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  1. A "fill your pants" flight

    Local news said a woman was sucked part way out the window, but a man pulled her back in.
  2. Clutch Housing Bottom Cover

    Take a video so we can see what happens
  3. Farmall M grader converstion

    I know we are not supposed to post ads here, however, I have no interest in this, and the auction is coming up to soon to post it in normal channels I am familiar with, so here goes. This is a consignment Auction with an MB Farmall M grader conversion, supposedly in working condition and ready to use. Date is April 14 at Belgrade Mo. Auction listing with pictures is at
  4. I'm Sure This Will Impress The Suburban Weekend Warrior

    The control and outlet panel are different, but the engine and generator look identical to the JD TEK (Jong Diang, not John Deere) rig I bought around 8 years ago. It has been a pretty good rig.
  5. Anybody need a wrecker

    When I was younger it would have been tempting, but now I am at the point a cub tractor is a challenge for me.
  6. Self defence IH Tractor

    Might be able to reduce the number of crows I see flying around here sometimes. Though it does not look like it would depress far enough to hit them on the ground.
  7. Got A New Sponsor

    I don't do near as much shooting as I used to, not as good eye sight as I used to have nor as steady. I have a problem finding ear protection I like, I wear a hat rather than a cap, and have not yet found a behind the head ear protection I like. I make do with ear plugs most of the time, but not really satisfied with them.
  8. spiral pin replacment

    Roll pin punches have a knob to center the punch and a shoulder to drive the pin out. They make removing roll pins much easier.
  9. It wasn`t even opened yet!

    Our news said they built the replacement for that bridge, not the original.
  10. Oh the differences in up bringing

    I would be afraid my wife would mistake me for the dog.
  11. 1947 Farmall H

    I thought he was adding a little humor by referring to it's current color.
  12. Super A

    And I do not believe any of that lift equipment is original except for the exhaust lift cylinder that has been converted to a hydraulic reservoir. Someone put a lot of thought and work into that setup.
  13. What's wrong with my H?

    Since you said it runs on 3 cylinders if you remove the #1 plug wire do some simple testing. Use a spare spark plug and connect it to the #1 wire but leave it alongside engine to see what happens then. If it sparks and engine runs, change the plug. I have had very little experience with electronic ignitions, but have worked as an electronics technician my entire life, and it is a possibility that either a shorted plug or an open one, could be causing the module to shut down.
  14. How to get WiFi from house router to shop

    I had the same problem, my shop is about 45 yards from my house, which is within range of my router, but the metal walls blocked it. I solved it by getting a Hawking repeater with 3 antennas, one of which connects to the router in the house. I ran a cable from that connector to an antenna on the outside of the shop. I have about $130 in the setup, but not much of anything else will work through the metal walls.
  15. horn seeder

    It has been 50+ years ago, but I have used one. It takes practice to get even coverage. Shoulder carried broad cast seeders are simpler to do a good job.