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  1. Tony, that things going to be nice. Got a landlord with an 806 LP that his dad bought new. He is kind of wanting to fix it up someday I think.
  2. I noticed no sign of hydraulic fold wings on the seeders . Guess the end tow would work for transport though. Speaking of bigger farm equipment, how about a front end loader to fit a four wheel drive tractor? I have never actually seen one but this ad for Artsway loaders shows one installed on a 1470 Case 4 WD. Should be the real thing for handling the big round bales and no worries of weak front spindles. We have a 4000 on our 806. Its a heavy loader. 806 frontend wasnt really made for that kind of stuff. years ago when those were new Arts Way had a display at the Iowa state fair with a
  3. Thats an intersting picture if you think about it. How much things have changed since that year. 7 companies in the game then and now what are there 3?
  4. Dan, my Farmall 806 s-n is 12582 s-y M&W turbo, located in Mount Vernon WA., bought in Feb. 2000 in Friendship Tennessee, Estate of some 85 year old farmer still had IH filters in her 2240 hrs on tach I'd be surprised if that's correct I only know that it starts like they are. Thanks for the number Got it added to the list.
  5. Ive been to cherokee. Bought a 5288 there from Titan last winter.

  6. Thanks for the number. Got it added to my list. Where abouts is Larrabee, IA? Cant say as Ive heard of it.

  7. I like your picture in your avitar. Do you have a full size version of it?

  8. Thats some nice laying land over in that part of the country. I bet those old 806's were the main horses of the farm in their days.

  9. Thanks for the serial number. You might find this intersting but the number on my list before yours was off an 806 setting at the case Ih dealer in annawan, Ill # 11448 that I got myself when traveling through one day. It had a factory turbo and exhaust manifold. The next number after yours is 11489 from canby minn. that was given to me by a forum member called lucky7.

    1. 856 Custom

      856 Custom

      32082 s-y 18.4x38s dual remotes dual pto m&w turbo. At my place. Wapakoneta ohio

  10. Thanks for the number.

  11. Im keeping track of the 806 numbers. Post them on the forum or PM me if I dont see them right away. Dan
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