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  1. Hi all, just been through a second hand t34 that I picked up and checking over/ re-sealing everything. Although I deal with tractor gearboxes daily, this is the first truck box that I've ever had anything to do with. So the only place that needs to be sealed now is the main leak point, throught the shifter. What did these tansmissions have originally to seal up the shifter? This one still has all of the steel sheilds but nothing that is actually going to stop oil, also what oil is recommended for these transmissions? 80/90 gear oil? The truck will be used from 3 to 30 degrees C Thanks in advance
  2. Ok thanks for clearing things up, just the amount of low hour repairs I read about over on the general IH board and when somebody claims that the engine hadn't been touched in 5000hrs that maybe that was a good run with regular maintenance for you guys. I personally know of a machine with 21000hrs that has had no major work done but I guess some people just get lucky too
  3. Hi all, Just been reading the forums around here of people upgrading and repairing tractors and the low hour meter reading of some major overhauls. This got me thinking, what do you guys think is an acceptable life expectancy of well maintained gear and what is the cause of these rebuilds at such low hours. For example I've heard many people on here say that an engine or fuel pump etc was overhauled at 4-5000hrs. To me in our climate, 5000hrs is probably what I would consider to be quite early for an engine rebuild. In my experiances most engine components should last between 8-10k hrs if regular maintenance is carried out. So what is the cause of this premature failure? Climate maybe? Or just maintenance not carried out properly? Obviously there is always going to be the odd premature failure but I seem to read about it on here often. Just interested on everybody's thoughts on what they thought was acceptable. Thanks Lachlan
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