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  1. I tried to post the link here, but was unsuccessful, and it's not a barge wagon, but you might find the story and pictures of an IH wagon I restored to be of interest to you. You'll have to go the the projects and restorations forum and search "#70 wagon." I am proud of it and I enjoyed looking at other wagons before I did mine.
  2. I don't know where I'd find something locally. I'd love to have your help. Would I send you the hose and you'd duplicate it? 

    1. 656hydro


      Yes that would work. You can send to: art's services 2389 n. Clay rd. Oshkosh,wi 54904. if you want to email a picture, artshoses@att.net. My shop number is 920-231-0124 weekdays 7:30-5:00 cst. Website: Artshoses.com. Thanks, art

  3. How about some details on the surgery? What was changed? What fit? Starter? Flywheel? All that kind of stuff?
  4. Wow. Thanks for the kind words. I just might try to take it. I'm hoping to have my 350 Hi Utility ready for that show. I'm gonna have to have at least a 40' trailer if I were to take a tractor and the wagon. I've got almost 2 years, so I'll see what I can do.
  5. Thanks you for the kind words. I had several people flag me down on the road and compliment it. It is nice. I'll eventually get the nerve to put it in a parade. I'm not exactly a social butterfly. It will certainly see a many hayrides in its future.
  6. I built removable benches for hay rides. I took my wife, daughter, and two nieces on a ride last weekend. My wife and daughter said the bumps are rough, but my young nieces enjoyed leaving the seats on the big bumps!!
  7. I planed and routed all of the red oak. Really gave it all a nice smooth finish. I then coated all of it with 3 coats of marine spar varnish.
  8. I built some removable steps for the rear. I built a receiver type set up. They are held in the center pipe with a pin.
  9. My work day is over and I have no computer at home, so I'll pick up here tomorrow. I gotta get with Farmallfan and see if he can rotate some of these pics.
  10. Now to the wood. The wood is red oak. The same cousin that gave me the gear provided the oak as well. He found 2 trees that would provide the 18' lengths I wanted. No easy task. He cut the trees and then he, his helper, and I milled them on his Woodmizer with a Caterpillar diesel. Seriously heavy wood. He quarter sawed it for strength and beauty.
  11. turning sideways again. I guess I'll see if Farmallfan can turn them over.....
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