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  1. She looks to be wearing a flotation device, but I doubt she needs it.
  2. More info, such as year, 6 volt, 12 volt,generator or alternator, as well as magneto or distributor would help, but my first guess would be a bare wire someplace that is grounding out the electrical system, and if the voltage is gone, the distributor coil will not fire.
  3. My personal experience has been that different rifles like different ammo, and it takes a little time to decide what you want. My previous 22mag was an older model, I do not remember what, but it shot best with the heavier bullets. My current rifle a Savage B22mag with varmint barrel, Likes the lighter bullets better. It's preferred round is the Remington Accu tip a ballistic tip with a 33 grain bullet. Those are nearly impossible to find now, but performs almost as well with the Hornady V tip. Le3ss so with a heavier bullet. Sighted in at 60 yards it is pretty flat out to 110 yards. At 73 my eyes are not as good as they used to be, and some of my medicine to prevent pain causes tremors, so 110 yards is pretty much my limit on small varmints, maybe a little more for bigger ones such as coyotes.
  4. Been a varmint shooter for many years, plus a former certified instructor as well as competitive shooter. My preference is the ballistic tip 22wmr.It is available in most gun stores in our area, but not the big box store types. Your grandfathers ammunition will probably have a tendency to string vertically due to the degradation of the powder over the years, plus it will leave the barrel dirtier than modern ammo. I have heard some people say smokeless powder does not degrade over time, but from my personal experience it does.
  5. Looking at the picture of that truck, everyone blamed the driver, but there were some videos on the news a few months ago of some3 wond storms blowing trucks over on their side. I wonder if that might be one of them. It dos not appear to have been moving very fast when it happened.
  6. Unscrew the cap on the bottom rear of the carb (over the load jet), and drain a little fuel out. I have one I had to do that on occasion for several months before I got rid of whatever was in the fuel. I captured it in a cup several times, but no sign of water. Acted just like yours does.
  7. I remember the last stimulus check, it was only a loan, at tax time most people had to pay the entire amount back in higher taxes. I will just put mine in savings till after taxes to make sure it is actually my money, and not just a loan.
  8. Been using Thunderbird for years, when I changed from outlook a long time ago. Really like it. Also use Thunderbird for my browser.
  9. If it was worked on recently it may have wrong bolt holding rocker arm support. Man IH engines have a hollow bolt in the middle of each rocker wuport that carries oil to the rockers.
  10. You all must be a bunch of kids, that used to be a common tire in my area.
  11. If this has only happened once do not get excited. If it is happening a lot, the the ring gear is worn, and/or the starter drive since the engine almost always stops in one of 2 places you can rework the edges of the worn ring gear teeth to solve the3 problem. That is easiest done with a .046 cut off wheel in a right angle grinder, and the tractor split. It can be done by reaching in through the starter hole with a reinforced grinding/cut off wheel on a Dremel with a right angle attachment. I did it on Dad's H using a thin file and working through the starter hole, but I was in my teens then, and wanted to prove it could be done. Up only have to do 6 or 8 teeth in 2 different spots. In the mean time carry a wrench that will fit the starter bolts, and if it locks just loosen each starter mounting bolt a turn or two, and it will pop loose much easier. Just the crank will normally do it. You know you are doing good when you can rock it loose by putting in 5th gear and rocking rear wheel back and forth with a set of cultivators in the ground. been there, done that.
  12. I have a pair of Thorogood water proof boots I have had for several years, but am retired so only wear them in cold weather. My old boots were getting a little beat up, so I just bought a pair of the Red Wing water proof boots to replace them. So far I also like them, though have only had them a couple months.
  13. I always heard you were supposed to put cribbing under something heavy when you jacked it up. Looks like he has that done.
  14. I have my fathers H that he farmed with for 45 years, and the drawbar tongue has been built up by a professional welder and drilled out twice.
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