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  1. I agree...I will always rebuild what I have, if it's rebuildable. Sometimes, a reman is necessary, though. Travis
  2. With the amount of engines going out of there, there will undoubtedly be a chance of a bad one now and then. Not sure where to buy a better one.... Travis
  3. Haven't they always used the reman company in Springfield? SRC? Travis
  4. Since he don't have any available and hasn't for awhile, there's not much else a guy can do. Travis
  5. What is a used one worth these days? Travis
  6. Well, as mentioned, he's already tried another T/A, and another MCV with a new pump....I'm not sure what the pressure is in the mid position, but I will pass it on to check. Considering he has lube pressure and then loses it about an hour after running the tractor, I doubt this is the issue. Travis
  7. Got a question I'd like to hear some ideas on. A fellow mechanic friend of mine recently put a new T/A in a 1256. Lube pressure is 19psi in Direct and T/A. Take the tractor out and run it for a while (an hour maybe) and he'll lose lube pressure completely. He's replaced the T/A again, tried another MCV and new mcv pump off an 86 series, blocked off the brake and hydraulic seat circuits and it still does it. That's pretty much all I know about it now. We just had a quick conversation about it this morning and I wasn't for sure what to tell him. Any ideas? Travis
  8. I would imagine.... That's why I wonder what in the heck someone at Reliance is thinking??? Travis
  9. I wonder how anyone in that company thinks that is a good idea to ship them assembled? Travis
  10. So what do we do, Danny? It shouldn't be this hard to spend money. lol. We want quality parts... Travis
  11. Do you know what the book looks like? I have some M&W dyno charts that I'm not sure how to use. Travis
  12. Just normal, everyday silver or aluminum spray paint... Travis
  13. You're comparing one apple to another, slightly more powerful apple. Both good tractors. I'd go with the 986. You can never go wrong with more power. Travis
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