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  1. The insert is made of graphite and should extend approx 1/4 to 3/8 inch (Can measure one in shop tomorrow.) beyond the metal. When installing a new one be sure to soak it in light weight oil, such as SAE 30, or 10w30 overnight. the graphite bearing comes dry, and unless it is soaked before installing quickly fails. The only metal bearing ones (ball bearing) were aftermarket, and the first few seemed to work good, but after the initial trial run ones they later ones failed quickly. As a second note, when installing a new pressure plate that supposedly comes preadjusted, check it, a cub uses a different finger height than anything else.
  2. Definitely photo shopped, but still funny.
  3. do you know what is black, brown, and blue, and found in a road ditch? A brunette that told too many blond jokes!
  4. The look I get when I realize I have just forgotten my wife's name, AGAIN.
  5. The phrase, "This is gonna hurt!" comes to mind.
  6. Couple of funny things I saw many years ago. 1 -we had a local discount building supply a little ways out of town that had a pretty good grade to go up leaving it to gert to county road. Man bought a pretty good size stack of the cheap paneling they sold, soft Masonite on one side and pretty side as slick as ice. Driver was getting ready to leave and manager asked if he wanted some rope to tie the paneling in, which he declined saying he was only going a couple miles down the county road and his friend was going to set on top to hold it down. All went well till they got right to the top of the grade, and the driver shifted a little hard and jerked it. The entire stack, minus the sheet of paneling on the bottom slid out5 of the truck. The bottom sheet stoped on the gravel road, and the stack slid down, then the next sheet, etc., till the last sheet with the "friend" still sitting on it stopped about 10 feet from the building. Once everything stopped moving and I saw no one was hurt I started laughing so hard I had to hang on to a roof support post at the entrance of the building to keep from falling down. 2. - Going down the road, just past a place that sold sheets of Styrofoam. Pickup passed us with sheets of Styrofoam about 5 feet higher than the top of the cab. He had a ratchet strap over the foam about 2 feet from the front, and another about 2 feet from the rear. He was in a hurry, and got up speed, and as he got faster the top sheet gave a couple of flops, and the 2 foot length in front of the first strap snapped and went flying down the road like a kite, then the second one, etc. till it got down to just below the level of the truck cab. In a couple of minutes he had spread 2 x 4 foot pieces of Styrofoam along a mile stretch of highway, and never apparently noticed.
  7. Congratulations on the new projects you thought you did not want. 😉
  8. John cub owner


    In all of the complaining and growling one way or the other, I noticed that no one realized he is belted in, and above the suspended cable as he should be.
  9. These are funny but blurry once you make them big enough to read.
  10. Look on the IH parts site. It lists bolts, washers, etc.
  11. I believe you will need an air brake endorsement no matter how it is licensed.
  12. He may be right, I am sure seeing a lot of price cuts on them.
  13. If you like the Ruger 380, I suggest spending a little more and getting the LCP 2. It has a much better trigger pull, and is easier to operate the slide, and if you use the LCP 2 magazine the slide will lock open on the last shot.
  14. This is a humor thread. The only thing I am seeing funny about the bunch of recent slam posts is the IQs of the people that think their brand of vehicle or their brand of tractor are the only good ones. I have owned or seen good and bad in all of them.
  15. The left one is a Cub 54 blade, the other 2 could be 54 or 54A, hard to tell since the lifting A frames are not there, but between all of them there is enough to almost install a belly and almost install a front, but not enough to do a complete job of either without some fabrication. Item 4 in the above picture is missing on the left blade.
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