred anymore?
  12. Stop by, West (it's 20 mi North of Waco) and get some kolaches from Czech stop and little Czech Bakery, tell us which ones are the best, get the same flavor, so the comparison is the same. ๐Ÿ˜€ Also, 7 miles north of West, TX, is Abbott, TX, birth place of "Wild and Wooly Willie Nelson". But he's probably not there -- I would imagine hes (on the road again). ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ฌ
  13. Looks like someone kicked the outhouse over, maybe it was too small anyway๐Ÿ™ƒ What kind of axle is that under the boat?
  14. Look up (West, TEXAS) there on I 35, 20 mi north of Waco, they have a Czechfest every year, the bakery is side of I 35. they know the differnce between meat, & fruit.
  15. So, it's 4wd but front axle doesent pivot enough? to keep all wheels on the ground? can you tell us what you gave for it? Looks barely used! If you don't charge too much I'll mow your lawn!!
  16. Our milo goes directly to a commercial elevator where they have dryers. The moisture has been running 13% - 15.9%. 14% is the no dock mark. Ours is not green. Some just has high moisture. Somtimes, on the row ends there is a few high moisture heads. If one or two of those grains get in the sample, it can really spike the moisture. We don't have storage or drying on the farm. The elevator will charge you for drying the moisture down to 14% but it all goes in the same tank. So what they are doing is just blending the moisture out of it. They don't really dry it. They are just making extra money for themselves. Even the co-ops do it.
  17. Just from my material it appears the Titan's top spinnage was 575 rpms. The Waterloo Boy which competed at the same time was 750 rpm and it just went up from there. I think the highest speed horizontal 2 cylinder was just over 1,300 rpms for the 520/530. I know back in the day JD used to display some of their tractors running on coke bottles to show they could be smooth despite 2 cylinders. --------------------------------------------------------- I saw what looked like a John Deere B on 3 appeared to be unopened coke bottles. Had the tractor running, the liquid was not even wiggling. So much for my thought on even firing may be smoother. I know it's been on here before, but here's a photo of an early Hart Parr 2 cyl firing just like the John Deere and here's a guy pulling the Oliver up by its bootstraps with cables wrapped around and bolted to the back wheels with a hole thru the fender. They have another cable bolted to the back wheel that runs under the front wheels with double skid rings and of course the operator engages the clutch. Apparently they are using reverse as the wheels are rotating backward. Reverse is usually faster than first gear forward. Don't know why they didn't rig it up that way. Maybe it wouldn't work. It's a pretty good stunt also but it looked like his tractor wasn't running the best and they went much higher when HART-PARR did it for a demonstration, it seems like they were boasting it would work because their tractor was so light?? If you haven't seen it on youtube you can just type in hart parr tractor pulled up by its boot straps.
  18. I really don't know, I can see the 360 fire would have even fires, and a little longer between fire shocks, (still have 4 strokes) maybe this would run a liittle smoother, or just cancel each other out. switching fron jd normal fire could be smoother, closer between fires? = more HP?, ( I read that more HP somewhere ) as far as durability, all the antique tractors today just get run for fun, not full time.? The big Titans were slow rpm? there were some smaller engines that ran 2 cyls side by side.
  19. Oh! Look JD finally made a 4 cylinder, OK, they also made a 6 cyl., with their 730. International very early, about 1911, made a 2 cyl. but they fired evenly,with an even fireing. put, put, put,put, both pistons traveling together. whereas JD sounds put, put, coast, coast. i think i'm right? anyway i know there were guys cuting the JD crankshafts, and cam shafts, and rotating them 180 degrees, and welding them back together, with a counter weight in the middle of the crankshaft with 2 stacks, and an even fireing sound, claiming more HP. looking like those double D's, with double stacks, as shown in the top post above.
  20. I would weld a strap of 5/8 x 4" flat on bottom, between the wishbone sockets. My dad, with tongue in cheek, was a big proponent of taking the best feature of each tractor and incorporate all them into one tractor. Of course then you would have a fight as to best feature. check out most after market adjustable front axles, as to how they are built. I f the threads are bad, on the balljoints, grind the first 1 or 2 off.
  21. I beleive the current JD combines are centerlined? I'm thinking the #55 JD's first commerical machine the 55 was centerlined, they had it right, and didn't know it.?
  22. You see above how the old 800 Case axle is built, the pivot cross tube is welded on top of the axle tube. the IH has a hole through the center of the axle tube, with the pivot tube welded in it, I guess the IH engineers are asking themselves, I wonder why it always breakes at the pivot! Case will break also if you run them off in a hole!
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