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  1. Winter Convention 2018

    What goes on at a winter convention? Is it like a smaller Round Up? Tractors on display? Vendors? Parts corral? Got one coming up next week. Thinking about a road trip.
  2. 606 Steering control (pilot) valve repair

    I know the arrangement, it's the orientation of the seat that I am unsure of. I assume the poppet rest in the beveled side of the seat, as I have pictured in the second photo.
  3. 606 Steering control (pilot) valve repair

    Finally got the parts today. The old "seal" or "disc" was destroyed, as well as the "valve." I'm not 100% sure how the new "disc" goes in. I think the valve seats in the disc like the second picture I've included, but it could work the other way as well. Anyone know?
  4. 806D first start in 20 yrs

    That is my first assumption as well.
  5. 606 Steering control (pilot) valve repair

    Got it. It is pressed in, it was just stuck. It is definitely damaged. The poppet and seat are worn and misshaped. Now hopefully Messicks has the parts I need. I'm getting excited now. I bought this tractor last February and in classic Johnny Cash style, I'm getting it back in action "one piece at a time." Maybe by the one year mark, it will be ready for a road trip.
  6. As some of you may remember, I have been working on the hydraulic system on my 1964 606. I had "hard spots" in the steering, which would cause times in which the steering became difficult momentarily. I have now found what I believe to be the culprit. On the steering control (pilot) valve, there is a "pressure check valve" on the input port of the valve. When I removed the control valve, the "poppet" fell out and it looks clear that there is further damage inside the check valve. The Blue Ribbon service manual GSS-1337-C, says "inspect the pressure check valve poppet and it's seat for grooves or defects that may result in leakage. If the poppet and seat seem to be defective, replace them." What it does not say is how to remove the parts. There is a retainer ring that comes out easily. The next thing I see is a damaged rubber "seal." How do the innards come out? I don't want to do any more damage, so I'm hoping someone here knows. Thanks as always.
  7. 606 hydraulic pump mounting flange mystery

    I finally got the pump put back in and fired it up. At idle, everything seems fine. As I throttle up, the hose from the flange to the steering valve spool gets really noisy and if I grab it, I can feel big bubbles going through it. This hose runs from the "rear" pump to the valve spool. The "front" pump goes to the 3 point lift. That hose feels fine---no bubbles. It steers fine while sitting still, but I haven't taken it out yet. What now?
  8. 606 hydraulic pump mounting flange mystery

    Finally got the new parts. The new suction tube is shorter than the one that was in it. The seal is close to where the original was. Why is the tube shorter?
  9. 1586 Pictures

    That would be a once in a lifetime trip. Oh the memories you would make.
  10. 606 hydraulic pump mounting flange mystery

    Great. Thanks for the info. I'll order a new one tomorrow.
  11. 606 hydraulic pump mounting flange mystery

    I would like to order my parts tomorrow and am hoping for a bit more information. Does the suction tube come with the seal installed on it? Is that the "kit" that is available for $29? I am willing to spend the $29 for a new one if you guys think that seal may be the culprit. Mine looks good and seats well, but I don't want to go through this again if it turns out my seal isn't quite right. I really appreciate the input.
  12. '53 Stage 2 Super H hydraulic pump seal kit?

    I say it regularly, but I don't know what I'd do without you guys. I appreciate all of the input, the gloomy negativity and the optimism and experience. I've been on this forum for at least 10 years and I learn something valuable every day. Thank you again and again.
  13. '53 Stage 2 Super H hydraulic pump seal kit?

    I replaced the pump shaft seal. $4.75. Everything is good to go now. Have better pressure to the lift and no unwanted fluid in the crankcase. Back in business.
  14. 606 hydraulic pump mounting flange mystery

    I'm looking at the parts pages again. It appears that the intake tube and seal are sold as a kit for $29. 395335r92. Is this what was meant by "spendy now days?" Mine isn't looking so bad now. Maybe I'll just go through the bottom like I was told and make sure it is seated properly.
  15. 606 hydraulic pump mounting flange mystery

    As far as I could tell, I still had hydraulic pressure when the steering wheel would "freeze up." I was too busy grabbing the wheel with both hands to "free it up" to think about pulling on the lift lever. It may be the "sticky valve spool," but because of the pump area noise in conjunction with momentary stiff steering, and when I would throttle up, the noise would increase and the steering would become difficult, I decided to try the pump first. I need to get the pump reassembled and reinstalled with new seals and gaskets on the flanges before I can move on, so I guess I'll order the thicker gasket, the pump shaft seal, the suction tube seal, and a new belly cover gasket and put everything back together and see if these things were the problem. I was going to make gaskets for the flange and belly cover until I came across this choice of gaskets. I have to order the seals now, so I may as well order the gaskets too.