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  1. Ok thanks for clearing things up, just the amount of low hour repairs I read about over on the general IH board and when somebody claims that the engine hadn't been touched in 5000hrs that maybe that was a good run with regular maintenance for you guys. I personally know of a machine with 21000hrs that has had no major work done but I guess some people just get lucky too
  2. Hi all, Just been reading the forums around here of people upgrading and repairing tractors and the low hour meter reading of some major overhauls. This got me thinking, what do you guys think is an acceptable life expectancy of well maintained gear and what is the cause of these rebuilds at such low hours. For example I've heard many people on here say that an engine or fuel pump etc was overhauled at 4-5000hrs. To me in our climate, 5000hrs is probably what I would consider to be quite early for an engine rebuild. In my experiances most engine components should last between 8-10k hrs if regular maintenance is carried out. So what is the cause of this premature failure? Climate maybe? Or just maintenance not carried out properly? Obviously there is always going to be the odd premature failure but I seem to read about it on here often. Just interested on everybody's thoughts on what they thought was acceptable. Thanks Lachlan
  3. thanks for the great advice, adjusted the governor cross tube to maximum height and adjusted linkages under the vent tube which gained me more rpm without surging but still when over half throttle it will still do it. Just playing with it found that if I put down pressure on the governor linkage it would stop surging. Would this indicated a weak Governor spring? also noticed while looking in the governor housing I found the idle stop bolt was missing but the machine idles perfectly. Is this related or is it going to hurt anything if I leave it out? Thanks, Lachlan
  4. Hi all, Have been having some fun with my latest acquisition a 1953 Farmall AM (or Australian M for those across the water) This machine has recently been handed down to me from my grandfather but was bought new by my great grandfather. I find it kind of neat that this machine has never been sold since new. After many years of hard work the machine was parked to the back of the shed and forgotten about for at least 25 years (as long as I can remember). Recently my grandfather decided to retire and sell the original family farm which led to the machine being passed down to me. After a few hours of working on the machine, Cleaning and installing a new carb kit, new manifold and gaskets, new plugs, leads, and wiring (12v conversion including new coil) the machine was running. The machine starts and idles great but the biggest problem is as soon as the throttle is increased anything above 4 clicks above idle it surges to the point where it feels like its going to die (and sometimes does). the part that i find funny is as soon as the machine is put under load (top gear) the surging seems to stop until it gets up to speed. supposedly the tractor was running fine when parked so im thinking it maybe something that I've done to the carb. I was hoping someone on here could point me in the right direction instead of wasting time with trial and error. Thanks in advance Lachlan
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