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  1. Out in Western Cdn, there is next to no use for a 3pt hitch on a field tractor. On compact tractors people use them for yard work. Sometime in the early 2000’s tractors that of any colour being sent out west are coming with 3pt hitches from factory. Most of the pivot balls are seized, seen lots of the arms just taken off. Lots have rubber strap holding them so they don’t bang against the wear plate. So finding a 66 series tractor with a 3pt hitch in a wrecking yard out here would be amazing! How much is the price of the Cardan hitch? It looks well built, have hydraulic power up & down is added bonus. Years ago there was a company called Hold-On industries from SK that made 3pt hitch. They don’t make them anymore. Used plates to sandwich around the D part of the hitch to mount it.,, Mostly for 50hp tractors. I picked this one up used for future plans. The plates were gone, so I mounted it to the D. The travel isn’t very good on this Hold-on hitch. I’m only using it for the snowblower. This mounted on a 766. Putting any 3pt attachment on is a pain. Sorry I'm no help on the hitch your looking for. But if I didn't find this one, I sure would buy that one you asked about.
  2. Any updates on engine oil pressure? Did different oil change that issue? What did you have done about the overheating issue? Different thermostat? A/C repaired now?
  3. This a new pump without a gear. Wonder if your off the m&w pump will transfer over?
  4. This new pump on a Farmall 400
  5. Yesterday tractor wants $530 for the pump & $60 for the manifold that bolts to the bottom of the pump. Steiner wants $600 for pump & $65 for the block. Like you have read that say need "400" timing covers, but why? Been told that it is BS statement, I have no way of helping you on that because don't have a M. Have SW6, W400/W450 & Farmall 400. Super & 400 series have a better support built into the case for the pump? Is the later housings deeper for the hour meter? If you measure between the bolt holes, I can measure off a 400 for you.
  6. The giant lives again! The largest agriculture tractor in the world finally drives again thanks to Goodyear Farm Tires for sponsoring eight of the world's largest farm tires! LSW1400 tires are massive! It was a match meant to be.
  7. There is an add in classifieds in Red Power Magazine. Unique Design Workshop out De Grafff Ohio, 1-937-585-6475. A battery cover with a hold down for the 300 series. Not 100% sure what that means as don't have a 300. I ordered a lid for a W450 from him with no issues, not listed in his ad either. Good buddy orders battery boxes from him for his W series tractors. Image he could build what you need? Worse he can say is no.
  8. Well Justin acts like a Queen. The real Queen has bigger balls that drama teacher of a leader.
  9. Is that a common thing to have turf looking tires on side hill combines? Those tires remind me of what pull-type combines used.
  10. There is already toys available now with the new tires on it, came out before the real one got tires. Last fall Welkers went on & on about the LSW they had put on one of there new to them combines. Which Goodyear gave to them for the free advertising, image the baddest big bud will be no different. Hopefully the tractor will see dirt again, but kinda doubtful.
  11. I don’t go on this garage on the farm that often. My late Grandfather 1952 L-110 sits in there. Totally forgot about the license plates on the wall. Tried to make it look like map of USA & Cdn. Last pic is front of the truck with a 52 plate.
  12. Family owned since 1937 & kept shedded also.
  13. Says power unit. Not sure if not from a combine?
  14. Must washed the combine after every harvest. It looks brand new!
  15. This W6 is a 1940 model & been in the family since new! Other neat thing, it’s the 2nd last W6 built in 1940. Serial # is 1223.
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