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  1. I had a collision with my 1510. They were parked nose to nose in a shed. I was driving the 1510 with no brakes. It didn’t stop when it hit the 6x6 block, it jumped it. The Loadstar took it hard. The 1510 was spared. It’s taken me about two years to face the problem. Now I want to pay some attention to the Loadstar. I was able to straighten the grill, but these others are kinked and I’m no body man.
  2. Hello All, Been inactive for a long time. Life gets in the way. Anyway, I’m working on my 1978 Loadstar 1600 and I need some body panels. I was wondering about a source. I need the rounded panel to the passenger side of the grill and the panel that crosses below the grill. Does anyone know of a source for these? Thanks.
  3. What goes on at a winter convention? Is it like a smaller Round Up? Tractors on display? Vendors? Parts corral? Got one coming up next week. Thinking about a road trip.
  4. I know the arrangement, it's the orientation of the seat that I am unsure of. I assume the poppet rest in the beveled side of the seat, as I have pictured in the second photo.
  5. Finally got the parts today. The old "seal" or "disc" was destroyed, as well as the "valve." I'm not 100% sure how the new "disc" goes in. I think the valve seats in the disc like the second picture I've included, but it could work the other way as well. Anyone know?
  6. Got it. It is pressed in, it was just stuck. It is definitely damaged. The poppet and seat are worn and misshaped. Now hopefully Messicks has the parts I need. I'm getting excited now. I bought this tractor last February and in classic Johnny Cash style, I'm getting it back in action "one piece at a time." Maybe by the one year mark, it will be ready for a road trip.
  7. As some of you may remember, I have been working on the hydraulic system on my 1964 606. I had "hard spots" in the steering, which would cause times in which the steering became difficult momentarily. I have now found what I believe to be the culprit. On the steering control (pilot) valve, there is a "pressure check valve" on the input port of the valve. When I removed the control valve, the "poppet" fell out and it looks clear that there is further damage inside the check valve. The Blue Ribbon service manual GSS-1337-C, says "inspect the pressure check valve poppet and it's seat for grooves or defects that may result in leakage. If the poppet and seat seem to be defective, replace them." What it does not say is how to remove the parts. There is a retainer ring that comes out easily. The next thing I see is a damaged rubber "seal." How do the innards come out? I don't want to do any more damage, so I'm hoping someone here knows. Thanks as always.
  8. That would be a once in a lifetime trip. Oh the memories you would make.
  9. I tried to post the link here, but was unsuccessful, and it's not a barge wagon, but you might find the story and pictures of an IH wagon I restored to be of interest to you. You'll have to go the the projects and restorations forum and search "#70 wagon." I am proud of it and I enjoyed looking at other wagons before I did mine.
  10. I'm enjoying you pictures, story, and progress. Keep it coming.
  11. Fab work looks great. Keep the rope lift link if you can. Looks like some good weaving. Love it.
  12. I don't know where I'd find something locally. I'd love to have your help. Would I send you the hose and you'd duplicate it? 

    1. 656hydro


      Yes that would work. You can send to: art's services 2389 n. Clay rd. Oshkosh,wi 54904. if you want to email a picture, artshoses@att.net. My shop number is 920-231-0124 weekdays 7:30-5:00 cst. Website: Artshoses.com. Thanks, art

  13. How about some details on the surgery? What was changed? What fit? Starter? Flywheel? All that kind of stuff?
  14. Wow. Thanks for the kind words. I just might try to take it. I'm hoping to have my 350 Hi Utility ready for that show. I'm gonna have to have at least a 40' trailer if I were to take a tractor and the wagon. I've got almost 2 years, so I'll see what I can do.
  15. Thanks you for the kind words. I had several people flag me down on the road and compliment it. It is nice. I'll eventually get the nerve to put it in a parade. I'm not exactly a social butterfly. It will certainly see a many hayrides in its future.
  16. I built removable benches for hay rides. I took my wife, daughter, and two nieces on a ride last weekend. My wife and daughter said the bumps are rough, but my young nieces enjoyed leaving the seats on the big bumps!!
  17. I planed and routed all of the red oak. Really gave it all a nice smooth finish. I then coated all of it with 3 coats of marine spar varnish.
  18. I built some removable steps for the rear. I built a receiver type set up. They are held in the center pipe with a pin.
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