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  1. wonder how you get reverse ? DO you steer into it? and if you want to trim your toe nails on your right foot, just turn your foot a little, and lower it, be carefull though.
  2. The other companies that have reversible back wheels to change row widths, off the top of my head are oliver, MM, Case, White and of course 1939 ford and ferguson, oh I almost forgot, IH cub,A,B, and all later numbers, avery, and too many others to mention.
  3. I like the disc type emergency brake, I remember the school busses of 1950s had them also.
  4. I never said anything about removing the planetaries. (Start with a 660). Switch out the differential/transmission cover to a 560 Farmall row crop, the complete steering apparatus, front axle and steering bolster, other associated parts that designate a 560 Farmall row crop tractor. All Farmalls are row crop. That means they have the clearance ability to cultivate corn, and adjustable for row width spacing, turning brakes, and twin front wheels to go between two rows of corn, or, single, dual, or wide adjus.. What I am proposing for an IH 660 Wheatland/Standard is these abilities from an I
  5. Yes i'm talking of taking a 560 farmall "row crop" with it's different steering, throttle, brake pedals, diff cover, seat, W/It's different gear stick, front axle and bolster, hyd valves, and install these on a 660 international "non row crop", along w/fast hitch to make the 660 a farmall "row crop", which ih did not make. but I believe It's just a bolt together installation, except for maybe adding a little length to the steering shaft, as the 660 is a little taller.
  6. on the fuel cap, are those 4 lead blow out vents?
  7. thanks iowaboy1965 I made a royal mistake, I meant as you say a 660, 80 hp farmall rowcrop., I also was thinking the donor 560 farmall could be converted to a 560 international, but it would still have the rowcrop back wheels, and would need a drawbar, as the fasthitch, with DB would be put on the 660.
  8. I'm thinking the 660 and 560 International have the same parts book. To start with, switch out trans-diff cover w/seat, lever for PTO and TA, clutch and brake pedals, hyd valves. May have to put spacer under or switch out supports on hyd valves? Switch out complete steering system including front axle bolster. May have to add on to length of one of the steering shafts, to compensate for slightly higher steering wheel. Will also need to use fast hitch for a draw bar. 660 should have 18x34 back tires, tread width is 60" but have provision for different tread width by reversing wheel center
  9. while you have it apart, can you inspect it to see if it can have 560 farmall parts swapped in to in affect make it a 80 hp farmall row crop. I'm thinking the only difference is the cast iron 3" ? filler at the bottom of the grill. The radiator appears to be 3" taller, there is a spacer under the fuel tank., may have to put spacers under the hydraulic valve assembly, I'm thinking all other parts are bolt on. Book says frame rails are same. could even put fast hitch. I'm thinking just pull a 560 Farmall "row crop" upside of the 660 and start swapping parts starting with transmission different
  10. you might try using jd bearings just try one, you might have to use one size smaller bolt. they are a true self aligning, I think ih bearings are good, but they can't move as much as they need to. might have to put washer behind bearing bolts. make sure bearing flange is fitting carrier. I believe the #630 disk bearing is the one you want.
  11. use them for sidewalks ?
  12. the actual hyd pump could be from a Allis WC as it used a truck type PTO.
  13. So that's how CASE's Eagle Hitch works!!!
  14. angle should change with changing front tread width. correct?
  15. I like to draw things out on the floor, to get angles, and how it will work. also use scraps of lumber, with a nail for a pivot point. it'll be seen on it's side. use tape measure for hyd cyl. also type in roll-a-cone. I know it's cheating, but there's no point in reinventing the wheel.
  16. if that's the front, I believe the spring tooth to be backwards.
  17. I believe it's a case, where last week the captain was sober!!! 😗
  18. better put a bailing wire safety on those doors in case youse gets agoing over say 35 downa😬 hill !!!!!
  19. My thinking on those hinges is if you weld a tab on one end of pin, and anchor it (bolt) only one end of wing will need fixing, or and weld sleeve between other 2 gand hole tabs. If they had done it at factory would probably never need attention except for pin.
  20. Thanks for the catalog info. Fred
  21. Seems like a while back someone was saying there was a better site like the old Case IH parts site. I can't make heads or tails out of this new site. Can anyone put the information up for an alternate Case IH site? Thanks, Fred
  22. snowshoe, jmech, Looks like our post got cut off. I checked on the loose steering on the 5488. There is very, very little play in the vertical spindle to steering arm, (both sides) Don't know how to fix that. I'm not going to weld it. Hydraulic cylinder appears to be tight. One ball joint has a little play in the ball joint taper. I got the plastic slide/cover up from the steering shaft. The little u joint on the shaft down in there appears to be good, no play. ( Had the engine running). Appears to be about 1/4 turn play in the steering wheel, assuming it's in the steering moto
  23. I farm in South Texas near Corpus Christi. There are so many people moving here I have a hard time getting my equipment down the roads because of all the mail boxes. If you come back, please do as you say, and don't stop, just keep going and go far, far away. Thank you. Fred B.
  24. Fred B

    340- utility

    Mabey the fast hitch points are used for a 3 pt. hitch? advertised w/3pt.?
  25. I'll check on 5488 tomorrow.
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