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  1. Here pictures from W400/450 parts manual
  2. You will have to get the parts person to look up a Farmall 400, for some reason the "W" series never made it to the online parts program. Found similar part # in the W400 parts manual, 353898R11. Assuming that’s an updated distributor. Didn’t find AL2-313871 in any of the parts books I have, sorry.
  3. Never heard it call a potato brake before, been in trade for 29 years. New one to me. Why own the truck anymore for it to sit? That low of mileage you will get a lot for it in post covid days. From doing a google search, Integrated EB came out in 07.5, early 6.7 where manually controlled. VGT didn’t come out until the release 6.7. 04 to 07 5.9 have an electric waste gate
  4. Only PAC brake made a compression brake for the 5.9 with a manual transmission. They have discontinued for awhile now. You have an exhaust flap from Jacob.
  5. This toy model is based on a real one. Will give an idea at least. Only 40 where made for a toy show in 1989. @wheatkingDad likely has one also.
  6. There a guy in central Alberta that did over 60 of those tandem conversion's. Prairie Farm Report did an interview with him, he said put lots of different colours together.
  7. Co-worker had subway today, I saw the wrapper!
  8. The rad mounts are 50 years old & have seen better days. Got moneys worth of out them. What you guys replacing them with? Jobber or caseIH? The a&i that everyone sells is $35 each or caseIH wants $50 each. Are they the same? Thanks
  9. Bates Corp out of Indiana, Worthington ag parts, I have been to their MN store. I know they have couple more. Dealt with tractor wrecker in Wall Lake Iowa, great service. Image there 100 more places out there. Here screen shots from Bates, appears there is serial # break. Not sure which one you need, they would be able to help with that. Bates wants $270 plus a core. Base line to start on a price at least.
  10. I know these pictures don’t show a hydraulic pump, it is just the adapter housing without a hydraulic pump.
  11. Never mind my blather, I thought diesels had a different cap. Made sense too me at the time. Thinking out loud again, sometimes is bad. My dad had a defective heart valve replaced, took over 70 years to be an issue. Now at 75 still kicking, but had slowed down.
  12. I did some digging & reading. Gas start Diesel engines mag/dist turn ccw. Gas engine are cw. Your distributor should turn cw as that way timing gears are set up. But is spark plugs wires correct? Assuming it’s firing cylinder 1, then if wired wrong it firing 2 next? It’s tough to help without pictures & not being there. If wired correctly it should at least idle. Maybe rev up or run right since no flyweights to advance timing. When you have the distributor off, where is drive lug off the hydraulic pump sitting? There is a picture in the owners manual to proper location. I don’t know if gas & Diesel engine use the same gear for distributor drive. Will have to look in parts book. Some of toughest things to fix are what are people do to them before. You have any pictures?
  13. Assuming C is clockwise & ccw is for counter clock wise. Never seen that on the distributor before. I know gas start diesel is opposite of gas only engines. Other than that I’m no help this question. Seems manuals from the W4 to the 650 don’t exist for some reason. I know that caseIH doesn’t have online parts manuals for the W4 to the 660. Just have my own hard copies & give dealer part numbers. Best thing I did to the H, Super W6, 400 & W450 was 12V’s & negative ground. Also got rid of the points
  14. Why not ask the renters what it is?
  15. That’s sounds good to me. Yes the info IT manual, been looking for an IH manual with that info. I haven’t found one yet, wish IH would made service manuals like other mfg’s do. All the info is one book, It way too late for that idea now. What about your distributor?
  16. Governor adjustments, I understand that pictures don’t show W450.
  17. I have a Super W6, W400 & W450. Have owners & parts manuals for them all, but never found a service manuals for the W series. No idea if one was ever made, there is individual manuals for that apply to the farmall side of things. Like brakes, clutch, t/a, engine, etc, but they are individual. If the engine doesnt rev up with the linkage unhooked as you say, adjusting the linkage isnt going to help. Pg 50 to 52 in the owners manual show how to install, time the distributor. There needs to be weights so timing can be advanced as it engine rpm increases. You don’t have these parts in yours? Is the carb to governor linkage hooked up correctly?
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