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  1. I believe its a Hinson Royal cab also. Here is one we have on a 1066 Hydro. Ours has fenders but everything else looks the same.
  2. No family wasn't fighting over them. The 5240 and 886 went to different places in Kansas. A brother did buy the 5140 but no other family members were bidding on it. The 766 went 30 miles away.
  3. Im not sure how steep of hills you have. Our 20' was on a caddy also i should have said earlier. Thats how our 5250 could handle it. There aren't any 15' 1535s around us so i cant tell you what people use. But our 5250 mfd would handle a 15' on a caddy real well. The last year we had the planter we ran our 8950 on it and it handled it easily.
  4. We pulled our 1535 20' with a 5250 maxxum in clay rolling hills. I wouldn't have wanted anything smaller on it. They are very good planters. There is a roll pin that drives the bean metering cups that we would replace every other year cause they get stressed and to avoid a breakdown during planting.
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