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  1. A 1054 five row wide head will allow you to have the drive tires between the 36” rows.  Works ok with an eight row planter if you can drive pretty straight.  Also works well using only four of the rows .  Good luck!

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  2. 1 hour ago, tractorholic said:

    I have not had trouble with the bearings on mine but heavier bearings would be a plus. 

    The cushion gang 496 I once owned gave me no end of bearing grief.  They usually broke at the bearing cage.  There was a kit offered at one time to upgrade the bearings, but to me it was more cost effective to upgrade to a newer disk.

  3. My Dad and uncle bought a new #15 cutter in the early 60’s.  I was too young to help much with corn chopping then,but one of my memories was of one of the cast knife holders breaking and peeling out the bottom sheet of the cutting chamber.  It stopped the 400 dead as told by uncle Wendell!

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  4. When my Heston 956 auto was having trouble feeding net wrap, a local baler guru adjusted the baler belt roller right in line with the net wrap feed back in its slots.  It really helped.  Made 90 bales one day last week and never missed.  And this is an almost 17000 total bales baler.  I really doubt the brand of wrap is the problem.  Good luck.


  5. One of my neighbors rolled his super M and loader carrying a large round bale.  What saved him was that the bale feeder he rolled against stopped the tractor from going completely over.  He was pinned and spent a painful winter with a cracked pelvis.  Glad you are OK Sandhiller.  We lost my wife’s dad in a tractor accident almost 30years ago.  Stuff can happen in an instant.  Stay safe everyone.

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  6. Best wishes for your sister.  That is scary.

    In January of 2022 I had a quad bypass and aortic valve replacement surgery.  Was lucky not to have had a heart attack.  I really had no symptoms either other than being out of breath after exertion that I attributed to age.  A new doctor didn’t like the way my long standing heart murmur sounded and the surgery was the result after dye scans, nuclear stress testing and and an attempt at installing stents.  My surgeon said I may have been able to live another three years at the most.  My dads side of the family is where the heart problems came from.  He died at 65.  I have never been overweight or smoked and am fairly physically active.  Rehab and recovery went really well for me and I am still actively able to get my farming stuff done.  The biggest problem I am facing now is trying to get my FAA medical certificate back.  After a year now of sending paperwork, lab and test results I still haven’t gotten it!  

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  7. 3 hours ago, pt756 said:

    was looking at the parts book, it appears that the 310 and 358 block are the same when you look at the 310 parts, but then youlook at 358  it doesnt say that interchanges with the 310, so where does the 1/2 inch taller on the 358 come from??

    Well, the bore is the same for 310 and 358, but 358 has a longer stroke hence a taller block.

  8. I think you are on the right track changing out the electric fuel fuel pump.  I had that go bad on my 2366.  Also had the waste gate module fail on an 8.3 once.  That causes low power too because the anaeroid on the pump can’t actuate.  If you have black smoke on machine engagement that probably is ok.  Good luck!

  9. Were it me I think I would consider a B cummins.  Should be able to find one easier than a 360 and based on the one in my mx120, they are a really good engine with good parts support.  Or what about a 358 from a combine?  Good luck.

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