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  1. John cub owner

    old snowblower

    Noticing the little chrome starter push button on the dash brought back some memories.
  2. John cub owner

    What do you know? Michigan wheel loader

    Neighbor has a Michigan Power Shovel, somewhat similar to that. The brake master cylinder is a 2 stage deal. Kit or rebuilt master cylinder was in the hundreds of dollars. His is 4wd and 4 wheel steer.
  3. John cub owner

    I see your doing something stupid

    I don't think there is much of any way one person could hold that ladder and make it any safer.
  4. John cub owner

    Rocker arms not getting oil

    Isn't one of the bolts holding the pedestals supposed to be hollow for oil to flow through? I believe it would be the center one. I made that mistake on a similar engine once, but not being familiar with that particular engine I ran it without cover for a little bit and realized something was wrong. Then I called someone smarter than me about it.
  5. John cub owner

    Farmall A?

    Does it have a touch control unit or a flat spot to mount one under the gas tank? If yes, Super A, if no, A.
  6. John cub owner

    New joke

  7. John cub owner

    Super C Fuel Tank Cap Leaks

    The caps have been modified a couple times since the first ones came out, and current ones work much better, but do require a good grip to turn them. If you have one you got several years ago you can get a new one by filling out the form and submitting it on line, or printing the form and mailing it. You may not like the looks of the new ones, but your tractor and possibly your life mean more than looks.
  8. John cub owner

    Does this look right for an H?

    My 41 is no longer set up as original, but My Dad farmed with it for 45 years, and I was raised on it, and it was originally setup as in the first picture. And originally they were not called dual fuel, or multi fuel, they were called distillate, or kerosene, or gasoline tractors. Of course, the gasoline versions did not have the small tank on them nor a hole in the hood for it. The reason for the distillate or kerosene was they cost about half as much as gasoline, but on a per pound basis would do the same amount of work, so you actually got a little more work out of a gallon of distillate or kerosene. The down side was dirtier oil, requiring more frequent changes if you took proper care of your tractor, and the extra time to warm the engine and change over to distillate, which involved readjusting the carb each time the change was made, as well as the fact the engine had to be kept hot. Unless you were working it really hard, the radiator shutters needed to be adjusted regularly, to keep it hot but not over heating, and if it was really light work, it frequently required restarting on gasoline and warming back up to get to run on heavier fuel.
  9. John cub owner

    Attention truckers

    Man, you are sure the first one there in an accident.
  10. John cub owner

    Did You Know That Eating Ice Cream Makes YOU A Racist?

    They are not forced to eat it, and have other options. When they leave college the real world is going to be a shock to them.
  11. John cub owner

    Does this look right for an H?

    I would have to check mine to be sure, but I think they are both labeled out
  12. John cub owner

    Does this look right for an H?

    Yes, it looks correct. The 2 outlets are connected internally. To use the starter tank you turned off the sediment bowl and opened the petcock on the starter tank. The fuel flowed in one outlet and out the other to the engine. Our dual fuel was only used on gasoline, but we also kept the little tank full in case we ran out in the field. 2 or 3 times a year we would switch to the little tank and use it empty and refill it to keep fresh fuel in it.
  13. John cub owner

    Charging Problem on 44 M

    It appears that you have have a solid stated cutout relay (large diode), that has shorted to ground.
  14. John cub owner

    what horsepower for..........

    The cub, which was only rated at 10 drawbar horsepower was advertised for farming up to 40 acres.
  15. John cub owner

    From The Unsanitary Side Of The Bash

    Seeing something like that makes me realize how lucky I and my neighbors are to live in an area that has numerous year round streams that while their size reduces in times of drought they have never come close to drying up. On the minus side, this is hill country, and ground is only suitable for grass/hay.