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  1. Red Power Round Up 2018

    The phone number that is listed (tour chairman) for the tours is next to impossible to get a hold so far. When finally was able to speak to a live person, lady had no clue what was going on. Said to call back tomorrow. Hope that can get resolved sooner than later. Really want to see the cotton gin tour, maybe the riverboat.
  2. Letter Series at Work

    Like Hillman said about them "W" series, SW6 got me into IH as kid. Had this old girl out for its 65th year to pliƩ snow. Not an action shot, but the snow flying & tire chains were a digging once the door was opened. My great uncle brought it new, my Grandfather brought the tractor from him 2yrs later. My Dad said it had higher compression pistons installed & a clutch at the same time. Far as he knows that was it for major mechanical repairs.
  3. As a younger kid, like many played with 1/16th farm toys in the garden(80's). As got older started collecting & building 1/64 farm toys(90's). Last couple years started collecting anything that said "W" on them. Mostly do that grew up around life size Super W6, for some reason the 6 series toys is next to impossible to find. Only have 3 of those, back in the 90's had Teeswater Custom Toys build a SW6. RPRU in Racine brought a W6, trip this past June brought a SW6 t/a. Been looking for a cabinet to put them in, found this one for $200 Cdn. It had one glass shelf, got local company to cut the rest. Added the led lights to show the toy tractors up better.
  4. My W series collection

    I brought that same tractor at an auction also, but it was last summer. Seems there very slowly coming out of the wood work.
  5. White 9700

    Neighbour had 5 of those combines, but they were 9720's. Must have ran them for at least 15yrs, harvested close to a township of land with them beasts. Now there running latest jd's because of local dealer support.
  6. An IH day in the cold & snow

    It means its 60 degree north of the earth's equator. Or in Canada it is boundary line between the Western Provinces & our 3 northern territories. Just like the 49th.
  7. White demos.

    Wonder why toy company's make white M's. Since there was none made by IH in full size. Friends of mine own the set of 3, they sharp.
  8. Is all DEF fluid the same

    I have been working of diesel truck engines since 2010 & now diesel tractors that use def. The trucking industry sure had big learning curve compared to ag. I like def, since it arrived engine mfg were able to get horse power back that was taken away before. Far as I'm concerned get egr! Rebutting soot is not engines are made for. Everybody used to be worried about dusting an engine. Egr makes worse mess inside. All def is suppose to measure around 32.5% contrate. But have run into def that was below & above that %. The sensors & scr's can tell when it's not right. In trucks def never sits long enough to crystallize, not sure about yet as sits a lot of the time.
  9. My W series collection

    I started in 1995 with the Teeswater SW6 up to present day. Micheal have you ever seen an AW6 as a toy? The toy dealer from Davidson SK that had #9 WD'9s, said could order them with or without glass cover.
  10. My W series collection

    Thank you SledgeHammer. Found out where #9 tandem WD9's went to Davidson Sk. Guy that used to own it is a toy collector/dealer since the 80's had it. He sold the pair of tractors off, kept the board/glass & put something else in there. Not sure why he did that, but that's the story on number 9. #2 is being sold on Kijiji right now with massive 4WD collection for close to $30,000. I called seller about buying just the pair of 9's, but that was a no go.
  11. My W series collection

    Took my tractor collection to a toy show in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, 3hrs from home. As a kid did couple farm displays, that's was some time ago.
  12. McCormick OS6 Restoraton

    I'm impressed with your sheet metal work. Its so odd looking to me to not see the exhaust come out the hood. But I under why it doesn't, just never been around an orchard tractor before. Glad your doing it so I can follow along, thanks for sharing.
  13. McCormick OS6 Restoraton

    Great story, thanks for sharing this with us. Did your Grandfather have some sort of orchard to have 3 of those tractors? Those brake housing almost look like there from a Super series. I collect real & toy W series tractors. Having the Toy store in Le Mars Iowa make me a toy 04 from a W4. Cool looking tractor you there.
  14. Vintage Ads

    Huber Brothers of WI had a Super W6 lp gas @ RPRU 2016. Beautifully restored tractor!
  15. Vintage Ads

  16. Vintage Ads

    IH sure build did Super W6 with LP gas. Here pictures to prove it, info comes from parts manual & Guy Fay letter series book.
  17. Vintage Ads

  18. Canadian 's have all the good stuff.

    My BOOK came last week, likely been getting it for 20yrs now. We don't even farm anymore. I must have throw away 10yrs of those this past summer. Suppose to have circulation from Alaska to Minnesota according to them.
  19. M or SM, based on ID plate

    Great story Russ! Being a younger member on here, I really enjoy history of family tractors like this one. Still have Grandfather's Super W6. Since your in AL, you should washed that old girl up & bring it RPRU this coming June in your state. My Dad & myself will becoming to your state for the show. Don't worry about it not being restored, there is all types of tractors being shown off. Do write of family history of it, people like reading that type of info. Cool part is that M&W clutch.

    MacDon just sold last week for 1.2 Billion dollars to Liamor Corp of Guelph ON. JD was going to buy them, but said too much.
  21. Farmall h live hyd pump

    Likely would be easier to just take the pump off. There is 4 mounting bolts that hold it to front cover. There is a gasket, it's still available from caseIH.
  22. My W series collection

    At the start of the 400 production, IHC made Farmall 400 & International 400. From what I read in Guy Fay's book it confused dealers. As when farmer would call in for parts & ask for 400 parts there was always some confusion. In the first couple of months of production, the International 400 used SW6 fenders. He said in June ish of 55 the W got added back on. My Dad brought a real International 400 with SW6 fenders from factory at local auction last year, not running thou. Not sure when the SW6 fenders ended, in his book he 2 different IH 400. 1 with old fenders, then 1 with new fenders. I brought a toy W400 at local caseIH dealer. It was a gas engine, but had diesel decals on it. Just left it in the box for couple years. Found a fellow named Kenny of out Nebraska that customizes toys. Asked him about modifying the W400 into a 400. He was game & I mailed it off to him. This is what he came up with. He also removed the handle for switching to diesel, removed the extra fuel cap, made floor boards. I think it he a great job!
  23. IHC top ten produced tractors?

    Farmall H is second on the list most produced. Ford 8N is first on the list, sorry to say.