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  1. I bet your serial number suffix is cc for heavy tillage third gear.  Not sure either when the factory installed the 560 upgrades, but an old time IH parts guy told me about the factory program to install the upgrade parts in a tent set up at dealerships.  A diamond shape stamped on the serial tag indicates the tractor went through the upgrade program.  My 1959 560 serial 17,XXX s z cc has the diamond stamp.  I am the second owner (since 1972) so I can’t ask the original owner about it any more and my parts guy friend died a few years ago.  I asked him what all was in the upgrade and he said it was a whole wooden crate full of parts but didn’t know what all was in it.  I really miss being able to visit with him…..his blood was IH red!


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  2. Something else I would check is where the tight spot is between the rotor and the concave.  I believe the recommended spot is about 7 o’clock as viewed from the rear, but your owners manual can confirm that.  I have found that to be not so important in corn or beans, but can help with the thresh in wheat.  Also some varieties just plain thresh hard.  Good luck.

  3. I like it.  What holds them down?  Baxter, my border collie would jump totally from the cab to the ground, except for the time he caught his left hind leg in the second step of the 8920.  No broken bones, but a cut to the bone that took a dozen stitches to close.  We have to watch out for our best friends.

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  4. I like my Hesston 956a.  Makes good solid bales and has been fairly reliable. The net wrap is simple, but you need a strong back to load it.  Bearings are generic....I have gotten them from deere and mother case as well as from a jobber when needed.  It will bale almost anything, so you do have to watch moisture!  The newer versions are Agco and Massey.  Good luck.

  5. Did you check the sleeve standout when the head was off?  There were shims supplied for adjusting sleeve protrusion above the block.  I did put a head gasket on one of those upside down once, but the oil came out the side of the engine.....a lot of oil.....really fast.  Learned a valuable lesson!  Good luck.

  6. Sorry for your loss.  I am not a metallurgist, but I think I would be concerned that the metal frame of the loader could have lost it’s temper in the fire.  A process called annealing......when it is heated up and allowed to cool slowly. Good luck.

  7. Which tachometer does it have?  I had a 78 model 886 once with the narrow steps yet.  The tachometer in mine was the digital readout style with a rotating knob rather than the touch buttons that my 79 1086 had.  Lots of subtle and not so subtle changes in the 86 model run!  I put a six pad 986 clutch in mine when the pto splines wore out.  Beautiful tractor!

  8. I never owned one, but I did set up quite a few new ones while working for two different International dealers.  I remember putting herbicide and insecticide boxes on them as well as installing whistles on the seed delivery tubes to indicate a plugged tube.  

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