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  1. I have been retired for 17 years, and only go to town if I have to, so I am self quarantined all the time. 😊
  2. Jack, I cannot answer your question, but you can go to their site and download their catalog in PDF format and save it to your computer. That should answer your question.
  3. What about either adjusting the idler pulleys on the drawbar to get more slack in the belt, or a slightly longer belt so it can be twisted between idlers and mower? Set the idlers at slightly different heights so the belt doesn't rub. They made a left hand discharge for the cub, but I do not have a parts list for it.
  4. Neighbor boy had a 4 wheeler (don't remember brand) that had burned out alol the bulbs, and I found a loose plug under the seat close to the battery. . Reconnected it and all was ok.
  5. "As independent as a hog on ice." I have seen that happen, trying to get them off the ice can get you bit. "Not worth the powder it would take to blow him up." From when smokeless powder became popular and black powder was so cheap even the poorest farmer could afford to buy it for blowing out stumps, rocks, etc.
  6. For anyone who uses Flailmaster.com The previous owners closed the company in 2019, but one of the former employees bought it and has reopened it. The opening was delayed due to Covid, but they are now open for business. Their blades are U.S. made, not imported from China. They are still getting things setup, so parts will not be delivered until sometime in February, but I am in no hurry, it is cold here in eastern MO., plus I am still a little weak from Covid.
  7. Those carbide generators weren't just for lights. They were also used to provide acetylene for torches. Local blacksmith shop in Potosi blew entire back wall out of shop when I was a pretty young kid. I am 72 now.
  8. I am retired from local phone company, and 15 feet has been a minimum clearance for anyplace you could drive for a long time. More on US highways and major state highways.
  9. My experience has shown that Murphy was an optimist.
  10. Everyone should be thankful it was not full of people or machinery at the time.
  11. I guess I am showing my age, because that is what comes to mind when I read thongs. Thong (singular) brings something different to mind.
  12. If you use air compressor, limit air pressure, those coolers are not the sturdy.
  13. Not Post Office cast offs, rural carriers mostly supply their own vehicles. They are probably rural rout rigs that were owned by individuals.
  14. It seems that a lot of places try to take advantage of older women who have lost their husbands.A widow that lives near me, and she and her husband were good friends of ours, had been to a Walmart for an oil change, and they told her she needed new tires. I checked them with my tread depth gauge and they had approx. 75% tread left. She took it to a local shop she had been going to for several years and they said the same thing. Needless to say she did not return to that Walmart for any service again.
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