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  1. Pretty cool! We use to have a 340U with a shuttle. It was reversed for a hay sweep.
  2. My booster pac came up missing and I need to replace it. I need some recommendations for a good replacement for it. TIA
  3. Yep, it’s a Sears seat. I’ll see what they might have. I was able to get the cushion, but the back was NLA for either the TMs or MXMs
  4. I’m needing a seat back for a New Holland TM tractor. It’s NLA from CNH. Does anyone know of a place that could recover my old one?
  5. Yes, the first Rowse mowers were mounted with the IH mid mount under the belly of the tractor and the back bar on behind. Probably introduced in the early 70s...not exactly sure. You still see them around, but not common to see them.
  6. Yeah, it was the nicest one we had. I replaced it with the same pickup, same year, same color and same miles. New one is just an SLT and the wrecked one had the Big Horn package, so a trim level lower...I think. Crazy thing about the whole ordeal was that he just happened to be driving my pickup instead of his...also a 2012 CTD.?
  7. He was wearing his seatbelt and was fine. The ditch was full of waist deep water, so he was pretty fortunate that he came to rest back on his wheels. We have FB too, but their first offer was below NADA trade in value.
  8. Oh wow, glad your wife was ok. Hope your insurance company treats you right. That Aliarc on the front is worth some bucks. Middle son wrecked my 2012 CTD right before Christmas. First offer from our insurance was a downright insult. I raised holy heck with them and they did increase the valuation a little. Still wasn't a very fair offer, but what do you do.
  9. Six or so each night, noticed them about 7PM on Monday and about 6PM on Tuesday. The boys saw one come over the house on Monday night that was low enough that they could see the propellers on the corners.
  10. We've seen them above our place both Monday and Tuesday night....north central Nebraska
  11. You might be able to use the fan from an early New Holland TM tractor. They thread right on to the water pump.
  12. https://grandisland.craigslist.org/grd/d/international-826d-tractor/6641899490.html
  13. No longer available from CIH and as far as I know they aren't being reproduced....wish they were. Nearly every 460D/560D sediment bowl that you see is warped from being over tightened and they leak. I have had fairly good luck straightening them back out in the press.
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