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  1. Jim Griest

    New joke

    A precious little girl walks into a Pets Mart Shop and asks, in the sweetest little lisp, between two missing teeth, "Excuthe me, mithter, do you keep widdle wabbits?" As the shopkeeper's heart melts, he gets down on his knees so that he's on her level and asks, "Do you want a widdle white wabbit, or a thoft and fuwwy, bwack wabbit, or maybe one like that cute widdle bwown wabbit over there?" She, in turn, blushes, rocks on her heels, puts her hands on her knees, leans forward and says, in a tiny quiet voice, "I don't think my python weally gives a thit !!"
  2. Jim Griest

    New joke

    Three women are out clubbing and they spot a club that says, "Women Only." Since they are without their boyfriends and husbands, they decide to go in. The first floor has a sign on the door that reads, "All men here are short and plain." The women laugh and continue up to the second floor. The sign reads, "All men here are tall and plain." Still this isn't good enough, and the women proceed to the third floor. "All men here are short and handsome." The women still want more and go to the fourth floor, where the sign reads, "All men here are tall and handsome." This is perfect and the women are preparing to go in, when they realize that there is still one more floor. They go up one floor and read the sign. "There are no men here. This floor is built only to prove that there is no way to please a woman."
  3. Jim Griest

    New joke

    Funniest thing I've read in a long time.
  4. Jim Griest

    New joke

    Thanks for the laugh, I needed that.
  5. Jim Griest

    New joke

    A 95 year old man takes a walk by the lake. He stops to take in all that is around him. He hears a voice say "kiss me and I'll turn into a princess". He looks around and there is a frog at his feet. He picks up the frog and puts it in his pocket. The frog says didn't you hear me, kiss me and I'll turn into a princess. The old man looks at the frog and said " at 95 I would rather have a talking frog.
  6. Jim Griest

    New joke

    TCM, that`s just not right... No, but its funny.
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