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  1. I like cotton gloves named green ape.  Heavier than yellow fuzzies and last longer too.  I don’t remember where I got the last dozen…ordered on line somewhere.  

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  2. A 1054 five row wide head will allow you to have the drive tires between the 36” rows.  Works ok with an eight row planter if you can drive pretty straight.  Also works well using only four of the rows .  Good luck!

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  3. 1 hour ago, tractorholic said:

    I have not had trouble with the bearings on mine but heavier bearings would be a plus. 

    The cushion gang 496 I once owned gave me no end of bearing grief.  They usually broke at the bearing cage.  There was a kit offered at one time to upgrade the bearings, but to me it was more cost effective to upgrade to a newer disk.

  4. My Dad and uncle bought a new #15 cutter in the early 60’s.  I was too young to help much with corn chopping then,but one of my memories was of one of the cast knife holders breaking and peeling out the bottom sheet of the cutting chamber.  It stopped the 400 dead as told by uncle Wendell!

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  5. When my Heston 956 auto was having trouble feeding net wrap, a local baler guru adjusted the baler belt roller right in line with the net wrap feed back in its slots.  It really helped.  Made 90 bales one day last week and never missed.  And this is an almost 17000 total bales baler.  I really doubt the brand of wrap is the problem.  Good luck.


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