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  1. The cab solenoid on these can get weak keeping the fuel shut off from working properly too. Had that happen to my 8920. Good luck.
  2. Do the frame rails have two bolts on the bottom side? Mechanically that is where the most strength would be needed.
  3. The later 2366’s had heavier finals and and rear axle and were pretty much the same as a 2388 except for being a little lighter weight because of the smaller rotor, narrower auger bed and narrower shoe. I would think you would be fine with the 8 row head. Good luck.
  4. Did you check the sleeve standout when the head was off? There were shims supplied for adjusting sleeve protrusion above the block. I did put a head gasket on one of those upside down once, but the oil came out the side of the engine.....a lot of oil.....really fast. Learned a valuable lesson! Good luck.
  5. Sorry for your loss. I am not a metallurgist, but I think I would be concerned that the metal frame of the loader could have lost it’s temper in the fire. A process called annealing......when it is heated up and allowed to cool slowly. Good luck.
  6. Might be left hand thread.?
  7. I think my 886 was in the 13,000 serial range. Wonder if the steps on that one were changed......the wide ones were a lot safer.
  8. Which tachometer does it have? I had a 78 model 886 once with the narrow steps yet. The tachometer in mine was the digital readout style with a rotating knob rather than the touch buttons that my 79 1086 had. Lots of subtle and not so subtle changes in the 86 model run! I put a six pad 986 clutch in mine when the pto splines wore out. Beautiful tractor!
  9. This neat little tool was used to cut the plastic spout on a five gallon oil pail.
  10. I have run my scx 100 16’ moco with a 756 in all kinds of conditions. Handles it just fine. I would think the torbo’d 706 will too.
  11. I never owned one, but I did set up quite a few new ones while working for two different International dealers. I remember putting herbicide and insecticide boxes on them as well as installing whistles on the seed delivery tubes to indicate a plugged tube.
  12. Pretty tractor. Is it an 856 custom? Noticed the extra headlights and non tilting steering wheel.
  13. Most any good parts house should be able to get you a kit. Be sure to give them the Holley List number that is stamped on the air horn. There are thousands of various applications for those carburetors! Lots of times a good cleanup, blowing out and new gaskets work wonders. Good luck.
  14. Many, many years ago we spent some time in the park and Medora. Fellow named DeMores conceived the idea of slaughtering beef there and shipping it East in refrigerator cars rather than shipping the beef East live. For a lot of reasons it didn’t work out, but his “chateau” is still there and a really neat museum. The town is named after his wife. Somewhere South of there on the prairie there were burning coal mines my Dad had heard about. Took awhile but we found what amounted to exposed veins of coal that had been ignited by prairie fires years ago. I don’t know if they are still there or not. Beautiful country and have a good and safe trip!
  15. That bearing looks a lot like the “water pump” bearing on the snapping rollers on a 1000 series caseih corn head post 1995.
  16. My original paint 1959 560 has a gray instrument panel.
  17. Ouch! Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I got a chipped tooth and a sore jaw from grandpa’s F 14 at age 9 or 10 once. I was lucky and learned a valuable life lesson.
  18. axial_al

    Grand son.

    Looks like you have a smart one there. Look at those bright eyes! Great cap too!
  19. axial_al

    Truck Bed

    How would it work to use stainless steel bolts between aluminum bed and steel frame? Asking for a friend.
  20. I have a 95 Ram 2500 diesel auto. 190,000 miles. I think the motor and rear differential are the only parts that haven’t been worked on. Uses no oil, starts, runs and would pull a mountain, I think. Not a dodge guy, but I am sure a cummins guy.
  21. Went from a front fold 7200 to a front fold flex frame kinze 3200 about 8 years ago. Both were finger meters and brush bean meters. I like that the front fold stores more compactly and I really like the flex frame for planting through some of our uneven ground. Good luck.
  22. Not an FE. Looks like the 400/429/460 type block to me, but I don’t know the truck versions. 370 rings a bell in my memory banks though.
  23. Somebody has too much time on their hands?.
  24. I had one of those from 1972-around 1977. 390 and 3 speed auto. Great car, but couldn’t keep the front aligned. I think the heavy engine combined with the mustang front end caused me to spot weld the camber eccentrics once after an alignment and that helped. Fuel mileage wasn’t that bad thanks to the 3.25 gears and you could just melt the back tires which I didn’t do much because I was buying them. Were I you, I think I would just keep the auto trans because of issues with clutch linkage and such, but it is your car! Always loved the looks of that body style and the NASCAR history of it’s Mercury cyclone twin.
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