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  1. John cub owner

    Anyone seen one of these before

    Elderly neighbor installed one on his Fordson Major after it broke one of is fingers.
  2. John cub owner

    What, Pray Tell, Is This?

    I think you are correct. One of the listings is for an articulated grubber.
  3. John cub owner

    This photo will take some of you back in time.

    I am old enough to remember 4 tracks, and even record players in a few fancy cars.
  4. John cub owner


    I rarely get ticks or chiggers either one. Normally 2 or 3 right at the start of summer and nothing more. For some reason they just don't seem to like me. This summer I have been mowing weeds in some pastures for my neighbor Jeff, pulling an old Dunham rotary Cutter behind the Farmall H my dad farmed with for 45 years. It would occasionally hit my right foot with a piece of a weed, and leave a few pieces scattered on the deck of the tractor, but I didn't think anything about it. Sunday afternoon however, Chigger bites started showing in several places. When I was talking to Jeff and mentioned it he said to put New Skin (also sold as NU-Skin) on them. It works good, though is best if you out it on the bite as soon as it starts itching, and before you scratch it. Applied quickly the itching subsides in 2 or 3 minutes and the swelling is usually gone the next day. New Skin is on the same shelf as Band aids in most pharmacies, Walmarts, etc. New skin comes in a small sturdy bottle that can easily be carried in your pocket without breaking, though it is a little more difficult to carry someone to apply it to the places you can't reach.
  5. John cub owner

    RFD Delivery??????????????

    Listening to all of this, I think our carriers are great. They bring packages to the house if they won't fit box, etc. We get our mail at the end of a county road, and it branches in 2 directions with 5 mail boxes there. Several years ago we all got notices about the mailboxes needing to be within certain height ranges, which most of them, including mine, were not. I think everyone on the rout got the notice, not just us. Maybe all the routs in town. I talked to the neighbors, and we removed the individual posts. One had some left over building materials and provided cedar posts and treated 2x8. 2 of them drilled holes and set the posts, then helped me set the plank and braces, and I mounted the boxes on the plank. It all worked out great and looks a lot better. Yes, I have great neighbors.
  6. John cub owner

    Where They Shine

    I used to think I was a pretty good shot, but I do not plan to get into any arguments with these ladies.
  7. John cub owner

    How to Tain your dog where to drink.

    Maybe like me, he was raised without running water. Now that I live more fancy I still like to see it swirl also.
  8. John cub owner

    My new president

    The boy in the right side of the picture makes me think of Alfred E Newman. Now I am telling my age. LOL
  9. John cub owner

    col chuck

    Don't over look a pump or well problem since it only over heats with the pump engaged. Not sure how you would check that though.
  10. John cub owner

    Would you do this kind of thing?

    I wonder about the circumstances. In one of the towns where I maintained phone office the had a country store with a lunch counter where you placed your order then went to a table and they brought it to you. Very good food, and usually pretty busy even though a very small community. I was eating lunch one day and an older couple at the next table were complaining about no one taking their order. I figured they were from out of town, and explained to them they had to go to counter and order, which they did, and were happy with their food.
  11. John cub owner

    What I found in field this Spring

    I have a friend that is into Indian artifacts pretty seriously. One day I told him I had found an artifact in my field he might be interested in, and would bring it to him that evening. When I got to his place later I reached behind the truck seat and handed him a monkey wrench that was so rusted you could barely tell what it was. He looked at me and asked what in the world made me think that was an Indian artifact. I told him I figured that had been lost by the previous owner of the farm (Mr. Snelson) who was half native American, so that should make it an Indian artifact. 😄
  12. John cub owner

    A little plinking this evening

    Looks like it could be a serious problem with someone that has hypertension.
  13. John cub owner

    Ignition Coil Bench Test

    The coil output voltage will be low if you do not put a condenser across the points. It does more than just keep the points from burning.
  14. John cub owner

    Vintage oil can holder ?

    Never seen one on a tractor, but have seen a lot of them on horse drawn mowers.
  15. John cub owner

    A Better Solder Gun

    Check into this. I have one and am happy with it. The low range quit on my mine right away, but the high works great.