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  1. suddenstorm1066

    FINALLY Getting Some Work Done on My 1066

    Who’s ta you putting in?
  2. suddenstorm1066

    Ih 6788 2+2

    The 6788 is not going to be much different than your 3588 only one has 3 speed tranny and the other has a 4 speed tranny. You can get an easy 200hp out fo the engines which are both 466 . All 2+2 have 3.25 axels and no planetaries.
  3. suddenstorm1066

    Used 466 pistons

    I do it all the time, better than today’s junk!
  4. suddenstorm1066

    1066 oil drain plug w/pics

    First off I would pull the plug and take copper washer off and reinstall the plug to see if it stops dripping. Make sure you have the plug good and tight. I have seen these plugs with and without washer and they don’t leak, so try it without.
  5. suddenstorm1066

    1066 throw out bearing grease?

    Latter serial numbers don’t , but next time you have it split you can drill it for a grease fitting
  6. suddenstorm1066

    IH856 12V Dual Battery Help

    More connections more problems. Those tractors started great with 2 3eh 6volt batteries in series. I believe all the cranking problems that arise are from bad connections or to small a cable. I’ve never had any problems with 2 6 volt batteries and I’ve done a lot of tractors.
  7. suddenstorm1066

    spiral pin replacment

    Give me a call and I’ll walk you thru it. 518-222-6291
  8. suddenstorm1066

    Potential engine faliure

    10 to 1 she is all good , fuel and carbon look like oil , just make sure it’s not miss firing or it could be a bad injector or broken rocker arm. Might be a good time to pull valve cover to check everything and adjust the valves
  9. suddenstorm1066

    Dt 407 overhaul kits

    RF engine is just a middle man, they manufacture nothing. I buy from them and Matt is very knowledgeable on the Ih stuff. Problem with this 407 stuff is it seems to be going by the wayside. Clevite isn’t making main bearings for that motor anymore and I’m pretty sure Fm and reliance are in bed together on the main bearings. Just had a buddy do a 407 and the .10 under thrust bearing fell into the cap and reliance told him that was how it should fit. If you know anything about engine rebuilding, then you know that is not so. The main would spin in a short amount of time. So anyway he got a bearing from Fm and it fit identical so they are both wrong. I don’t know what he ever did, guess I need to call him. Bottom line is, I’m not really sure where you are going to find quality Parts for a 407.
  10. suddenstorm1066

    Dt 407 overhaul kits

    Good luck, nobody is building quality anymore. It’s a crap shoot on who’s got the best kit, but I doubt any will be made in the USA.
  11. suddenstorm1066

    986 rear axel price

    I’ve got some give me a call not far from you in ny 518-222-6291
  12. suddenstorm1066

    86 series keys

    All our Ih trucks have that square key for the ignition
  13. suddenstorm1066

    66 series steering cylinder

    Sounds like it has the wrong cylinder in it , if you put a late one in an early tractor it does the same thing. I’ve seen this a few times. Pucks on cylinder are welded in different spots.
  14. suddenstorm1066

    95 truck 466 swapped into 1466

    Won’t work , new generation block
  15. suddenstorm1066

    What would you do 986 engine!

    Problem with new engine kits is most are junk and you here all these guys talk about how much oil the engine burns after rebuild and they are not happy. I tell them put new o rings on sleeves new bearings in bottom and slap it back together if it was running good before problem. I’ve done probably 25 engines this way with no issues, so I’m a believer. Got to remember most kits are made overseas and that also includes Case IH so don’t think for a second that they are building these old engine kits. Have had many guys put Case IH kits in and we’re not happy with the oil consumption, but it’s your call