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  1. 19 minutes ago, jeeper61 said:

    That Thunderbird looks newer than 59 hard to tell if the tail lights are round 

    I’m thinking 1958 based on the side trim.  The “square” birds were made from 1958-1960 with minor changes.

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  2. After my 13 year old border collie “Harvey” died last February, I started watching the adoptable animals page on the website of a local animal shelter.  I was intrigued by a three year old Australian shepherd and filled out the on line forms on a Friday night.  The following Monday I got a call with a “few” more questions.  One was do you have a heated kennel and I told the lady no, we live on a farm and my herding type dogs have always been in our  36x52 barn in a sheltered corner with straw bales and a tarp cover.  She said well, without a heated kennel we can’t allow you to adopt.  She also said a farm is a very dangerous place for a dog.  Some time later I found a farmer near by advertising border collie/Aussie cross pups and was able to come home with one.  The farmer told us that three had left earlier that day to some other farmers who had the same experience with shelters. I always thought a farm was the best place for a dog….unlimited space to exercise and for herding type dogs most importantly a job to do.  I agree about the whole “puppy” thing.  At 9 months now, “Molly” is showing no signs of slowing down.  Good luck finding your next best friend!

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  3. Sounds like the ta clutch release bearing went tight and chewed the release fingers off.  The ta clutch probably was out of adjustment at one time and was running continuously against the fingers.  Yes, you can run it without fixing the ta clutch. When not released by the ta clutch it acts as though it isn’t even there.  Why the input shaft has so much play that it barely goes into the pilot bearing in the flywheel is a problem I don’t understand though. Good luck.

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  4. I have a 73 loadstar, 345 and 4 speed with 2 speed axle.  It was once my only grain and pig hauler.  Broke an axle once trying to start a load on soft ground while pulling a loaded gravity box…..yeah, dumb.  Anyway, discovered the truck was equipped with rather tall non standard ratio gears in the differential.  When the differential gears went bad awhile later because of some stray chips I didn’t get out from the axle fiasco, I got the correct third member from a salvage yard according to the line sheet.   Made a world of difference in the overall performance of the truck.  I think the axle ratio was more important than the 5speed, 4speed trans in my case.  Also, at some time in my ownership of this truck I did switch the wheel rims to the proper width for 9:00 x 20 tires to get away from those deadly two piece rims nobody wants to work on.  Anyway, these are good dependable trucks that will last a long time with adequate maintenance.  Good luck.

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