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  1. Thanks for the responses everyone, I will check it out and see what I can find.
  2. It will stop, but it acts like it wants to keep going. I plan to check it out and see what I can see on it. It's really not that bad with 6 gears. Low 3 gets used a lot. It had 18.4-38s on it from the factory, I put 18.4-42s on it and it will move. 19 mph on the road which keeps up with most everything else we have.
  3. Hey all, My 1586 has not been wanting to fully release the clutch to shift gears lately. I can push the clutch in and the brakes and it will stop, but once I take it out of gear, it just wants to sit and grind trying to go into gear. I've seen all sorts of things on adjusting ones with a t/a, but is there anything I can adjust on one without a T/a? Arey linkages worn out or am I needing a new throw out bearing or something? Clutch was replaced 3-4 years ago if I remember right. Any help is appreciated!
  4. Thanks! I am going to look into doing this and seeing if that corrects the problem.
  5. Usually just when it's off, but it chatters a little and sometimes slow to steer when the head is on.
  6. Hey All, I've had an issue with my 1460 combine causing my feederhouse to not want to go down unless I ease pressure onto the steering wheel. If you turn the wheel the wrong way it will cause the feederhouse to raise up. I'm guessing it's bypassing through something that it shouldn't be, but I'm not sure where it would be doing that. A priority valve or something or is it in the valve stack? Not real sure how those two functions are connected. Thanks, Bradley
  7. Hey all, some folks I know are looking for their old 1256. He is looking for a specific one with the serial number #13876. It was sold to McGuire’s Case IH dealer in 76-77, I'm assuming the Franklin, IN store. If you have any info or know where it is, please let me know. Thanks!
  8. I like what you're doing to the old girl! Would like to get myself a 986 to do this to sometime. Depending on how the pump is set up, guessing its probably running more like a 1486 or 1586? My 1586 ownership started out much the same way except its a factory T/A delete. New turbo, exhaust manifold, tires and duals all around, and a new hitch pump and relief valve. Probably needing injectors and a pump soon too. The old 86's are one of my favorite series.
  9. Neat project! I know you said that fertilizer coulters wouldn't work on the front bar because of the FH, but might it work if you did 2" off row center to do 2x2"? Just a thought. We like to put plenty of fertilizer next to the row for sweetcorn.
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